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Vitaly Solomin and Maria Leonidova: happiness and love of a jealous womanizer
Vitaly Solomin and Maria Leonidova: happiness and love of a jealous womanizer
Vitaly Solomin and Maria Leonidova: happiness and love of a jealous womanizer

Characteristic actor Vitaly Solomin confidently won the hearts of the audience with his roles. The prudent Dr. Watson rivaled in popularity the spineless womanizer Vadim from Winter Cherry. At some point, he became like his indecisive hero, deceiving his wife. Only in real life, his wife did not want to play the role of a victim, she had enough wisdom, patience and love to keep the family and return the barely lost happiness.

Urban Romance

Vitaly Solomin, 60s

The first marriage of the charming actor broke up after he caught his wife Natalia Rudnaya of treason. He left home with one suitcase and was determined not to tie the knot for the next ten years. But how could you keep your word to yourself, if on the set of "Urban Romance" you were met by a sweet, naive and very bright girl? Vitaly Solomin, of course, fell in love.

Maria Solomina

But young Maria Leonidova liked not only him, but also the director of the film Todorovsky. Solomin was not approved for the role, in his place was taken by Evgeny Kindinov. However, Solomin was not going to give up. Despite the fact that Maria sympathized with the eminent director, Vitaly continued to look after the extraordinary girl. He flew to her every free minute between tours and filming, he gave flowers and sang serenades.

In the summer of 1970, a cholera epidemic began in Odessa, where the film was being filmed. No one was allowed out of the city and it was impossible to come to the city either. The actor began to write his beloved touching and very tender letters.

Maria Leonidova in the film

And then there was a modest wedding in Leningrad, where Solomin escaped for just a few days. True, the marriage of Maria Leonidova and Vitaly Solomin was preceded by an ultimatum delivered by the actor. Taught by the bitter experience of his first marriage, he forbade his wife to act in films, putting her before a choice: either he or the career of an actress. The girl doubted for a very short time. Moreover, she did not even think about cinema until her accidental street meeting with an assistant director. She studied at the Mukhinsky school, was going to become an artist. Maria chose a family and they signed.

Uneasy happiness

Vitaly Solomin

For a whole year they lived in different cities: Vitaly in Moscow, and Masha in Leningrad. But then the separation became completely unbearable, the young wife was transferred to a textile institute in Moscow. They lived in a hostel, where cheerful companies often gathered with them. But Vitaly somehow changed dramatically. He often plunged into himself, he could not utter a word in a day. Maria was upset and pestered her husband with questions, to which he honestly replied that he had already charmed her.


In 1973, Anastasia was born in the Solomin family. A few years later, Vitaly Methodievich allowed his wife to star in the film "Jump from the Roof", where he was also involved. True, this picture was not successful, but a start was made. The next role of Mary in the film "Two in a New Home" almost led to a break. Solomin was jealous of his wife for her partner in the film, handsome Alexander Abdulov. Then he put forward a condition under which she could be removed, but only with him. In 1979 she will play the role of the Stoner sisters in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Actors Vitaly Solomin and Vasily Livanov in the family circle, 1982

Vitaly Solomin was very jealous and scared, he could not let his wife go home to spend the night if she sat in a cafe with a girlfriend after work.The actor himself enjoyed the favor of women, he struck up a relationship during a tour or on the set.

Patience, wisdom, forgiveness

Patience and forgiveness

Mary heard rumors about his novels. Not even rumors, but a detailed description of his hobbies. The husband's romance with actress Elena Tsyplakova was a real blow for the young woman. She did not expect such a test. It hurt, almost unbearable. And then she offered her husband to choose, because she simply could not live in uncertainty. Exhausted by jealousy, she would throw tantrums, sort things out, and even started drinking. And she continued to love her husband.

Vitaly's hobby for Svetlana Amanova the actor's wife endured less expressively, but the non-healing scars remained in her heart forever. She forgave because she loved him. Solomin himself saw in Maria's indecision and emotionality her wisdom and made the final decision to stay in the family. After that, he really disliked when in an interview he was asked questions about his past relationship. With pleasure, he talked about only one woman - his Mashenka.

Vitaly Solomin with his daughter Elizabeth

In 1984, the Solomins had a second daughter, Elizabeth. Despite his weakness in relation to beautiful women, Vitaly Solomin loved his family selflessly. Here he was an indisputable authority, and also a loving, caring and very attentive father. He did not refuse to come to the school where his youngest daughter studied and give a lesson on Chatsky, whose role he played so brilliantly in the theater. He could appear at the call of the teacher, despite his crazy busyness in performances and filming. Often harsh and intolerant towards others, the actor was gentle and gentle with his daughters.

Vitaly Solomin with his wife Maria and daughters Nastya and Lisa

As a child, the actor was deprived of holidays, the time when he was growing up was too difficult. But he gladly arranged holidays for his beloved women: his wife and two daughters. New Year was a time of miracles. He was happy to buy a Christmas tree, he himself phoned friends and acquaintances, inviting them to the holiday. He wrote scripts for home scenes, enthusiastically chose costumes for them. But he categorically did not recognize March 8 and on this day he bought flowers only for his mother, whose birthday coincided with this holiday.

Vitaly Solomin with his wife Maria and daughter Elizabeth

He was not a sentimental person, Vitaly Solomin. And he never showed his feelings towards his wife in public. But one day, when she had an operation, her daughter found him at the window in tears. He loved his Mashenka over the years. He was grateful to her for the feminine wisdom and boundless patience that preserved their marriage. And every day he thanked fate for meeting this amazing woman.

The pain of loss

Vitaly Solomin with his wife and children

Vitaly Solomin was jealous of Andrei Mironov, who died right on the stage, and as if he had predicted his own fate. He played in the play "Krechinsky's Wedding", when suddenly his tongue began to twist, his left arm and leg stopped obeying. Vitaly Solomin finished the first act, but as soon as the curtain closed, he lost consciousness. An ambulance took him to the Sklifosofsky Institute. The family lived with hope for a whole month. They believed and prayed for his health. But even the operation could not bring him back to life. On May 27, 2002, the great actor left. Maria could not find the strength to live on without her beloved. And then he began to dream of her, as if he had come to console her …

Vitaly Solomin with Cocker Spaniel Roma

Their happiness was not simple and cloudless. They were almost scattered in different directions by an ocean of passions. But having passed all the tests with dignity, they continued to love each other ardently and passionately, as in their youth. Everything superficial in their life has disappeared over time. Only love remained.

Vitaly and Maria remained together until the death of the actor separated them. Yves Montand and Simone Kaminker also remained together until the end, but only in eternity were they able to melt their grievances.

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