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Women's happiness Anastasia Melnikova: Why the actress gave up her personal life
Women's happiness Anastasia Melnikova: Why the actress gave up her personal life

The audience remembered and fell in love with Anastasia Melnikova for her role as investigator Anastasia Abdulova in the popular TV series Streets of Broken Lanterns. The actress does not hide: she likes the attention of fans, she enjoys being recognized on the streets. And she also loves the attention of men, she needs it like air to feel like a real woman. And at the same time, she deliberately abandoned her personal life and does not plan to start a family, despite the occasional rumors about her secret marriage.

Tragic love

Anastasia Melnikova

Anastasia Melnikova experienced her first personal drama at the age of 18. It was a beautiful and almost mystical novel, the development of which was played by a series of coincidences between her own story and the story of the actress's parents.

For the first time she saw Tomaz Gvishiani at the age of 12, having got to a meeting of the graduates of her medical mother, and even danced with him. Once her mother at the same age danced for the first time with her father, an oncologist surgeon. The parents of the actress have a difference of 22 years, like Anastasia and Tomaz, and she received a marriage proposal at 18, like her mother.

Anastasia Melnikova

Today the actress says that Tomaz taught her to love and be loved, gave an incredible feeling of happiness. But when preparations for the wedding were already in full swing, Tomaz died unexpectedly. What caused his death, no one can say.

For 18-year-old Nastya, the loss of a loved one was a real blow, she was seriously going to go to the monastery and even went to the priest for a blessing. The wise priest explained to the girl: they devote their lives to God not from grief and despair, but from happiness. She understood and never thought about monasticism again.

It's nobody's fault

Anastasia Melnikova

Anastasia Melnikova found her happiness in those years when she was a student at LGITMiK. During the filming of the film by Vladimir Bortko "Afghan Break", she met Vyacheslav Telnov, who served as the director of the film. He was 11 years older than Nastya, was serious and detailed, knew how to look after beautifully and made the girl forget about the bitter loss.

In her student years, she also studied in the United States, where she was offered to stay and play on Broadway. But she knew that her place was where her ancestors were buried. By the way, she flew to America when she was already a married lady. Vyacheslav Telnov did not agree to wait, fearing that she might not return from abroad, and took the girl to the registry office. When the actress returned and received a diploma from the institute, they got married.

Vyacheslav Telnov, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, member of the Film Council of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

And immediately after the wedding, the husband set a condition for Nastya: no acting career. He considered the profession of a wife incompatible with family life. Anastasia Melnikova accepted her husband's demand and tried to find a replacement for what she loved so much. Her house sparkled with cleanliness and order, there was always a hot lunch for her husband at the ready, she studied in graduate school and was preparing to defend her Ph.D. thesis in stage movement, studied art history and design. At the same time, the actress became more and more depressed and as a result was hospitalized with a serious illness.

Anastasia Melnikova

Medical parents did not quite understand what was happening with their daughter until colleagues told them in plain text: collect your son-in-law's things and put them out the door, or Nastya will continue to languish. She needed her profession, which she chose, refusing to continue the family dynasty of doctors. Returning home, Anastasia Melnikova presented her husband with a fact: she was returning to the theater. Vyacheslav Telnov made the decision of his wife. And they broke up a few years later, not at all because she began to play in the theater and act in films. It's just that at some point they stopped needing each other.

But she herself would never have dared to leave, in her family divorce was considered a shame. And when she got married, she was fully confident that she would live her whole life with this person. According to the actress, her husband, a wonderful and wise man, decided to leave himself.


Anastasia Melnikova with her newborn daughter

Her film career was very successful, she starred a lot, enjoyed success with men, and for complete happiness she lacked only one thing - finding the happiness of motherhood. After she got into a car accident at 22, the doctors delivered their harsh verdict: she will never be able to have children. But they also said at the time that she would not be able to walk, play on stage and dance. Therefore, Anastasia Melnikova prayed for the birth of a child, and God heard her. On July 24, 2002, she gave birth to a daughter, Masha.

Anastasia Melnikova with her daughter Maria

From that moment on, her whole life was subordinated to the child. The actress does not consider this a victim, in her opinion, motherhood is the destiny of a woman. Anastasia Melnikova completely dissolved in her daughter and is ready for anything to make her baby happy. She leaves the question of who Masha's father is unanswered, believing that she has no right to divulge his name just for the sake of her daughter's happiness. If the father himself wants to recognize his daughter, it will be possible to talk about it. Now Maria is almost 18 years old, she has already played the main role in the film "To Save Leningrad", where she starred with her mother.

Anastasia Melnikova with her daughter

Anastasia Rurikovna once admitted in one of her rare interviews that she loves male attention, she needs it. But she will not marry until Masha creates her own family and begins to live separately. The actress does not want her daughter to feel discomfort and inconvenience in her own home, because for Maria, the chosen one of her mother will still be a stranger.

Maria Melnikova

At the same time, the girl herself persuades her mother not to postpone her life for later and not to condemn herself to loneliness. But Anastasia Melnikova is adamant, for her the comfort and tranquility of her daughter is most important. She is ready to come to terms with the fact that men will not wait for an unknown number of years until Masha has a family. Loneliness does not scare her, in the end, her daughter will certainly make her a grandmother, and she will be happy to mess with her grandchildren in between filming, rehearsals and her social work.

Recently Anastasia Melnikova appears on the screens very rarely - there have been dramatic changes in her life. She is no stranger to such turns, because she has started all over again more than once.

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