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Is Marmot Phil often wrong and other fun facts about the furry meteorologist who gathers thousands of tourists?
Is Marmot Phil often wrong and other fun facts about the furry meteorologist who gathers thousands of tourists?

This strange custom became known all over the world thanks to the excellent film Groundhog Day, which was released in screens in 1993. Since then, the event in the town of Punxsutawney in Pennsylvania attracts not two or three hundred locals as before, but thousands of tourists from all over the world. Despite such popularity, Phil's predictions, as calculated by meteorologists, come true even worse than random guessing. Nevertheless, this year the marmot was not mistaken - on the other side of the world, spring really turned out to be lingering and cool. Perhaps the success of the predictor was due to the fact that the furry meteorologist was not frightened by the screams of the audience - due to the pandemic, the event in 2021 was held in a very narrow circle.

1. There are many surkov-predictors

In fact, only in America there are more than ten such marmots, and these are only the most famous. Each has a name and admirers in their town. Phil of them is considered "the main one", but perhaps only thanks to the already mentioned film. Interestingly, all animals usually report different predictions, and in terms of accuracy, Phil's main rival is the marmot Chuck, who lives in the New York Zoo. Although the results of the most "promoted" predictor are such that even a simple dice will make good competition for him. However, this is not a matter of accuracy, but of tradition, and in this Phil has no equal.

The ceremony begins with a speech by the chairman of the groundhog club, and then a gentleman in a top hat knocks on the groundhog's house, set in a large tree stump

2. Phil has his own club

Probably, the ancient Egyptians did not worship their tailed gods as zealously as the Pennsylvanians shake over the main attraction of the state. There is a true Groundhog Club in Punxantoni, which is reminiscent of a Masonic lodge structure: the Inner Circle includes local dignitaries responsible for continuing the tradition of the annual celebration. After February 2 dies down, it is they who are courting Phil. The "meteorologist" lives next to the Punxsutawney library, he has his own aviary and a spouse. Members of the club are also needed to communicate with the animal, because only they understand the special "marmot language" in which Phil makes predictions. Troubles with a shadow, which the animal should see and be afraid of, seems to be in the past. The head of the club reads out a pre-prepared scroll, which reflects Phil's vision of the future weather.

One of the club members unfolds a scroll with the desired prediction and reads it, so Phil gets his opinion to people

3. Phil is 170 years old

In any case, this is what the bearded gentlemen in hats assure, who solemnly pull the soothsayer out of an artificial stump and proclaim his will to the people. Longevity Phil gives, according to their own version, a special drink - a special elixir that lengthens the life of the animal every time for 7 years. This period is not accidental - only marmots live in nature. The tradition carried over to the shores of North America by the German settlers is indeed very old. The first mention of the "Pennsylvania marmot, which, according to local residents, can predict the weather" was made on March 5, 1841.

4. Royal name

There is a version that the name Phil is short for Philip, and it was given to the world's most famous marmot in honor of the husband of the Queen of Great Britain, the Duke of Edinburgh. True, whether the two famous persons saw each other and whether the English prince knew about his namesake at all is unknown.In the UK, by the way, the tradition of Groundhog Day is also supported in several cities. The most famous of the English fortunetellers is a stuffed groundhog named Poor Richard, from the city of York. Even such a meteorologist is quite successful in making forecasts for the spring.

Marmot Phil is America's favorite predictor

5. Phil's fate raises concerns

For more than one year, animal rights activists have been demanding not to torture the animal, but to replace it, say, with a stuffed animal, as in England, or a doll. Phil really, like a real celebrity, almost every day is scheduled: numerous events, communication with fans. However, judging by the happy face, the marmot does not complain about life, and, like most stars, he is unlikely to agree to change his comfortable golden cage for the hardships of a free life.

And on the other side of the world, in India, in the spring they hold a colorful holiday - the Holi festival (Holy)

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