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From wife to wife: Marriages and divorces of the famous actor Anton Batyrev
From wife to wife: Marriages and divorces of the famous actor Anton Batyrev

As a rule, handsome actors are not only ardent and passionate heroes-lovers on the screen, they are the same courageous charming heartthrobs and ladies' men in life. Among these, without any conventions, you can name the name film and theater actor Anton Batyrev, a famous seducer who went through five civil marriages, three marriages and the same number of official divorces. Of course, the actor does not really comment on his personal life. However, almost everything is known about him without his comments. Journalists will never miss an opportunity to find out and shed light on juicy details from the life of the popular and famous.

Anton Batyrev is a Russian film and theater actor

Warrior, detective, seducer and heartthrob - this is the role of the Russian actor, who became popular and popular after participating in the TV series Pyatnitsky, Godunov, Karpov. Long gone are the days when Anton starred mainly in episodic roles. Now Batyrev is at the peak of popularity. The main role in the TV series "Nothing passes twice" has riveted the eyes of millions of fans to the charismatic handsome actor. And it's no wonder. He is so magnificent and organic in the role of Vadim Ognev that he cannot but arouse the increased attention of the female half of the audience. Moreover, as the press recently reported - in real life, the artist's heart is free again.

Anton Batyrev

On the way to the profession

Some people, from early childhood unmistakably choosing a profession, master it, and achieve success, regardless of any obstacles and circumstances. So it happened with Anton Batyrev. As the parents did not resist the son's dream of becoming an actor, as the members of the selection committee did not pay attention to the stubborn applicant, he, in spite of everything, achieved his goal. And now Batyrev is a sought-after theater and film actor, whom the audience loves for his charisma and talent.

Anton Batyrev in childhood and adolescence

Anton Batyrev (born 1981) is a native Muscovite. The parents of the future actor, who are completely far from art, wanted their son to choose a "serious" profession. And obeying their will, after school, the young man studied for a year at the Academy of Chemical Technology. Having come to the conclusion that chemistry is not his strong point, Batyrev Jr. decided to make a sharp turn in his life. And, since he dreamed of the profession of an actor as a boy, he tried to enter at least some of the capital's theater university. But everywhere, according to the law of bad luck, he was eliminated in the 3rd round.

The provincial theater universities remained the last chance for admission. And then he left for Yaroslavl and entered the school, to Vyacheslav Shalimov. The next year, the young ambitious guy again wanted to try his luck in the capital, however, this time in the North. An attempt to become a student at the St. Petersburg Institute also ended in failure. As a result, the actor received a diploma from the Saratov Theater School, where he studied acting on the course of Rimma Belyakova. Upon graduation, he was accepted into the troupe of the Saratov Kiselev Youth Theater.

Anton Batyrev is the star of Russian and Ukrainian TV series

At the age of 27, he made his first film debut. It was the series "General Therapy", and the role was not very big, but the actor played it very authentically and brightly. It all started with her: proposals from the directors came one after another. At first glance, it seemed that the directors used, in most cases, primarily the texture of the actor.A tall and stately young man with regular facial features looked organically both in a white doctor's coat and in a business suit of a businessman, and how many times he had to put on epaulettes, and did not count at all. In a word, Batyrev faithfully looks both in the role of a law enforcement officer and in the role of a criminal. Let's just say he's a versatile actor.

Personal life of the actor

The first time Batyrev got married at the age of 27, by his own admission, spontaneously, succumbing to emotions. The lovers were literally overwhelmed by a wave of passion, but not for long. Within six months, the newlyweds realized that life under one roof was not about them. They decided to divorce mutually. Anton did not advertise the name of the first "second half", it is only known that the girl had nothing to do with cinema.

After the divorce, the actor was not deprived of female attention, but he was no longer in a hurry to the registry office. By his own confessions, he had five civil marriages, that is, he changed his passions like gloves.

