Psychologists told what kind of music different signs of the zodiac choose
Psychologists told what kind of music different signs of the zodiac choose
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For many people, music is a fairly important part of life. It calms, gives inspiration, makes you think, realize some important things.

A lot of controversy arises about which music is better, cooler, more popular, but they are all useless. Each person has their own tastes and preferences, so any disputes and imposing their opinions are simply meaningless. Psychologists gave their recommendations, depending on how the stars were located at the time of a person's birth.


Despite the external strength and toughness of character, Aries prefer calm and melodic songs. Their choice can fall on classics, folk music and even chanson. If among these zodiac representatives there are lovers of heavier music, then they will rather choose pop-rock.


Taurus often listen to music to relax, distract from problems, and relax. Pop music suits them perfectly for this purpose. Also, these zodiac representatives can be attracted by folk and country, these genres give not only relaxation, but also inspiration.


Cheerful and cheerful Gemini often listen to pop music and hip-hop, but their dark side tends to something louder and more effective. From rock music, representatives of this sign will definitely choose one of the most aggressive subgenres, for example, thrash metal.


These zodiac representatives consider themselves to be true connoisseurs of art, which certainly applies to music. Rakov is very attracted to the classics, but they are also not indifferent to folk music, jazz, rock. They love to look for hidden meanings in the lyrics.

a lion

There are a lot of music lovers among Lions who cannot get hung up on a certain genre. They are constantly on the lookout. However, they still prefer pop music, especially K-pop and electropop.


Quite often, Virgos try to demonstrate their education and upbringing, which do not allow them to listen to anything other than the classics. However, the following genres can also become the genre favorites of Dev: country, blues.


Looking at the modest Libra, many cannot even imagine that they are lovers of rock and all its subgenres. Being in a good mood, these zodiac representatives choose rock-n-roll, pop-rock, and they heal a bad mood with the help of thrash metal, death metal.


These zodiac representatives are connoisseurs of unpopular music. They will surely like jazz or reggae. Love for such musical directions will help Scorpios stand out from the crowd.


Sagittarius are mostly music lovers who are interested in any kind of music. They rarely get involved in disputes over musical preferences and try to resolve everything peacefully. Sagittarians believe that music is the last thing to argue about. It should be enjoyed.


Capricorns are extremely disapproving of fashionable pop hits, because their heart belongs to rock and roll, alternative rock, disco. Representatives of this sign are very loyal to their tastes and are not going to change them under any circumstances.


Aquarians are often too busy to delve into what genres of music exist at all, they just listen to what is popular. This is mainly pop music. However, Aquarians should also pay attention to electronic music.


Quite emotional Pisces pay more attention not to genres, but to the meaning of songs.Rap, rock, pop and chanson are quite suitable for them. The main thing is that the songs can fit into the life circumstances in which Pisces are at the moment.

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