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How 8 celebrities became the owners of their own islands, and what is happening in their possessions
How 8 celebrities became the owners of their own islands, and what is happening in their possessions

Perhaps, rarely any of us does not dream of our own island. And especially the rich and famous. And what? This is both a great investment, and an opportunity to show off to friends and show your status, a way to escape from everyone and enjoy the peace of mind with your family. However, even creating a luxury resort from a paradise and raising the region's economy is not a marketing ploy? Today we will tell you about those who made their childhood dream come true. Perhaps the names of the islands won't tell you anything, but the names of the owners of exotic real estate are probably known to many.

Blackador Cay Island, State of Belize

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio did not come up with the idea to acquire his own island by chance. The actor is known for his fight against the pollution of our planet (he even made a speech during the Oscars on this topic). Therefore, the celebrity chose this piece of land in order to save at least part of the Earth. I must say that this is a very picturesque area of ​​the Caribbean Sea. The island is located near the Belize Barrier Reef and is teeming with animals and marine life. And Leonardo found him by accident - while on vacation in 2004, he stayed at the fashionable resort of Cayo Espanto and once landed there during a boat trip.

The nature conservationist intends to develop this place as an eco-resort. He has already found a contractor and even discussed the project in detail. It is planned to build several dozen villas, which should not only fully operate on renewable energy sources, but will also be located in strict accordance with the rules of the "sacred geometry" of Fibonacci. Houses should have ideal proportions, as well as take into account the positions of the moon, sun and other celestial bodies. In addition, the island will be equipped with a spa and a rejuvenation center of the renowned specialist in this field, Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Little Halls Pond Cay, Bahamas

Johnny Depp

A picturesque lagoon, many palm groves and splendid beaches - why not a piece of paradise? Especially if you dedicate it to your beloved woman and dear daughter. This is exactly what the famous romantic and performer of the role of Captain Jack Sparrow - Johnny Depp did. During the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean, the actor fell in love with this place. Fortunately, the filming fee allowed such a luxurious waste - Johnny paid 3.6 million dollars for the right to be called the owner. He named the best places of these 18 hectares of tropical delight after the names of his family members (at that time he was still married to Vanessa Paradis).

Strongili, state of Greece

Johnny Depp

Perhaps owning your own piece of land is more than pleasant! During the height of the crisis in Europe, Greece decided to attract foreign investment by selling the islands. Therefore, the owner of the island in the Caribbean, Johnny Depp, also acquired a piece of the Dodecanese archipelago in the Aegean Sea. It is noteworthy that the actor made a deal of 4, 2 million euros without even visiting the place of the future property. Perhaps the island, whose name translates as "round", is really inhabited by Greek nymphs, dryads and other deities - you cannot call such a purchase otherwise than falling in love with the myths of this region.

Ile Gagnon Island, State of Canada

Celine Dion

Where else can you hide from annoying fans if not on an island? However, in order not to be far removed from civilized society, the singer Celine Dion acquired land in the middle of the Riviere de Mil-Ile in the province of Quebec. According to the tabloids, the purchase price was $ 29.7 million. This price includes a mansion built in 2001 in the style of a medieval castle with an area of ​​about 2230 sq.m. A stone wall in the same style is also obscuring from prying eyes, but fans still cruise around the island in boats hoping to see the celebrity.

Greece island of the World Islands project, UAE state

Pamela Anderson

The famous Malibu lifeguard and Playboy model Pamela Anderson became the owner of this island part of the land thanks to her husband Tommy Lee. For her, he acquired an island on an artificial archipelago near Jumeirah, which is built in the form of a world map. 300 small islands are inhabited - either mansions are built on them, or fashionable hotels, or public institutions. And you can get to them only in two ways - by private planes and by boats, which are moored to the Jumeirah marinas.

Island of the Madeira archipelago, state of Portugal

Steven Spielberg

Little is known about this mysterious island. The journalists only managed to find out that one of the islands of the picturesque European archipelago was acquired by none other than the legendary modern director Steven Spielberg. Surely this purchase cost him dearly, but a man whose fortune is estimated at several billion dollars can afford it. The mysterious producer does not seek to tell the press how he arranged his property. Perhaps it is here that he meets his many children, conceives his incredible films. Or, as the jokers say, he is engaged in the selection of new biological species.

Island North, State Republic of Seychelles

Mikhail Prokhorov

An island near East Africa called North has attracted the attention of none other than Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. He bought this part of the land for some 25 million euros. However, this is not just a status purchase and an island with pristine nature, but also an excellent investment. On its territory there are eleven luxurious buildings, equipped according to the latest technology. This is an eco-resort, which, however, has satellite communications and other amenities of civilization. This is what attracts rich and influential people from all over the world here. For example, in 2011 the Dukes of Cambridge chose the island for their honeymoon. Even now, you can book seats either in the Presidential Villa, or in the Villa North, or in any of the 11 spa rooms - their cost ranges from $ 6,500 to $ 8,000 per day.

Long Cay Island, Bahamas

Eddie Murphy

Another fan of the Bahamas is Eddie Murphy. And so much so that journalists periodically have doubts about whether the actor is alive - so often he disappears there. However, the island is not so far away - only five minutes by plane, and you can disembark at Masau airport. The island means "Cock's Reef" and has an area of ​​6 hectares. There is a legend that when the legendary navigator Christopher Columbus landed here, he almost immediately managed to find a shell with a large pearl.

In later times, a prison was located here, but guides and real estate dealers prefer to keep quiet about this. It's just that everything is overshadowed by the truly heavenly beauty of the island's nature. Even pink flamingos have taken a fancy to its southern coast - the water of the bays is so transparent and clean.

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