Which Russian stars live on credit
Which Russian stars live on credit
What productivity tools do celebrity artists find for themselves?

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, financial problems have arisen not only among mere mortals, but also among celebrities. Many of them do not hesitate to complain that they more and more often do not have enough money to live, and sometimes even have to go to the bank to borrow money. The most popular are interest-free loans for current expenses, like https://moneyman.ru/products/zajm-bez-protsentov/, and mortgages. Celebrities take out loans for housing for 20 years and hope that I can pay off the bank earlier and on very favorable terms.

It is known that recently the popular actress and participant of the show Ekaterina Varnava became the owner of her own home. And although she is a native Muscovite, and her parents have real estate in the capital, she herself lived in a rented apartment for a long time. Barnabas recently admitted that only 10 years after she began to flicker on the blue screen, she managed to buy her own home.

Ekaterina in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak said that she bought the apartment on credit. And although she dreamed of living in the center of the capital, the price of such an apartment was too high for her. Therefore, she chose a spacious new building in one of the peripheral districts of Moscow. It is worth saying that Catherine often goes to the bank to get a loan without interest from money for current expenses or for a new phone.

The popular singer Sergei Lazarev, who not only has been on the first lines in the Russian music charts for several years, but also has one and two children, recently became the owner of a spacious mansion in the Moscow region. The area of ​​his dwelling is almost 500 sq. M. And he admitted that he had to get a loan from the bank in order to afford such a purchase.

Lazarev opened up in an interview and said that all the rumors that artists today receive fabulous fees are nothing more than a myth that has nothing to do with the real state of affairs. He himself, according to him, does not row money with a shovel. Yes, the singer does not deny that he earns enough, but at the same time he has considerable monthly expenses. He spends about a million rubles a month only on the maintenance of his own family, and he also needs to pay salaries to the members of his musical group - and this is a huge responsibility. Anna Sedokova does not complain about life, but she has a hard time during a pandemic. She is not only engaged in creativity, but she is also raising two children and trying to do business. For a long time Anna lived in a rented apartment with her children and boyfriend. And more recently, journalists learned that she bought her own home. True, for this she had to take a mortgage loan from a bank for 20 years. Say what you don’t say, but a loan is a serious financial burden, therefore, during self-isolation, the actress began to feel real depression - she simply did not understand where to get money in order to pay the bank monthly.

Sergei Bezrukov is quite frank with his fans, and recently on his page on the social network Instagram, he admitted that now he is also a mortgagee. The birth of his son prompted him to make a decision to apply for a bank loan - the family needed to expand the living space.

The actor did not have the necessary amount to buy housing, and he went to the bank. Bezrukov received a loan for 20 years. But he really hopes that he will be able to settle accounts with the bank much earlier than this time.

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