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10 sons who are very similar to their star mothers
10 sons who are very similar to their star mothers

Children usually inherit appearance from both parents, but often become similar to only one of them. It is especially surprising when girls become like their fathers, and boys look like their mothers. The heroes of our today's review are the sons of celebrities, striking with incredible similarity with their star mothers.

Damian Charles Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley with her son

The son of British actress and model Elizabeth Hurley inherited both his appearance and profession from his mother. At the age of 14, he starred as Prince Hansel von Lichtenstein in the TV series Members of the Royal Family, and at 16 he signed a contract with the modeling agency Tess Management. Damian is incredibly similar to his mother, and the long hair that he usually wears only emphasizes the resemblance.

Anatoly Rudin

Singer Natalie with her sons (Anatoly in the center)

The singer Natalie has three sons, while the youngest, three-year-old Eugene looks like his father, but the older ones look like a mother. The middle son, Anatoly, is especially similar to the singer. He has blond hair, big mother-like eyes and a surprisingly charming smile.

Romeo Beckham

Romeo and Victoria Beckham

The children of Victoria and David Beckham fully inherited the traits of their parents. At the same time, the daughter looks like dad, and all three sons went to mom. But most of all the middle son, Romeo, resembles Victoria. At the same time, he reminds his mother not only externally. Since childhood, the boy is not fond of football at all, like his father, but sees himself in the fashion world, like a mother. Already at the age of 8, he was named one of the most stylish gentlemen in England, and at 10 he was already the face of Burberry.

Michael Stryukov

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk with her son Michael

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk's children Anna and Michael are remarkably similar to their mother. Despite the fact that Michael has recently changed a lot and added brutality to his image, he still very much resembles his mother's features. In 2012, he made his film debut, but currently does not see himself as an actor. After leaving school, he became a student at MGIMO.

Presley Gerber

Cindy Crawford with her son

The son of the famous supermodel Cindy Crawford inherited from his mother not only a bright appearance, but also a profession. Today Presley is 21 years old, he has exquisite taste and sense of style. He made his debut as a model at the age of 19 at the Moschino show, captivating the audience literally at first sight. In addition to the podium, the young man is passionate about photography and is going to make a career in this field. Many fans note the incredible similarity between Cindy Crawford and her son, who has the same sharp facial features as his mother.

Artem Chernitsyn

Irina Dubtsova with her son

The 14-year-old son of Irina Dubtsova is frankly proud of his resemblance to his mother and takes part in joint photo shoots with pleasure. According to the performer, Artyom has all the data for vocals, but the singer's heir is not going to make a musical career. Modern technologies are much closer to him, and in the future he is going to become a cool developer of computer games.

Lucas Portman

Natalia Vodianova with Lucas

The eldest son of Natalia Vodianova from childhood was very similar to his mother. Blond hair, an oval face and a charming smile - all this clearly resembles a star supermodel. In 2019, Lucas Portman made his catwalk debut, and Natalia Vodianova announced that she has now become the number one fan of her son.

Grigory Miroshnichenko

Alena Sviridova with her son Grigory

The 16-year-old son of the singer Alena Sviridova grew up to be an exact copy of his mother. And even a military uniform did not help to hide this similarity. It is known that Grigory Miroshnichenko graduated from the cadet school, and Alena Sviridova, congratulating him on this important event, noted that she was ready to support him in all his endeavors, whether he decides to continue studying military science or choose a creative profession.

Artyom Arbenin

Diana Arbenina with children

The famous singer and leader of the rock group "Night Snipers" in 2010 gave birth to twins Artyom and Martha. Naturally, both the daughter and the son are very similar to their star mother. The performer is frankly proud of her children and often says that she is ready to help them always and in everything. Friends of Arbenina, chuckling, call her far from the strictest mother in the world, because she really does not like to apply punishment in any form, and she seeks to resolve all controversial situations exclusively with words.

Alexander Pete Schreiber

Naomi Watts with her sons (Alexander next to his mother)

The sons of British actors Naomi Watts and Lev Schreiber were born a year and a half apart. At the same time, the youngest, 12-year-old Samuel Kai Schreiber, is fully aware of himself as a girl. He dresses and acts like a girl. But the elder Alexander can rightfully be called an exact copy of his mother, although he looks like a one hundred percent boy. He has absolutely mother's features, and the older he gets, the more vivid his resemblance to his mother.

They say that every man dreams of a son, but loves his daughter more. And you can't argue with that. Apparently, these celebrities also wanted the birth of their daughters so much that their heiresses turned out to be like two drops similar to the stellar fathers.

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