What is behind the sudden demise of the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley: New details and expert opinions
What is behind the sudden demise of the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley: New details and expert opinions

More than three decades have passed since the death of the king of rock and roll, but his name is still on everyone's lips. The Elvis "Factory" continues to operate at incredible power, generating nearly thirty million dollars a year for Presley's descendants and copyright holders. For many years in a row he has not left the first place in the list of celebrities, who continue to receive huge royalties even after their death. Until now, experts argue about how Elvis Presley met his untimely death? Previously unknown details of the investigation and rare photographs of the king are further in the review.

All kinds of rumors and gossip about the causes of Elvis's death have just flooded the press lately. This time it happened on the occasion of his recent birthday. If the king were alive, he would have turned eighty-six years old on January 8, 2021. Presley was arguably the brightest performer in rock and roll history.

Elvis Presley speaks on the TV channel, in a program dedicated to his return, June 27, 1968

Elvis Aaron Presley was born in the small American provincial town of East Tupailo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935. Few know that he was one of the twins. His brother was born dead, so Elvis became the only one in the Presley family.

Young Elvis with his parents School years in the hometown of East Tupailo

The mother of the future king of rock and roll, Gladys Love Presley, née Smith, was from an Orthodox Jewish family. It is known that according to their religious laws, Jewry is passed on through the maternal line. Thus, Elvis Presley can be safely called a Jew.

Presley's father Vernon was a carpenter. He was four years younger than his wife. The family lived very poorly. Parents grabbed any job to get a livelihood. Like a bolt from the blue in 1938, trouble struck the family. Vernon Presley was accused of forging a check and put in jail. Gladys was left alone with her three-year-old son in her arms. It got even harder. But the woman survived.

Elvis Presley with his mother

In 1948, the Presley family moved to Memphis, Tennessee, in search of a better life. It was a larger city and it was much easier to find work here. Here the boy graduated from school. Then I got a job. Elvis first tried himself as a theater controller. Later, the future king began to work as a truck driver.

Elvis Presley in 1949

From the earliest childhood, music became an important part of his life. When Elvis was nine, his parents gave the boy his first guitar. Just a year later, the young musician took second place in the children's competition of performers. Subsequently, the boy never parted with his favorite instrument.

Musician in Memphis, 1955

In the summer of 1953, Elvis met Sam Philips. He was the owner of the Memphis Recording Service recording studio. Presley wanted to record a record for his mother in this studio, as a gift for her birthday. And so the fateful meeting took place. Just a year later, the young man released his first professional recording. This was an important milestone in the life of Elvis and a turning point in his life. This album made Presley famous all over the world and marked the beginning of a new era in the world of music: - the era of rock and roll and King Elvis.

At the beginning of the path

After that, Presley became wildly popular. He became a millionaire. His fan clubs began to appear in all corners of the planet. The fans literally went crazy.

Elvis and fans: Rumor has it that the girl in the center is young Madonna

As is often the case with all public people, Elvis on stage and Elvis in life were two radically different personalities. The stage image of a macho, imposed on him by the producer, made Presley a hostage to the style of the genre, of which he became the founder and discoverer. Elvis himself was not like that at all. He was a calm, gentle and "homely" boy, one might say "mama's boy." This is exactly how the newly-made king of rock and roll was known to those close to him. Elvis wore his rock star mask with the greatest skill and grace.

Elvis Presley with letters from fans

Unfortunately, it is not new that big money and fame spoil people. It cannot be said that Presley's character has undergone such drastic changes, it is just that the world offered him too many bright temptations and temptations, and he could not resist. It all ended more than sadly.

In August 1977, at the age of 42, the music superstar was found dead by his then partner Ginger Alden. The details of this tragic incident are well known. They were replicated by the media. Elvis was found face down, apparently falling from the toilet.

An article about the death of the king of rock and roll

The funeral of the King of Rock and Roll was truly grandiose. A huge marble mausoleum was built near Memphis at Forest Hill Cemetery. Subsequently, Elvis's body was reburied in Graceland, next to his mother. The singer himself called this place the Garden of Meditation.

Father at the grave of his son

Until now, no one knows for certain the exact cause of his sudden death. An autopsy was done. The whole truth is written there in black and white. Of course, only a select few have seen this document. The Presley family put the document in the safe. It should be revealed in 2027, half a century after the tragedy that broke the hearts of people around the world.

Elvis in the army At the station, the idol was greeted by an army of his admirers

In the meantime, different languages ​​will chat about what exactly happened to Elvis. The king is known to have had a heart attack, but what led to the final crushing blow?

Presley is said to have had as many as four overdoses. His heart was twice as large as usual. Due to drug problems, he has suffered from various health problems since the late 1960s. Physical inactivity and erratic eating also played a significant role. There were true legends about the many cheeseburgers, peanut butter and banana sandwiches. All this is part of the tragic portrait of the king.

Elvis donated money to the American Cancer Society

For Presley, premature death has become a grim reality. According to the investigator, Joseph Davis, who was involved in the case in 1994, a possible drug overdose is unlikely.

Presley signs autographs for female fans from Germany

Another version was put forward by a medical expert, Dan Warlick. He laid out some facts, identifying Valsalva's maneuver as the key to the king's death. If you do not go into unpleasant details, then the singer had a terrible constipation. As a result of the increased stress from trying, he ended up having a constricted abdominal aorta, thus shutting off his heart.

There are many versions of the reasons for the death of the king, but only a few know the truth

Dr. Warlick witnessed the autopsy. Another person familiar with the contents of this document is Dr. Forrest Tennant. He was involved in the trials of Dr. George C. Nicopoulos, Elvis's physician, who was accused of inappropriate prescriptions and then acquitted. It was then that Dr. Tennant spoke about the details of the autopsy when he defended Nikopoulos.

Elvis Presley with Joe Esposito, Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire Elvis Presley with President Nixon

For this skilled professional, the roots of all Elvis health problems lie in a head injury. The king was injured several times throughout his life. For example, in 1956 he got into a fight with a gas station employee. In 1967, Presley had a skull injury in the bathroom. At that time, these processes were still poorly understood.

The sequence of blows could have caused a progressive autoimmune inflammatory disease that may have struck Presley's organs. Headaches, eye pain, swelling, dizziness, back pain and stomach ulcers are just a few of Elvis' complaints after that fatal injury. His erratic behaviors have also been reported as part of the disorder.

Elvis and actress Judy Tyler, 1957 With 10-year-old Kurt Russell in It Happened at the World's Fair, 1963

If Dr. Tennant's thought is correct, the mystery will be fully solved. The world will find out the whole unsightly truth in just a few years. Meanwhile, the staunchest Elvis fans generally believe the king is alive! Long live the king!

The most die-hard Elvis fans are convinced that their king is alive!

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