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Valery Syutkin's happiness on the third attempt: How to find your ideal and become a happy father at 62
Valery Syutkin's happiness on the third attempt: How to find your ideal and become a happy father at 62

Even today he is called the best soloist in the entire history of the group "Bravo", and also - "the main intellectual of the domestic show business." The performer has always had a lot of fans and for the time being it was difficult to call him an exemplary family man. Everything changed the moment he met a woman whom he himself calls the main one in his life. They have been living together for more than 27 years, their common daughter is already 24 years old, and in August 2020, 62-year-old Valery Syutkin became a father again.

Until the main meeting in life

Valery Syutkin

In the life of Valery Syutkin, who was born in March 1958, music came along with a song that sounded in the political program "Seven Days". Valery fell in love with the legendary group The Beatles from the very first note. It was then that for the first time the guitar appeared in his hands, because young Valery promised himself to learn how to play it.

Valery Syutkin

He kept his word and even began performing impromptu concerts in various organizations, thus even providing himself with a small but stable income. Once during the holidays, he worked as a salesman in a store and was able to buy himself drums, and then, no matter how difficult it was for him, music was always with him. Before joining the Bravo group, the performer managed to be a member of several ensembles, and also worked as a loader and watchman, a cook's apprentice and even as a conductor of a train carriage for foreign traffic. Then there was the opening act for famous groups and performers, the transition to the "Bravo" group and, finally, a solo career.

Valery Syutkin

He always had enough fans, whether he played the guitar during his school years or collected entire stadiums with the Bravo group. In the first marriage of the performer, a daughter, Elena, was born, but the daughter was still small when the singer's wife initiated a divorce. Valery Syutkin's second marriage also turned out to be not very durable, despite the birth of a son, Maxim. At the same time, Valery Syutkin never mentions the names of his ex-wives in his interviews, not wanting to hurt them.

But he always frankly says that he considers his third wife the main woman in his life, and his previous marriages were concluded by mistake.

Accidental kiss

Valery Syutkin and his Viola

During the tour of the group "Bravo" in Riga in 1992, an absolutely charming girl Viola came to work as a costume designer. She was thin, blonde and very determined. Having barely met the musicians and the accompanying staff, Viola decided to immediately put everything in its place. She stated that she likes to be in different cities, and she is not going to arrange her personal life yet, so you can not even count on her frivolity. And Viola was friendly and polite with everyone, but she did not give any reason for courting herself.

Valery and Viola Syutkin

The beginning of their romance, which the performer always talks about, looks very romantic. Once, after a difficult flight, Valery Syutkin and Viola ended up in the same taxi at six in the morning and practically fell asleep on each other's shoulders. The singer suddenly felt a kiss on his lips and immediately woke up. Viola woke up at the same time. It turned out that they both reached out to each other in a dream …

Valery and Viola Syutkin

But there was no continuation of this accidental kiss in the taxi then.Valery and Viola seemed to have frozen, trying to erase that morning from their memory. But they never succeeded. A month later, they still began dating, carefully hiding their romance from colleagues. Valery Syutkin was still married, and Viola, deciding that he would live on "two fronts", even tried to break off relations with the singer.

But Syutkin already realized that fate finally gave him a chance to become truly happy. After talking with his wife, he left home, as the singer himself says, "what was it."

Valery and Viola Syutkin on the wedding day

During the first year, Valery Syutkin and his Viola just lived together, and signed in June 1994. All year long they saved up money for a wedding in order to arrange a holiday for themselves. Two years after the marriage, the daughter of the couple, Viola, was born. At the same time, the happy father himself decided to attend the birth with his wife.

9 months of hope

Valery and Viola Syutkin with their daughter

They have been together for 27 years. True, the family life of Valery and Viola Syutkin cannot be called calm and measured. Sometimes they quarrel in such a way that it seems like the last day of their married life. At the same time, they must reconcile, because they cannot imagine their existence without each other.

The couple had been carrying their dreams of having a second child for a long time. As the friends of the couple say, for a long time the Syutkins did not succeed. But Valery Syutkin always dismissed the advice to resort to the services of a surrogate mother, hoping that he and his wife, who is 15 years younger than the performer, would do without outside help.

Valery and Viola Syutkin with their daughter

Only close friends of the couple knew about what Viola wears under the child's heart. Fortunately, the pandemic contributed to the lack of appearances and appearances at events. And on August 9, 2020, Valery Syutkin shared his joy on his page on the social network: his beloved wife Viola gave birth to his long-awaited son. He again attended the birth, trying to support his wife as much as he could.

Valery and Viola Syutkin with their newborn son

According to the performer, for 9 months he and his wife lived by Faith, Nadezhda and Lyubov. And the couple's friends claim that all this time Valery literally blew dust particles from his wife. Later, the singer posted a photo with his wife and son on the blog, and all subscribers were able to find out the name of the newborn: Leo.

For Valery Syutkin, later fatherhood became an incredible happiness. Now he experiences emotions and feelings completely unknown to him before when he looks at his son and takes him in his arms.

Valery Syutkin's daughter Viola grew up to be a real beauty. Will she succeed as well as several other beauties who were born in star families, surpass your relatives not only in appearance, but also in talent?

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