Burned down without waiting for restoration: The sad fate of a unique temple in Siberia
Burned down without waiting for restoration: The sad fate of a unique temple in Siberia

In the distant Tomsk region, there is the village of Kolbinka. At the beginning of the last century, a beautiful wooden church was built here, but after the revolution, like many churches, it was closed. However, if after the collapse of the USSR, churches in Russia began to be restored, then this building was not lucky. The half-decayed and ramshackle Church of the Life-Giving Trinity remained sadly in plain sight for almost a century, no one needed. When they remembered about it, it was already too late … The temple is forever lost, and now you can see it only in photographs.

The village of Kolbinka (formerly Kolbinskoe) of the Tomsk district, and now the Molchanovsky district, was a well-known stopping point on the Siberian tract before the revolution. In the old days, the trade route to China passed through these places, and it was always crowded here. Therefore, the temple was erected here, a large, majestic, albeit wooden one.

This is how a student of one of the local schools portrayed the temple

The Church of the Life-Giving Trinity was built in 1911 (as the locals say, without a single nail). According to the census, in 1914 her parish numbered 3,155 souls.

The building was very interesting from an architectural point of view: the corners (more precisely, the mating of the joints) were different, and the windows were adorned with unusual wrought iron grilles.

The temple could well have been restored, but its fate turned out to be sad …

In the surviving photographs of the early XXI century, with all the decline in which the ancient temple came by this time, traces of its former beauty are noticeable. Looking at the photographs, one can imagine how elegantly the Trinity Church looked in those days when it was still operating and services were held in it.

The parish united dozens of villages, and in Kolbinsky, as in the church itself, life was constantly in full swing. People from other villages came here to baptize children, get married, and service loved ones. Next to the church there was a square where local residents gathered.

The church was visible from afar and, even in a dilapidated state, was considered a local landmark A temple that no longer exists. Now you can only admire it in the photo

Alas, after the revolution, the temple was closed. It would seem that he was lucky: he was not burned or destroyed. In the era of theomachism and mockery of Orthodox shrines, the crosses were not even removed from him. However, since the early 1930s, services in the church were no longer held, and the beautiful wooden building was used as a warehouse for agricultural chemicals.

Temple inside

One legend has survived since that time. Old-timers recalled that after the closure of the church, some of the locals got into the habit of stealing everything from the church that was bad. One villager even stole the cross and installed it in the cemetery on the grave of his relative. However, with all who committed such theft, disaster soon struck: one by one, the kidnappers committed suicide. Since then, no one else has attempted to assassinate church things.

Traces of the former beauty of an Orthodox church

It is very sad, but even after the collapse of the USSR, the once demanded temple was not needed by the local authorities. Its walls gradually rotted away and the floors collapsed. If we talk about the status of the wooden building of the temple, then, according to sources, it did not belong to the architectural monuments, therefore it was not planned to restore it in the Soviet years, but later it was included in the list of buildings of federal significance, and it was included in the program for the preservation of antiquity.

The walls were rotting, the floor was falling through …

According to the local newspaper, which referred to the words of the first deputy head of the Molchanovsky district, later the regional governor still planned to allocate money for the restoration of the temple and somehow, having visited these places, announced that it would be restored.

Another photo that will remind you of the old church

Alas, they did not have time to carry out the work: in 2009 the temple was completely burnt down. The tragedy happened on the night of July 8th. Presumably, the building burst into flames as a result of the careless handling of fire by the local punks who climbed into the dilapidated church.When the firefighters arrived to extinguish the wooden building enveloped in flames, there was essentially nothing to save - the firefighters only managed to take a couple of pictures for history. Eyewitnesses said that the temple writhed in the fire, as if alive.

Photo from the scene taken by firefighters

In fairness, it should be noted that the locals were very upset with this news, because they had hoped for many years that the authorities would still save the ancient temple and it would be restored.

All that remains of the ancient temple This is how the temple looked a year before the fire

The Church of the Life-Giving Trinity suffered the same fate as the unique temple in Kondopoga, which burned down much later, in 2018. This tragic event then received a very big response. We invite you to remember as a temple that survived the Livonians, Finns and Bolsheviks, died today.

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