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Why Prince Harry complains about childhood in the royal family and what ghosts of the past he gets rid of
Why Prince Harry complains about childhood in the royal family and what ghosts of the past he gets rid of

From the outside, the life of a member of the royal family can seem fabulous. Moreover, in public, representatives of the monarchy demonstrate the image of an ideal life, family and relationships. They are invariably friendly, politely smile at others and create a positive image in all possible ways. It's just that outside the walls of the palace, sometimes a completely unfriendly atmosphere reigns, and Prince Harry even considers upbringing in the royal family traumatic.

Not a drop of romance

Prince Harry as a child

According to Prince Harry, his childhood at court was far from romantic performances. The whole family was watched by millions of people almost around the clock, they were constantly hunted by the paparazzi, and life in the palace was more like something in between "The Truman Show and the zoo."

In addition, the Duke of Sussex has repeatedly mentioned in his interviews about a very "cold" upbringing at the palace, when children simply lack the most ordinary human warmth and normal family relations. And this is not because the royals are bad. Just for a series of royal duties, they do not leave themselves time for simple communication, they sometimes do not have the opportunity to sometimes take an interest in each other's affairs, show participation and their feelings.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana with their sons

For Prince Harry, the situation worsened many times after the death of his mother. The twelve-year-old boy felt completely lost and devastated after the tragic events that left an imprint on his entire future life. There were always a lot of people around, he got lost under the flashes of cameras and often simply did not know how to react to what was happening.

Prince Harry with his father

Prince Charles raised his sons in the same way as he was once raised himself. His youngest son is in no way going to blame his father or reproach him for lack of attention and love. But at some point he wanted to interrupt the cycle in which children face the pain and suffering endured by their parents.

Growing up, Prince Harry found the only way to deal with constant stress and deep inner trauma: he began to attend parties, found solace in alcohol and the use of illegal substances. It was a vicious circle, the more he wanted to abstract from the outside world, the more often he became the hero of the scandalous chronicle and more and more photographers and journalists appeared next to him.

Dramatic changes

Prince Harry

During his youth, Prince Harry even thought that he had no right to start a family and have children, because he could not deal with his problems himself and, accordingly, could not teach this to his future heirs.

Later, he began to seriously think about giving up his royal duties, and, contrary to public opinion, Meghan Markle had nothing to do with this, because at that time they did not even know each other. But after meeting his future wife, he began to take care of his mental health. It was Meghan Markle who recommended that he seek help from a psychotherapist.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

She immediately drew attention to Harry's inner discord, the anger accumulated in him and resentment towards the whole world.At that time, he simply could not control his own life, destroying himself from the inside and going about his duties and obligations.

The therapy helped him distance himself from the royal family and gave him a reason to think seriously about his own desires and goals. If not for the help of a specialist, he would never have been able to start a family and look at his past without anger and resentment.

Prince Harry with his son

After the birth of his son Archie, Prince Harry fully realized that he did not want a repetition of his fate for his son. Therefore, the decision to move to another country and renounce the duties of a member of the royal family was balanced and deliberate. The Duke of Sussex sought to protect his son and wife from everything that happened to him.

Now he can straighten his shoulders and ride his son on a bicycle, without fear of being at the sight of television cameras, can run barefoot on the grass and behave like an ordinary person. And he intends to make the childhood of his son and daughter happy and serene.

The sons of Prince Charles and Princess Diana have always attracted the attention of both the media and ordinary people. It seems that Prince Harry is still not used to the fact that the paparazzi are literally hunting him. Actually Duke of Sussex is able to surprise variety of their interests and very ambiguous behavior.

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