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Who brought up the children of Vlad Listyev, Vladimir Turchinsky and other famous artists who died early
Who brought up the children of Vlad Listyev, Vladimir Turchinsky and other famous artists who died early

These actors, musicians, presenters were rightfully called popular favorites, but their life path was too short. They left early, leaving behind a rich artistic legacy and not having time to see how their children grew up, what they became. Today, the heirs of famous artists have already grown up and have chosen their own path in the profession. How do the daughters and sons of those whose lives were cut short at the peak of fame live today?

Valeria Osetskaya and Alexander Listyev, children of Vladislav Listyev

Valeria Osetskaya

In the first marriage of Vlad Listyev with Elena Esina, two children were born, but the son died immediately after birth, and the father did not take much part in raising Valeria's daughter, since the family broke up very quickly. The girl learned that her famous leading father was already in her school years, but they never communicated. After graduating from school, Valeria Vladislavovna entered Moscow State University, received a speech therapist diploma, but did not work in her specialty, but she mastered the profession of a manicure master. Today Valeria Osetskaya (her husband's surname) works at the Dolores hairdressing center, is the winner of many professional competitions and lectures on nail aesthetics.

Alexander Listyev

After a divorce from Elena Esina, Vladislav Listyev married the philologist Tatiana Lyalina, who already had a son, Nikita. The family has two sons, Vladislav and Alexander. Vladislav died at the age of six, Alexander studied in England for six years, then received an education in advertising at the International University and since 2002 has been serving on television. He was the executive director of several well-known projects ("Star Factory", "The Last Hero", "Minute of Glory" and others), for the last two years, together with Yana Churikova, he has been the host of an Internet music project.

Alexander Tsoi, son of Viktor Tsoi

Alexander Tsoi

The only son of Viktor Tsoi at the time of his father's death was only five years old. When he was twenty, his mother died, and Alexander closed himself in his own world for eight whole years, trying to put his thoughts and feelings in order, and also to realize himself and his place in life. He got the profession of a programmer and is engaged in web design, and he also writes music, plays the guitar, is the leader of the music project "Ronin", produces the project "Symphonic Cinema", for which he creates video effects.

Alexander Tsoi

At the initiative of Alexander Tsoi, two concerts of the "Kino" group are currently being prepared, in which the musicians of "Kino" will appear on the stage in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the fall of 2020 and live music performed by them, but the vocals of Viktor Tsoi will be used. from old songs. The entire action will be accompanied by a specially designed video sequence.

Nikita and Pyotr Gazarovs, children of Irina Metlitskaya

Sergey Gazarov and Irina Metlitskaya with their sons

Nikita was only eight years old, and Peter was six when their mother Irina Metlitskaya passed away. Father Sergei Gazarov was involved in raising his sons, who was also very upset by the departure of his beloved wife. The eldest son of the acting couple, after receiving a certificate, entered the MIEV, received the profession of a crisis manager, but at the same time he is well versed in everything related to computers.

Peter Gazarov with his father

Peter Gazarov was educated in the USA, and today he is already known as a talented saxophonist.At the same time, Peter not only plays, but also writes music and creates original arrangements.

Polina Nevzorova, daughter of Anastasia Ivanova

Polina Nevzorova with her father and sons

Actress Anastasia Ivanova was killed in the apartment where she lived with her husband, actor Boris Nevzorov, and little daughter Polina. The girl's father could not recover for a long time after the tragic death of his wife. Polina wanted to become an actress, act in films and go on the stage like a mother. Boris Nevzorov discouraged his daughter for a long time, gave many arguments against the profession of an actress, but the girl, after graduating from school, nevertheless decided to go to the theater, and not to the medical one, as her father strongly advised. But everything changed after the night when Polina's mother dreamed and asked her daughter to become a doctor. Today Polina Nevzorova works as an otolaryngologist and is raising two sons.

Daria Moroz, daughter of Marina Levtova

Daria Moroz

By the time of her mother's death, Daria Moroz was 17 years old, and she was in her first year at the Moscow Art Theater School, after which she was accepted into the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater troupe. Today Daria is a famous actress, she collaborates with several theaters, acts in films a lot. Her filmography includes more than seventy works. Daria Moroz is the author of the idea and the producer of the famous TV series "The Kept Women", she is engaged in dubbing. She is in demand in the theater and in the cinema, and in 2018 she was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

Anna and Olga Avilov, daughters of Victor Avilov

Olga and Anna Avilov

Despite the divorce from his second wife, actress Galina Galkina, Viktor Avilov never abandoned his daughters, Anna and Olga, who were born in marriage. The girls have grown up a long time ago and have chosen their own path in life. Anna categorically did not want to associate her life with art, she prefers to lead a very closed lifestyle, does not give interviews. It is only known that she is a happy wife and mother.

Olga and Anna Avilov

Olga Avilova from childhood saw herself only as an actress, after graduating from school she entered RATI-GITIS. Immediately after graduation, the girl came to the Theater in the South-West, where she has been serving for 17 years, and also starred in films and TV shows.

Ilya and Ksenia Turchinsky, children of Vladimir Turchinsky

Ilya Turchinsky

The son of a famous strongman and showman was born in the first marriage of Vladimir Turchinsky. After the divorce of his parents, Ilya spoke very rarely with his famous father, but he was actively involved in sports, wore the title of Moscow champion in arm wrestling, and played American football. Ilya Turchinsky received a diploma as an auto mechanic at a vocational school, served in the army. The showman's son worked as a dog handler, later became a student at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and is currently engaged in the administration of security systems.

Ksenia Turchinskaya

Ksenia Turchinskaya, despite her rather young age (the girl has not yet turned 20), has already managed to achieve a lot in life. Her father taught her to live modestly, not to rely on a loud surname, but to achieve everything with her own labor. Since childhood, the girl has been professionally engaged in dancing, became a member of the Russian national hip-hop team, took part in the world and European championships, and repeatedly won prizes at the Russian championship.

Ksenia today is a popular model and a student at the Moscow Art Theater School. True, the girl still doubts whether she has chosen the future profession correctly, because she does not yet represent herself as an actress.

Very often children of people of creative professions choose the same profession as their parents. From childhood, they absorb the creative atmosphere, often visit the theater, on the set and on tour with their parents, and then make a choice in favor of the inherited profession. But it also happens that the children of the stars not only do not want to repeat the path of their parents, but also choose something exactly the opposite.

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