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10 famous actresses to whom monuments have been erected
10 famous actresses to whom monuments have been erected

Thousands of various monuments are opened around the world every year. Among them there are monuments to famous politicians, heroes, actors, even books and pets. However, it turns out that there are not so many monuments dedicated to famous actresses around the world. Particularly noteworthy are those statues that are dedicated to truly legendary actresses who have left their mark not only in the hearts of the audience, but also in the history of world cinema.

Vera Cold

Monument to Vera Kholodnaya

In 2003, a monument to the silent film star Vera Kholodnaya was unveiled in Odessa (Ukraine). At the same time, the creators of the monument placed it exactly in the place where the actress died in 1919. Previously, the wing of the Papudov house was located here, in which Vera Kholodnaya spent the last years of her life.

Ava Gardner

Monument to Ave Gardner

A monument to the legendary Ave Gardner was erected in 1992 near the Vila Velha fortress in Tossa de Mar in Spain. The actress literally fell in love with this city while working on the film "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman", and after filming ended she decided to stay in Tossa de Mar, where she then lived for 8 years. Ava Gardner was fascinated by the views and atmosphere of both the city itself and the surrounding nature.

Marilyn Monroe

Monument to Marilyn Monroe

The eight-meter and most popular monument to the actress in the tourist environment is installed in Chicago on Michigan Avenue. All the details of the sculpture are made very carefully and realistically, from the skin tone of Marilyn Monroe, her bright red lipstick, and ending with clothes and even underwear. And the pose of the actress from the movie "Seven Days of Desire" is simply impossible not to recognize.

Nonna Mordyukova

Monument to Nonna Mordyukova

In 2008, a monument to the great actress Nonna Mordyukova was erected at the intersection of Lenin Street and Pobeda Street in Yeisk. This monument became a tribute to the memory of the inhabitants of Yeisk to its wonderful countrywoman. The actress spent her teenage years here and always in her interviews and memoirs called Yeisk the city of dreams. The bronze statue of the actress appeared just a month after the death of Nonna Viktorovna.

Gina Lollobrigida

Monument to Gina Lollobrigida

This actress is known not only for her talent for reincarnation, but also for her passion for sculpture, in which Gina Lollobrigida has achieved significant success. In 2008, as part of an exhibition on one of the streets in Pietrasanta in Tuscany, a bronze statue of Esmeralda from the film adaptation of Hugo's novel Notre Dame de Paris, directed by Jean Delannoy, appeared. It was one of the most successful roles of the actress, and in sculpture she captured herself.

Sofiko Chiaureli

Monument to Sofiko Chiaureli

In the Old City of Tbilisi in 2009, a monument appeared to the popular favorite and worthy daughter of the Georgian people, Sofiko Chiaureli. The actress is portrayed as the heroine of the film "The Color of Pomegranate", and around are bronze figures depicting other images embodied by the actress. Unfortunately, these small figurines became a tasty morsel for vandals, who were able to steal several small bronze statues that adorned the monument.

Margaret Kroc

Monument to Margaret Kroc

She was called one of the greatest actresses of the twentieth century, and her ability to play equally talented dramatic and comedic roles is still surprising and delightful. When Margaret Kroc died of cancer in 2001, a bronze statue of the actress soon appeared near the Royal Drama Theater in Stockholm.It was in this place that one could often see the actress with a cigarette in her hands before the performances in which she played. Bronze Margaret Kroc is always warm, because a special element is installed inside it that maintains a temperature of 36.6 degrees. As the actress once warmed the audience with her roles, now her sculptural statue is able to warm the frozen passers-by.

Marina Ladynina

Monument to Marina Ladynina

In the village of Nazarovo, Krasnoyarsk Territory, in 2012, a monument to Marina Ladynina, who played many bright roles in the cinema, appeared. The future actress moved here with her parents in early childhood and considered this village her small homeland.

Clara Luchko

Monument to Clara Luchko

In September 2008, a monument to Clara Luchko was unveiled in Krasnodar. She was born in the Ukrainian village of Chutovo in the Poltava region, and the actress was connected with the south of Russia by an amazing work in the film by Ivan Pyryev "Kuban Cossacks". It was in the image of the Cossack that the actress was portrayed by sculptors Daria Uspenskaya and Vitaly Shanov, who were helped in the work on the monument by Clara Luchko's daughter Oksana Lukyanova.

Faina Ranevskaya

Monument to Faina Ranevskaya in Taganrog

The first monument to the actress beloved by millions of viewers was opened in the homeland of Faina Ranevskaya in Taganrog in 2008. This sculpture depicts the actress as the heroine from the movie "Foundling": in a funny hat and holding an umbrella.

Monument to Faina Ranevskaya in St. Petersburg

In August 2019, a very original sculptural composition appeared in the courtyard of one of the houses next to gymnasium No. 42 in St. Petersburg: an actress is resting on a small bench. "Everything will come true, you just have to get sick …" - this dictum of Faina Georgievna is inscribed on the pedestal.

In Soviet times, the installation of monuments during life was rather an exception to the rule. However, numerous sculptural images of Comrade Stalin stood in almost every city. In addition to him, this honor was awarded twice to Heroes of Socialist Labor and the Soviet Union. But times have changed and today you can see more and more lifetime monuments to famous actors, singers and athletes. Sometimes even the stars themselves want to immortalize themselves in bronze.

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