"Save and Preserve": a provocative Easter collection of golden iPhones
"Save and Preserve": a provocative Easter collection of golden iPhones
Easter collection of golden iPhones

For those who celebrate Easter and Christmas, as well as other religious holidays, are not enough to convince others of serious devotion to their faith, there are additional attributes designed to declare deep religiosity to the whole world. Of course, you can wear a cross around your neck, or you can buy a luxury gold-encrusted iPhone 7s, on which Orthodox symbols and even prayers are applied.

iPhone Trinity

It is difficult to judge whether this is good or bad, but it should be remembered that such a product exists only because there is a demand. On the one hand, Jesus himself lived poorly and urged not to succumb to the pernicious influence of power and luxury, but on the other hand, as indicated on the manufacturer's website, “the design of the phone pays homage to this cultural phenomenon [Orthodox prayer] and embodies in its magnificent image a high idea triumphs of faith."

iPhone Saint Nicholas the Pleasant

The idea to produce gold iPhones with symbols of the Orthodox faith belongs to the Caviar company, which specializes in services for the sale of precious phones in Russia. Such smartphones are certainly not cheap (the price varies from 189,000 to 219,000 rubles), since they are clothed in a body made of very expensive materials and produced in a strictly limited edition. The company united the entire collection under the common name Caviar Credo, and it includes iPhones and smart watches "Save and Preserve," "Our Father," "Source," "Trinity," "St. Nicholas," and also a special iPhone for Muslims "Mekka Oro."

Easter iPhones inlaid with gold

A couple of years ago, the same company already alarmed the public when it released a rather pretentious gold iPhone with a portrait of Putin. The new collection with gold crosses, icons and prayers is also controversial. "Keeping in themselves the great centuries-old wisdom, they [phones] not only captivate the eye, but also remind of the main values ​​in life. Unique designs dedicated to Orthodoxy and Islam are presented on the innovative iPhone 7 smartphones," the collection's description on the website says. Well, it's everyone's right to decide how to deal with such things.

iPhone with a prayer Our Father iPhone for Muslims Mekka Oro Gold smart watch

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