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Why the famous actor and favorite of women Mikhail Kozakov ended his life alone in an Israeli nursing home
Why the famous actor and favorite of women Mikhail Kozakov ended his life alone in an Israeli nursing home

10 years ago, on April 22, 2011, the famous actor and director, People's Artist of the RSFSR Mikhail Kozakov passed away. Films with his participation ("Amphibian Man", "Hello, I am your aunt!" became recognized classics of Soviet cinema. The audience admired him, women loved him, he was married 5 times and became the father of 5 children, but in his declining years he was completely alone. Why did the actor, who lived in Israel for 5 years and did not want to stay there, spent his last days there, and how did he end up in a nursing home?

Negative charm effect

Mikhail Kozakov in the film Amphibian Man, 1961

Mikhail Kozakov began acting in films at the age of 22, and from his very first works in the second half of the 1950s. won the hearts of millions of spectators. He was often offered the roles of military men, pilots, scouts, and it was simply impossible to notice this spectacular handsome man on the screens. Even when he did not get the main roles, he often outshined the romantic heroes. This happened with the film "Amphibian Man", where the main role was played by Vladimir Korenev, and Mikhail Kozakov embodied the image of the main villain - the cruel and domineering Don Pedro Zurita.

Mikhail Kozakov in the film Amphibian Man, 1961

This film was watched by 65.4 million viewers in 1962, it took 11th position in the list of the highest-grossing films in the entire history of the existence of Soviet cinema, and the all-Union popularity and adoration of thousands of female fans fell on Kozakov, who sympathized with him, and not Ichthyander … Vladimir Korenev was not surprised at this - he said that Kozakov himself had "". And this worked flawlessly on women and behind the scenes.

Errors of youth

Mikhail Kozakov in the film Straw Hat, 1974

Mikhail Kozakov met his future first wife in the 8th grade at a school evening - Estonian Greta Taar studied at a nearby girls' school. Later they got married and spent 10 years together, they had two children - daughter Katya and son Kirill. This marriage broke up due to the actor's infidelity. He always enjoyed great success with the representatives of the opposite sex, and when the first loud popularity came to him, the fans did not give him a pass at all. And he did not hide the fact that he was very flattered by such attention to his person.

Still from the movie Hello, I'm your aunt !, 1975

Vladimir Korenev said about this: "". Kozakov himself did not deny that he did not remain faithful to his wife: "".

Mikhail Kozakov with his son Kirill

The actor's second marriage to the beautiful Georgian woman Medea Berelashvili turned out to be the shortest - a year later she took their daughter Manana and left for Tbilisi. Later, in his memoirs "Actors' Book", Kozakov spoke about this marriage in a derogatory tone: "".

Missed chances and new disappointments

Anastasia Vertinskaya and Mikhail Kozakov in the film A Nameless Star, 1978

The third wife of Kozakov was the translator Regina Bykova. She turned out to be the most patient of all his wives - for 18 years she put up with both his difficult character and rumors about her husband's endless romances. They said that on the set of the film "The Nameless Star" he began a romantic relationship with Anastasia Vertinskaya, which he did not even try to hide. Regina endured so long that Kozakov was stunned that she suddenly decided to file for divorce - once she had the opportunity to work as a translator in America, she left and decided to stay there.

Actor with Anna Yampolskaya and children

Kozakov was very upset about their parting, he simply could not believe that he was abandoned. A new love helped him out of the state of depression. His fourth wife was a young actress from Chisinau, Anna Yampolskaya, who after the wedding left the profession and devoted herself entirely to caring for her husband and their children - son Misha and daughter Zoya. Anna was 25 years younger than the actor, but many considered them a very harmonious couple. Together they experienced a lot: in the early 1990s. emigrated to Israel, lived there for 5 years - and suddenly decided to divorce after 14 years of marriage. The wife and children remained in Israel, while Kozakov returned to Russia. He repeatedly said that he could not find his place in a foreign land and felt very lonely there, and therefore did not want to live there.

Actor with Anna Yampolskaya and children

Soon, the actor fell in love again - with a girl named Victoria, who was 40 years younger than him. True, they lived together for only a few months, and Kozakov tied himself in marriage for the fifth time with a native of Nizhny Novgorod, Nadezhda Sedova. When they met, she was not yet 20 years old. Already 4 years later, Kozakov declared her a swindler, who lured a large sum from him and claimed his Moscow apartment, and divorced her through the courts.

Payback for mistakes

Mikhail Kozakov in the film Narrow Bridge, 2004

Nadezhda never left his apartment, the proceedings lasted a long time, and from all these problems he wanted to leave as far as possible. He decided to go to Israel, where his ex-wife and children lived. To Anna, he admitted that in his declining years he had to pay for his mistakes. And in 2010, Kozakov was diagnosed, which did not leave him any chance: the doctors directly stated that at the fourth stage of the disease they were simply powerless. Anna gave him a job at Fathers' House, a private nursing home. He was provided with proper care there, but at the same time the actor felt incredibly lonely again. His older children lived in Russia, where they had their own lives and their families, daughter Manana lived in Georgia, and the only one who was with him in the last minutes was the youngest son Mikhail.

People's Artist of the RSFSR Mikhail Kozakov

Actress Elena Koreneva wrote about him: "".

Theater and film actor Mikhail Kozakov

A talented actor and director, who has repeatedly said that his creative hypostasis means much more to him than a man's, Kozakov was never able to realize all his directorial plans and acting ambitions in his homeland, and in his private life he suddenly turned out to be of no use to anyone. He repeatedly said that he got married so often simply because he could not be alone, was terrified of being alone, but in the most terrible moments Mikhail Kozakov was left alone with his misfortune …

People's Artist of the RSFSR Mikhail Kozakov

One of the best directorial works of Mikhail Kozakov is called "Pokrovskie Vorota": Why Critics Predicted the Film to Fail.

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