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What Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz have in common for 20 years: Is there a friendship of stars in Hollywood
What Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz have in common for 20 years: Is there a friendship of stars in Hollywood

Hollywood is considered the capital of the global film industry. Therefore, every year millions of both beginners and artists already well-known in their countries try to open its doors. And so, not many are capable of surviving in the midst of fierce competition, while not losing human feelings. Today we want to tell you some interesting facts about the friendship that has linked real Hollywood stars Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz for over 20 years. How they managed to save it - read in this article.


Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayk

Both black-eyed beauties decided to conquer Hollywood in the 90s. Salma Hayek was already known in Mexico, but, as insiders say, she fled the country, fearing the revenge of the president's wife, whom she managed to charm. In a hurry, as the actress admitted, she did not have time to correctly fill in all the documents required for a visa, so for some time she was the most real illegal immigrant from Mexico. Due to congenital dyslexia, she did not speak English very well, but full immersion in the environment of native speakers - and the situation was corrected.

The naive enthusiasm of the Mexican star quickly stumbled upon the stereotypical thinking of local directors: emigrants were taken to the roles of maids and actresses, and serious characters were not trusted. Therefore, at first, Salma Hayek was on the doorstep of film studios in search of a decent job. Three years later, at one of the acting auditions, she met another Hispanic actress. For Penelope Cruz, this was the first Hollywood casting, and the advice of a new friend helped her a lot. And her proposal to share the apartment together also came in handy: the beautiful Spanish woman came to the United States for a new life, but in case of failure, she had a return ticket.

At first, Penelope also had language difficulties. She could say only the most necessary phrases for listening: "Hello, how are you?", "Thank you", "I want to act with Johnny Depp!". Salma's friendliness won over Penelope, who felt lonely in a strange city. In addition, the opportunity to chat in your native language and feel your soul mate also played a role. So the girls became friends. A more experienced friend helped her get used to the local way of life, in the company of each other, foreign women hung out and discussed future plans. They even had to sleep in the same bed. Both beauties loved to soak up the bed in the morning. They compared it to how the eggs are stored for a long time in the nest. Therefore, their favorite morning saying was "get up, egg!" - in this way the girls affectionately called each other lazy and sleepy.


Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz

As time went on, gradually each of the actresses received more and more significant roles and recognition among directors. Of course, each of the young women had romances, each of them had already acquired her own home, but the friendship continued. A new round of relations took place in 2005, when both actresses were invited to the main roles in the western "Bandits". The actresses played two robbers who rob banks with a gun, mind and beauty. It is noteworthy that according to the script, the Mexican Salma Hayek is Spanish, and the native of sunny Spain, Penelope Cruz, plays a Mexican girl.

During the filming of the picture, both actresses almost died in a plane crash. The plane carrying members of the film crew got into terrible turbulence. Its fall was 4 thousand meters, the passengers have already put on masks with oxygen and said goodbye to life. As Cruz later shared, she caught herself thinking: "If I die, then at least I will do it with my best friend." Fortunately, the airliner landed and the women were safe. Penelope shuddered in sobs, but Salma hissed through clenched teeth: "I wonder where they can have a drink here?" In this, Cruz saw Hayek's true strength of spirit - not sobs, but anger.


Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayk

As is clear from this case, girls have a very different set of internal qualities. But as they say, opposites attract. There were times when the habits or actions of one did not like the other very much, but this did not in any way affect their friendship. For example, Salma once admitted that she simply hates Penelope's ability to tell the ending of films in advance. And also chat on the phone for a long time. Another time, a Spaniard played a prank on her friend on the Punk'd show. The joke was not entirely successful, and at the end of the broadcast, the Spaniard apologized. To which Salma noted with a laugh that she would have to make amends for a long time.


Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayk

The most important thing in true friendship, as friends believe, is that they never lie to each other. Penelope told reporters that when she asks a friend a question, she is 100% sure that she will receive an honest answer. "That is why we are close friends and are getting closer and closer every day." In another interview, Hayek said that she is sincerely happy with her friend's success. She believes that Penelope is finally getting from life what she has long aspired to, and “it's magical. This is encouraging."

Last year, the film "Unselected Roads" was released on the world screen, where the main roles were played by Salme Hayek and her friend's husband Javier Bardem. After the first day of shooting, Salma and Javier called Penelope via video link and fooled around for a long time. To which the actress said that they would not be able to do their job well. Indeed, Salma said that it was very difficult to play on the screen who were always yelling at each other and making a person suffer, because over the years, friendships had been established between the families of friends with their soulmates. However, the next day showed their true professionalism: the actors met on the set as two strangers, and successfully filmed.

Actresses love to share photos with their fans, where they demonstrate their friendship. So, they more than once laid out shots of each other. After the scandalous publication of Salma Hayek about the harassment by Harvey Weinstein, her friend supported her by posting a shot with Salma from the movie "Frida" with the caption "I love you, my beautiful friend." And one day in January 2017 they posted similar photos without saying a word and even accompanied them in the same way: Cruz signed “# friends # forever # Salma”, and her friend “Good friends forever”.

Salma or Penelope?

Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayk

Sometimes funny situations arise in their lives. In 2014, the organizers of the Oscars confused Penelope with Salma. So, the account of the film award in one of the popular social networks posted a photo of Penelope and Robert De Niro. The caption read: Salma Hayek and Robert De Niro are going to take the stage. " Of course, the error was corrected later.

Friends for life

Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayk

Journalists love to ask serious questions. So, one day Salma was asked to name the women who had the greatest influence on her. The actress did not hesitate to name her friend among her close relatives. She emphasized that usually because of the roles of the actress, they are at enmity, but with them, on the contrary, every year the friendship only grows stronger. "Penelope has become my life partner, she is a very important person for me."

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