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Why the judgment of King Solomon was considered the fairest in the world, and he himself was considered an inveterate sinner
Why the judgment of King Solomon was considered the fairest in the world, and he himself was considered an inveterate sinner
Solomon's judgment. (1710). Author: Louis Boulogne Jr

We often hear the phrase - "Solomon's decision", which has become a catch phrase. From time immemorial, an image has reached our days King Solomon as a character in many legends and parables. In all legends, he acts as the wisest of people and a just judge, famous for his cunning. However, there are still controversies among historians: some believe that the son of David actually lived, others are sure that a wise ruler is a biblical falsification.

Solomon. (15th century). Author: Justus van Gent

However, not only the Holy Scripture is the main source of information about the life and reign of Solomon - the third Jewish king, the ruler of the united kingdom of Israel during its highest prosperity, namely the 10th century BC. In addition, his name is mentioned in the writings of some authors of antiquity.

Solomon is the third Jewish king, the ruler of the united kingdom of Israel

And besides, Solomon is an integral character of both Christian and Islamic religions, leaving a deep mark on the culture of different nations. Shlomo, Solomon, Suleiman - this name in its various sounds is known not only to every Jew, Christian and Muslim, it is familiar to almost everyone, even those far from religion. Since this image has always attracted writers and poets, artists and sculptors, who praised his wisdom and justice in their works and brought the life story of this amazing person to the present day.

King David. Author: Gvechino

Solomon was the youngest son of King David, who before accession to the throne was a simple soldier under King of Seoul. But showing himself trustworthy, courageous and resourceful, he became the second Jewish king. And the mother was the beautiful Bathsheba, who at first glance conquered the king with her beauty. For her sake, David committed a great sin, for which he paid all his life: he took possession of her, and then sent her husband to the certain death in order to take Bathsheba as his wife.

Bathsheba. (1832). Tretyakov Gallery. Author: Karl Bryullov

King David died at the age of 70, passing the throne to Solomon, although he was one of his younger sons. But this was the will of the Most High.

King David hands over the scepter to Solomon. Author: Cornelis de Vos

Often, fantastic qualities were attributed to Solomon: understanding of the language of animals, power over the jinn. Scenes from the life and deeds of Solomon are found in miniatures of still Byzantine manuscripts, in stained glass windows and sculptures of medieval temples, on paintings, as well as in the works of writers.

Everything passes

Although the great King Solomon possessed great wisdom and cunning, his life was not calm. Rumor has it that the king wore a magic ring, which in the storms of life brought him into balance and acted as an elixir to heal wounds. The inscription was carved on the ring: "Everything passes …", which had a continuation from the inside: "This will pass too."

Solomon's ring

Especially many legends have survived about his amazing witty decisions in various court cases. He always found a clever way out of a difficult or delicate situation. The Old Testament describes the event that formed the basis of the parable of a wise judge and a mother who was ready to give her own child just to keep him alive.

Solomon's judgment - righteous, wise judgment

King Solomon's judgment. (1854). Author: Nikolay Ge

Once, two women came to King Solomon for advice, asking them to resolve their dispute. One of them said that they live in the same house, and that they had a baby each, which both had recently given birth to.And last night, a neighbor in a dream accidentally crushed her child and shifted the dead to her, and took her living son to her and now passes him off as her own. And that now this woman refutes this accusation and claims that the living child belongs to her. And while one was telling this story, the other was trying to prove in an argument that the child was really hers.

Solomon's judgment. (1710). Author: Louis Boulogne Jr

Having listened to both of them, King Solomon ordered to bring a sword, which was immediately done. Without a moment's hesitation, King Solomon said: One of the women, hearing his words, changed her face and prayed: The other, on the contrary, agreed with the king's decision: - she said resolutely.

Slomon's trial. (1854) Novgorod State Museum. Author: K. Flavitsky

Immediately King Solomon said: Of course, the wise king did not even think to destroy the baby, but in such a cunning way he found out which of the two was telling a lie.

Solomon always put justice in his decisions in any dispute. Actually, it went from Solomon that the main figure of any court is the judge, and it is he who must determine the degree of guilt and punishment for the triumph of truth.

The rules of life of the great king Solomon. Wisdom proven over the centuries

King Solomon in his advanced years. Author: Gustave Dore

To all the benefactors of King Solomon, he was also the author of a source of poetic skill - the book "Song of Songs" and a collection of philosophical reflections - "The Book of Ecclesiastes." In a modern interpretation, Solomon's rules, verified by wisdom, look like this:

The Sin of King Solomon

Idolatry of Solomon. (1668). Author: Giovanni Pissaro

However, as the saying goes, “there is a hole in the old woman” … According to the Bible, Solomon was very loving and had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines. And in his declining years it happened that Solomon, to please one of his beloved wives, built a pagan altar and several temples in Jerusalem, thereby violating the vow made to God - to serve him faithfully.

King Solomon offers sacrifice to idols (17th century). Author: Sebastian Bourdon

It was this vow that was the guarantee of the wisdom, wealth and glory of Solomon. The anger of the Almighty reflected on the well-being of the united kingdom, and soon after the death of the 52-year-old king, an economic and political crisis began, after which the country fell into two parts.

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