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"Three Musketeers", "Voronins" and happiness on the third attempt: Life victories and defeats of Boris Klyuev
"Three Musketeers", "Voronins" and happiness on the third attempt: Life victories and defeats of Boris Klyuev

On July 13, 2019, Boris Klyuev celebrated his next anniversary - 75 years. Today he successfully acts in films and TV shows, plays at the Maly Theater, teaches two courses at the Schepkinsky School, and dubs foreign films. In his life there is enough place for everything: work, hobbies, feelings. And yet there are things that are very difficult for an actor to talk about. However, he honestly admits his defeats, so as not to dwell on them, but to move on, no matter what.

Difficult childhood

This was Boris Klyuev as a child

Boris Klyuev was only four years old when his dad, actor Vladimir Klyuev, died of heart failure. For the last two years, the boy's father lay at home, but Boris loved him so much that he never allowed his mother to marry again. He met every man who came to the house with gloomy silence, and after leaving, almost in an ultimatum form, he demanded from his mother: let the "groom" not appear again. Only many years later, the actor realized that he had no right to deprive his mother of her personal life.

Vladimir Klyuev, the father of the actor

At the same time, Boris Klyuev always tried to help his mother, realizing how difficult it is for her to raise a child alone. He ran to unload the wagons, and later got a job as a laborer at a construction site. And I gave everything to my mother. When he brought his salary from the construction site, his mother spent all this money on her son, so that at the graduation at school he was dressed no worse than others.

Valentina Semyonovna is the mother of Boris Klyuev

By the time he received the certificate, the young man already knew for sure that he would enter the theater. Once having played the role of Lucius in the school play "Devil's Mill", he forever fell ill with the stage. As a result of long throwing between the Shchukin School and the Moscow Art Theater School, he entered … the Shchepkin Theater School.

Boris Klyuev in his youth

A year later he was drafted into the army, where he first appeared in a movie in the extras of the epic War and Peace by Sergei Bondarchuk. The actor returned to his studies three years later, when his classmates were already preparing for graduation. Boris Klyuev had to start everything almost from scratch. But he did not complain about fate, studied diligently, acted in episodes in films and from the fourth year played in extras at the Maly Theater, where he was hired after receiving a diploma.

Two unsuccessful marriages

Boris Klyuev in his youth

Returning from the army, Boris Klyuev continued to meet with a girl, a relationship with whom he began in his school years. Then it seemed to him that this is true love. Therefore, he quite naturally reacted to the message of his beloved about pregnancy: he immediately offered his future mother his hand and heart.

In 1969, a son, Alexei, was born in the family. But the marriage soon fell apart due to the actor's new hobby. Boris Klyuev says with regret that everything could have turned out differently in his life if his father had been alive. He lacked then his father's advice, which would have helped to look at the situation in a different way. He rushed for his new feelings. And again he was defeated.

Boris Klyuev as Molchalin in Woe From Wit

The second marriage soon broke up, and the relationship with the first wife was ruined forever. She insisted that the actor not communicate with his son until a certain age. When the age came, it was no longer possible to build a relationship with Alexei.

The son died at the age of 24 from heart failure, but Boris Vladimirovich found out about it only a month later. In fact, he was not even allowed to say goodbye to his only child.When the first wife called and told him about the tragedy, the actor could not calm down for a long time.

Boris Klyuev as Mycroft Holmes

I could not even go with her to the cemetery, I asked a friend to accompany him. Much later, he nevertheless met this woman and realized that she continued to love him for many years. But he himself did not experience anything. Except for the pain that has not subsided for the quarter of a century that has passed since the departure of Alexei.

The actor does not even mention the names of the first two wives. It is only known that both of them had nothing to do with the world of art. But in 1975 Boris Vladimirovich met his true love.

Happiness on the third try

Boris Klyuev

Boris Klyuev and Victoria met at the birthday party of one of the actor's friends. According to the recollections of both, it was mutual love at first sight. But the situation was difficult. The actor himself had already parted with his second wife, but Victoria was married.

And the actor had to seek the hand of his chosen one for a whole year: she did not dare to leave her husband. When Victoria nevertheless decided to move to her beloved man, it turned out that the ex-wife of Boris Vladimirovich was not going to give him a divorce. She agreed to officially formalize her separation from Klyuev only after her personal life improved and a child was born.

Boris Klyuev with his wife Victoria

Together with Victoria, the actor has been happy for over 40 years. Victoria is still in excellent physical shape today, because for many years she worked as a physical education teacher at a university, later defended her dissertation, and received the title of associate professor. The actor's wife has long been retired, but Boris Klyuev says that she literally flies around the country beds, where they spend a lot of time.

It is far from always easy with an actor, he himself does not know how to adapt to anyone. But Victoria knew for sure: if you love a person, you need to find compromises.

A still from the series "Voronins"

Ten years after they began to live together, national fame literally fell on Boris Klyuev after several roles played in the movie. First it was the Count of Rochefort from D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers, then Trianon in TASS Authorized to Declare and Mycroft Holmes in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Boris Klyuev with his wife

At that time, the actor had a lot of fans, but Victoria had the wisdom not to make her wife scandals and scenes of jealousy. She just learned to trust her husband, realizing: he will not tolerate any tantrums, he will simply leave.

Boris Klyuev with his wife at the dacha

The wife of Boris Vladimirovich is a completely non-public person. Even at social events, she manages to skillfully hide from camera flashes. She is hospitable and hospitable, has a subtle sense of humor and great patience. Boris Vladimirovich proudly says: they still have not forgotten how to enjoy each other's company and make mutual sharp jokes.

Boris Klyuev dreams of growing a black rose

A year ago, the actor was given a disappointing diagnosis: lung cancer. But Boris Klyuev does not intend to give up: he spends his vacation on the set of the series "Voronins", periodically undergoes a course of treatment, and in rare moments of rest he continues to plant his favorite roses in the country, dreaming of finally growing the long-awaited black flower.

Almost 10 years ago, in November 2009, viewers saw the first season of The Voronins, where Boris Klyuev played the role of Nikolai Petrovich. The series was so popular that during all this time 20 seasons were released, and the Voronins entered the Guinness Book of Records as the longest adapted series in the world. The sitcom actors, who played 3 generations of the Voronin family, changed in front of the fans. How has filming changed their lives and what are they doing now?

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