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Shame of architecture: Social media users share examples of the most ridiculous and ugly buildings
Shame of architecture: Social media users share examples of the most ridiculous and ugly buildings

Some modern buildings fascinate us with ingenious architectural solutions, but not everything that is unusual is ingenious. Facebook has an English-speaking community called "That's right, I'm a shame on architecture." In it, users from all over the world publish photos of the most ridiculous and tasteless, from their point of view, houses. It seems that this is just a prank, but all the buildings represented in the group really exist.

Not the most successful architectural solution

There are already 83 thousand members in the community and this number is growing so rapidly that there is no doubt that there will be many more soon. Over the past month, the members of the group left about one and a half thousand messages. By the way, the administration of the group filters out overly aggressive statements, urging users to criticize architectural projects in an amicable way. We present several buildings that, in the opinion of community members, disgrace architecture. Whether these houses are so terrible - everyone can determine for himself.

"Greek" house near the "normal" house

“I have been living in several houses from this place for several months and still can not get used to how tasteless it is,” writes the author of the photo, Bree Riegert.

Greek house

The building is located in Toronto and is called the "Greek House". The family who built it also owns the neighboring house on the left. Normal.

"Modernist monster" instead of a bungalow

“In Milwaukee, a local alderman bought a cozy bungalow in a scenic area by Lake Michigan and then demolished it to build this modernist monster. - explains the author of the photo Jared Kellis Stay, - Usually I like this style of architecture, but the building should still decorate the area. Poor neighbors!"

A modernist miracle or a monster?

Roof house

It seems that something extraordinary happened to this building, which left one roof of it. “It looks like this house was designed by a roofer,” joked the author of the post.

Not home. Only the roof

"Evil" house with daring cacti

Someone, when looking at such a miracle of architecture, it seems that this is a house that has been put upside down, someone sees an angry face on the facade that is annoying, someone thinks that a cactus growing in the courtyard is showing the middle finger to passers-by. And some, on the contrary, like this architectural idea.


"Crazy" house attributed to Salvador Dali

This house, despite its absolutely insane appearance, did not cause unequivocal rejection among the members of the group. Someone jokes that it was designed by Salvador Dali, but seriously, the building is called "Crooked House", it is located in Sopot (Poland) and is a local landmark. They say the architect was inspired by abstract painting.

Not everyone likes the Dancing House

The boot house surprises architecture lovers

“Let me introduce you to Haynes Shoe House. Located between York and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I had to be near him many times, but I never managed to see him from the inside, - writes the author of the photo - I don't think that any old woman lives there, but children are never seen there either”…

Just a giant shoe with windows

The toilet house, fortunately, is not a residential one

And this is the building of the World Toilet Association. Therefore, it is built in the shape of a toilet bowl. Internet users have suggested that it looks less unpleasant from below than from above.In any case, this building is not residential, so no one will be ashamed of living in a giant toilet.

Architectural experts point out that all elements of the built environment must be in harmony with each other and with the surrounding space. However, sometimes something more daring and non-standard has a right to exist if it creates an effective and attractive contrast. Architecture, of course, should make a person feel calm and safe, but in some cases it provokes us and makes us think. But, of course, this does not mean that you need to erect tasteless and ugly buildings that are unpleasant or scary to look at. However, everyone has their own taste.

By the way, for some reason I got among the projects that dishonor architecture tallest round skyscraper., which we have already talked about.

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