Second marriage

Anton's second wife was a girl named Catherine, who had practically nothing to do with theatrical art. The actor himself also did not say anything about her, because he is sure that his personal life should not be put on display. It is only known that Batyrev chose his future wife in a very unusual way. He believed that the shape and size of her ankle could tell a lot about a woman. Therefore, when he once met a girl, she struck him precisely with the perfection of her ankles and toes. And don't think of grinning. After all, determining the inner beauty and spiritual wealth of a woman by her slender ankles is an old art of the most intelligent and sophisticated men.

Anton Batyrev with his family

Falling in love with beautiful eyes or sensual lips can be easily deceived. And only ankles will show how good a woman will be as a lover, wife and loyal friend. This is how Anton chose his wife. Going in the morning to his girlfriend, the actor saw a barefoot girl in her apartment. Paying attention to the beauty of her legs, the actor immediately began to seek the location of Catherine.

A happy but not long marriage was the logical culmination of his long courtship.

Son Dobrynya with his mother

This time, the family was fully formed, although not for long. The couple had a son, Dobrynya, but the birth of a child did not make the family stronger. Soon, this relationship also cracked.

Third attempt

In 2018, the press started talking about the romance of the Ukrainian actress Yevgenia Loza and Batyrev, who at that time was still considered a married man. They met on the set of the film "On the Swing of Fate" in Kiev. After a hasty divorce, the actor proposed to his new lover, and in the summer of 2019 he got married again. Evgenia Loza became the third official wife of Batyrev.

Anton Batyrev and Evgenia Loza

The wedding was exquisite, but not particularly large. At 35, Evgenia first married, and in the photo she looked immensely happy. However, the actor himself seemed to be head over heels in love. “My DIRECT girl, I love you very, very much !!!”, - wrote Anton under the joint photo, having decorated it with hearts with his own hand.

The beautiful bride

A beauty from Ukraine, known to a wide audience for the acclaimed international TV series "East-West". By the way, Eugene's fans have been "married off" more than once. But, as they say, there is no smoke without fire. Before meeting with Anton, the actress had a very vivid romance with football player Marat Izmailov. The most ardent fans even attributed childbirth to the artist and "presented" her with a daughter from an athlete. However, Evgenia still has no children. Then the artist started a relationship with actor Ivan Zhidkov, and after him - with Igor Tomilin. A well-known Ukrainian businessman was also on this list.

Evgeniya Loza is a Ukrainian actress

Having gone through relationships with representatives of different professions, Evgenia firmly decided for herself that she would never connect her life with an actor - her man should stand firmly on his feet, which cannot be said about the creative acting profession. Nevertheless, the actress could not resist the pressure of Batyrev, he thoroughly turned her head.

However, the love story that began so beautifully and romantically fell apart like a house of cards. The marriage of Loza and Batyrev did not last even a year; in May 2020, they officially divorced. At the same time, we agreed to remain friends. The actress refused detailed comments, only noting on her page on the Web:

Caring father

Anton Batyrev with his son Dobrynya

It should be noted that despite his amorous disposition, Anton Batyrev is a good father, he adores his son Dobrynya. The actor speaks about attachment to the child literally in every interview. Dad and son communicate a lot on Skype, because now they live separately.

Anton Batyrev with his son Dobrynya

Nevertheless, the actor uses every opportunity to be with his son. The boy is growing very creative. All the time he comes up with something and says that he wants to become an inventor. And he has already tried his hand at cinema, recently played a small role in Oksana Bayrak's series "Nothing Happens Twice" with his father. Perhaps in the future, the son will decide to follow in the footsteps of his father. Who knows.

Anton Batyrev with his son Dobrynya

Well, and the actor himself in the light of recent events, as always secretive, he does not comment on what happened … It seems that the reason for the divorce was still quite weighty, and not just a habit.

In the modern world of cinema and show business, such stories happen all the time. Many people seem to be in a hurry to live and try to take from her, from life, as much as possible.Because of what the actor of television series Alexander Pashkov destroyed his family, and how his theatrical romance ended, read in our publication.

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