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Romantic female portraits by a Moscow artist who combined French Art Nouveau and Russian Realism
Romantic female portraits by a Moscow artist who combined French Art Nouveau and Russian Realism

Fascinating, sentimental, romantic, sensual, graceful, magical, fabulous, divine, incomprehensible, mysterious, enchanting, mysterious … and this is not the whole list of epithets that can be said to the heroines of paintings Moscow artist Vladimir Mukhin… Only an inspired male artist was able to see and so masterfully create in color all the above qualities of the portrayed women woven together.

Portrait painting by Vladimir Mukhin

The theme of a woman in painting is an eternal burning theme. The feminine principle and sensuality, tenderness and trepidation, sung by the masters of different eras, do not leave indifferent even the present. This is confirmed by a huge variety of virtual galleries, author sites, blogs posted on the worldwide network.

Ode to a woman in paints

Portrait painting by Vladimir Mukhin

And among all the creative research, the works of the Muscovite Vladimir Mukhin stand out very significantly. His stunning female portraits in the style of French Art Nouveau and Russian realism, delight and originality, and originality, and spirituality. Looking at the gallery of his works, we are convinced once again that nothing can hook the viewer in painting so much as the personal feelings of the artist himself, experienced and tested for his images.

Portrait painting by Vladimir Mukhin

Analyzing the artist's work, many art critics believe that the originality, reflected both in the style and in the manner of Vladimir, is unique and completely new for contemporary Russian art. Therefore, Mukhin is often called a prominent representative and successor of Art Nouveau, despite the fact that he very often uses elements of realism in his work.

Portrait painting by Vladimir Mukhin

I would like to emphasize that the master, having mastered the technique of combining these two seemingly incompatible directions in painting, namely French Art Nouveau and the main traditions of academic Russian fine art, found his author's face, an inimitable manner and artistic style in writing portraits of girls and women, genre scenes in interiors and in the lap of nature.

Portrait painting by Vladimir Mukhin

The bright, dynamic creations of the Moscow artist delight the viewer from the first moment with extraordinary technique, color, sophistication of lines, cut-off and compositional solutions, positive energy, subtle lyricism and theatricality.

Portrait painting by Vladimir Mukhin

In addition, the artist's painting technique is rich in texture and color palette, and portrait images are deprived of the monotony and "hackneyedness" of plots characteristic of many masters. Everything is fresh, new and original, and is also built on contrasts, both color and compositional. By the way, the female images themselves are contrasting in the master's work - meek and self-confident, gentle and sensual … And all of them are equally interesting to the viewer.

Portrait painting by Vladimir Mukhin

Interestingly, Vladimir Mukhin writes his works on large canvases, some of which sometimes reach up to two meters in size. One can only imagine how the textured texture and bright coloring on his large-scale canvases impresses the viewer in reality … It is difficult to imagine a spectacle, you need to see it only with your own eyes.

Portrait painting by Vladimir Mukhin Portrait painting by Vladimir Mukhin

- this is how Vladimir Mukhin talks about his activities, having achieved world recognition with his work, giving interviews to journalists.

Portrait painting by Vladimir Mukhin Portrait painting by Vladimir Mukhin Portrait painting by Vladimir Mukhin Portrait painting by Vladimir Mukhin Portrait painting by Vladimir Mukhin

A few words about the artist

Vladimir Mukhin (born 1971) was born in Kazakhstan. He studied art at the Penza School named after V.I. K.A. Savitsky, and later at the All-Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. I.S. Glazunov. It was in this university that the young artist received the foundation, which became a solid foundation for his work, and received a deep knowledge of graphics and a subtle sense of color, which allowed him in the future to combine realism with modernity so professionally.

Artist Vladimir Mukhin

Mukhin began his personal exhibition activity in the 2000s at the Central House of Artists, which is on Krymsky Val in Moscow. The master, who has tremendous creative abilities and inexhaustible ideas, had a very successful creative career. In those years, he became a permanent participant in all kinds of domestic and international forums and exhibitions. For two decades, he received membership in many Russian and international creative organizations, including the Union of Artists of Russia, the International Art Fund, and the International Association of Fine Arts at UNESCO. Also, Vladimir Mukhin was awarded the title of Academician of the International Academy of Fine Arts in the United States. And this is not to mention the numerous awards, diplomas and prizes.

Recently, Mukhin has been fruitfully collaborating with some of the leading galleries in America, regularly holding his personal exhibitions there. But the artist lives and creates his paintings as before in his Moscow workshop.

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