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How the famous actor Vladimir Andreev managed to maintain good relations with his ex-wife
How the famous actor Vladimir Andreev managed to maintain good relations with his ex-wife

For his entire long life, colleagues could not say a single bad word about this actor. Vladimir Andreev in life was a very modest, and also an extremely honest person. He was handsome, smart, talented and very charming. Only now his personal happiness was formed only on the third attempt. The actor himself rarely talked about his first marriage, but the second wife Natalya Arkhangelskaya actually transferred her husband from hand to hand to the third - Natalya Selezneva.

First experiences

Vladimir Andreev

Vladimir Andreev lived a long life and left two days after his 90th birthday. For all the years, he has never been involved in intrigues or scandals, and his colleagues have invariably talked about him in superlatives. He came to the Yermolova Theater immediately after receiving a diploma from GITIS, and then for almost 70 years remained faithful to him. True, there was a five-year break, when Vladimir Andreev left for another theater, not wanting to participate in intrigues and clarifications of relations that shocked the troupe at that time.

Vladimir Andreev

For the first time, Vladimir Andreev got married in his youth. Subsequently, he rarely spoke about that not too great experience of family life. It is known that the first wife of the actor was a woman who was enthusiastically engaged in science, she was a biologist. The daughter Olga was growing up in the family. Despite the separation from his wife, Vladimir Andreev maintained relations with Olga all his life. He talked with his granddaughter Ksenia Basova-Kasatkina, who works in the ensemble of Igor Moiseev, rejoiced at the success of Ivan's great-grandson.

And he never, under any circumstances, said anything about the reasons that forced him to part with his first wife, and did not try to make someone right or guilty in the collapse of his family life.

Seven years and one month

Vladimir Andreev

Vladimir Andreev met the actress Natalia Arkhangelskaya at the Yermolova Theater, where they both served. By that time, the actor was already divorced from his first wife, and therefore nothing could interfere with the romance of the two actors.

Although their relationship lasted for seven years, it was difficult to call them cloudless. Natalya Arkhangelskaya, whom the audience remembered for the role of Dunyasha Melekhova in the film "Quiet Don", admitted that for Andreev, the theater always came first. He enjoyed doing what he loved, played on stage, acted in films. in life, he was very different, although she herself cannot say anything bad about her ex-husband.

Natalia Arkhangelskaya in the film Quiet Don

They lived together for seven years, quarreled, reconciled and even parted. After the last conflict, Vladimir Andreev made an official proposal to Natalya, they signed, but lived before filing an application for divorce for only one month.

Natalia Arkhangelskaya never blamed the third wife of Vladimir Andreev for the breakup of her family. And she even experienced relief, in fact, having transferred it into the hands of Natalia Selezneva, with whom she subsequently maintained friendly relations. Natalya Sergeevna frankly says that he and Vladimir Alekseevich should have parted ways for a long time. By that time, she herself was ready to end a relationship from which feelings had already left.

Happiness on the third try

Vladimir Andreev

In 1968, Vladimir Andreev was invited to star in the fairy tale film "Caliph the Stork", where he was supposed to play the Baghdad sultan who turned into a bird.On the set, the actor met Natalia Selezneva. By that time, the young actress had managed to star in the role of a charming student Lida in "Operation Y" and other adventures of Shurik "and became famous throughout the country.

Natalia Selezneva

It was love at first sight and for life. Natalya Selezneva in her interviews more than once said that she did not feel remorse about the departure of her future husband from the family for long. And after that, the actress simply understood: Vladimir Andreev was prepared for her by fate. However, Natalia Arkhangelskaya reacted to the divorce very calmly and did not even think to arrange scenes of jealousy for Vladimir Andreev or his new chosen one.

Vladimir Andreev and Natalia Selezneva

Only Valentin Gaft, who saw how the actors' feelings arose, were opposed to these relations. Gaft even tried to persuade a friend and colleague not to rush to divorce and think carefully before marrying a young "pig". But Andreev himself immediately told Natalia Arkhangelskaya about everything, who took everything that was happening even with some relief. Having met Natalia, she was able to appreciate the seriousness of the girl's feelings and was glad for her husband, who "fell into good hands."

Vladimir Andreev and Natalia Selezneva

Barely having filed a divorce from his wife, Vladimir Andreev led the new darling down the aisle. The first years of marriage were rather difficult, the spouse rubbed against each other for a long time. At first, they were a little hindered by the age difference. Vladimir Alekseevich was 37, Natalya Igorevna - only 22 years old. Contrary to expectations, the relationship between the spouses improved after the birth of their son Yegor.

Vladimir Andreev and Natalia Selezneva with their son

Life difficulties rallied Andreev and Selezneva, together they experienced difficulties associated with raising a baby, supported each other when loved ones left and struggled with material problems. Of course, sometimes there were conflicts in their family, but the spouses always made peace, not allowing petty disagreements to destroy their love.

Vladimir Andreev and Natalia Selezneva

Vladimir Andreev and Natalya Selezneva lived together for 52 years, never allowing even the thought of divorce. All her life, the spouse looked at her husband with adoration, and he made her happy every day. She created warmth and comfort in their common home, and he pampered his wife, gladly fulfilled her wishes and from every business trip brought miniature figurines of drakes for her collection.

On August 29, 2020, Vladimir Andreev passed away. Natalia Selezneva has yet to learn how to live without him … How their son Yegor and grandchildren, who loved their grandfather very much, will have to live without a father.

Natalia Selezneva has long been accustomed to the fact that viewers call her Lida - Shurik's friend from the legendary films of Leonid Gaidai. This popularity no longer pleases the actress, because she believes that fate punished her both for all-Union glory and for someone else's stolen happiness …

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