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15 mystical and alluring places in India that are worth seeing at least once, even for the uninitiated
15 mystical and alluring places in India that are worth seeing at least once, even for the uninitiated

There are a lot of places that attract and scare at the same time in India. The endlessly beautiful nature and the ancient history of this country, rooted in the depths of centuries … To visit India and not to visit the most famous places for its mysticism is just a crime! The age-old secrets of abandoned cities and fortresses, where captivating mysteries are hidden and potential danger tickles your nerves. So, here is a list of places in India that are beautiful, mysterious and alluring. Only, attention, only incredible curiosity and courage serve as a pass here.

1. Jatinga Valley, Assam

Jatinga Valley

Outwardly, the Jatinga Valley is no different from hundreds of others in the mountains of the Indian state of Assam. In the middle of it is a village, where ordinary rural life is leisurely going, where nothing has changed for centuries. This place comes alive only once a year. There is an inexplicable phenomenon called "The Night of Falling Birds".

This happens at the end of the summer. Bonfires are lit in the village square. Closer to night, huge flocks of birds appear. They circle so low that you can reach it with your hand. The birds just fall dead to the ground. Residents can only pick up the prey sent from the sky, pluck and roast over the fire for a festive meal. This lasts up to three nights and has been repeated for several decades. Locals believe that this is a gift from the gods for their righteousness.

2. College of Science of Hyderabad

College of Science of Hyderabad

There was a serious flu outbreak in college one day. Students died in droves. Because of this, one of the rooms in the main building was designated as a temporary morgue. The doors to the room were painted red to keep other people out and to avoid contamination. The doors were repainted when the epidemic ended, but the red color shines through, no matter how many layers of paint there were.

3. Dumas Beach, Surat, Gujarat

Dumas Beach

Who doesn't love hearing stories that have a hint of drama, thrills, and hundreds of ghosts? One such story is associated with Dumas Beach in Gujarat. It is equally realistic and addictive. One of the most popular sights of Surat. Hordes of tourists visit this beach every day. Only when it starts to get dark, everyone rushes to leave this place.

The mystical shade of the beach is given not only by its history, but also by the fact that the sand there is black. The fact is that Dumas beach was once used as a Hindu burial ground. Locals say that the sand took on its color due to the huge amount of ash formed when the dead were burned. It is rumored that those who stayed here overnight then disappeared without a trace. This does not frighten tourists at all, but rather the opposite.

4. Church of the Three Kings, Goa

Church of the Three Kings, Goa

It is located near the village of Kalsinum, on the Guleim hill, in Goa. The church is known for the fact that every year on January 6, the feast of the Three Kings is celebrated here. Anyone can take part. It offers breathtaking views of the surrounding green areas and the Arabian Sea. Here you can enjoy the silence and incredibly beautiful nature.

Rumor has it that ghosts live in this church. There is a legend that three Portuguese kings lived in Goa, who fought among themselves for power in the country.They were tied together by certain political and diplomatic obligations. Once one of them invited two others here and poisoned them. Subsequently, he himself lost power and was forced to commit suicide. Such a historical drama is preserved in this mysterious and amazingly beautiful place.

5. Kuldhara, Rajasthan

Kuldhara, Rajasthan

In Rajasthan, near the border with Pakistan, there is a mysterious abandoned village. It is called Kuldhara. Two centuries ago, all of its inhabitants mysteriously disappeared. Locals believe that this place is cursed. This is a ghost village where no one wants to live. Few find the courage to visit this ominous place, and even fewer among them would dare to stay overnight in a cursed haunted village.

6. Tunnel No. 103, Shimla

Tunnel No. 103, Shimla

This tunnel is the very last in the direction of Shimla. Built in 1903, this engineering marvel is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the Darjeeling and Nilgiri mountain railways. This railway route is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the steepest climb at an altitude of 96 kilometers.

The tunnel could not be completed on time and the engineer who was engaged in its construction was afraid of punishment and committed suicide. It is said that his ghost roams the tunnel and frightens passers-by.

7. Agrasen Ki Baoli, Delhi

Agrasen Ki Baoli, Delhi

There is no specific record of exactly when this stepped well was built. Historians believe that it was built during the Mahabharta period by a king named Maharaja Agrasen. The monument has more than a hundred steep steps with several carved arches. Tourists love to take selfies there. The place has gained notoriety due to the fact that often souls tired of life come here, wanting to settle accounts with life.

8. Kalpalli Cemetery, Bangalore

Kalpalli Cemetery, Bangalore

This cemetery is more intimidating than other graveyards. They say that here a certain person wanders around the graves, who disappears if you approach him. Visitors claim that the air here is so heavy that you can hardly breathe. In addition, they are constantly accompanied by a strange feeling that someone is watching them. Even local guards try not to walk here after sunset.

9. Fort Bhangarh, Rajasthan

Fort Bhangarh, Rajasthan

Among the historical sights of India, the Bhangar Fort, located in the state of Rajasthan, occupies a special place. The bad reputation of the old fort is so strong that a special sign is installed on the approach to the ruins, warning of the danger of these places. You cannot enter the territory of the fort from nightfall until dawn. Locals from ancient times read that a curse was imposed on these places.

According to one of the legends, the fort was cursed by the sorcerer Singh. He was in love without reciprocity with the princess who lived in the fortress. When he died, the war began. Everyone died in it, including the cold princess.

10. Doe Hill at Curson, Darjeeling

Doe Hill in Curson, Darjeeling

Courson, also known as the land of white orchids, is a small hilly station located in Darjeeling. Various unexplained accidents often occur here. Despite the beautiful forest, a disturbing feeling envelops here. Locals claim that mysterious noises are often heard in the corridors of the local Victoria Boys School. The lumberjacks say that they saw the ghost of a boy walking along the road, and then disappeared without a trace in the forest.

11. Bengal swamps

Bengal swamps

There are indeed quite a few strange rumors and legends about these famous places. The terrain here is practically impassable and dangerous, therefore it has been explored quite a bit. For many kilometers around there are swamps, where many people disappear every year. The area is adjacent to the Bay of Bengal, because fresh water is mixed with salty water here and is not suitable for drinking. Getting lost here is a death sentence. If you, nevertheless, decided to visit this pernicious place filled with mysticism and ghosts, then be extremely careful.

12. Lambi Dehar Mina, Mussoorie

Lambi Dehar Mina, Mussoorie

These mines were closed after five tens of thousands of workers died from an illness that caused a terrible cough. This was due to the terrible conditions in which they worked. Locals believe that the miners died because of the curse of the witch who lived here, and they disturbed her.

13. Tower of Silence, Mumbai

Tower of Silence, Mumbai

The Tower of Silence is a burial ground. According to custom, when a local dies, the body is brought to the tower of silence and laid out in the open to feed the scavengers. The uppermost row against the wall is for male bodies, the middle row for women, and the lowest row for children. The bodies are thrown here until they are completely dry.

14. Malha Mahal, New Delhi

Malha Mahal, New Delhi

The monument, located in the forest not far from the Buddha's garden, is avoided by both locals and travelers. This is due to the strange events associated with the sudden appearance of ghost hounds. This place smells of sadness, tragedy and mystery. The last resident passed away in 2016 after spending more than thirty years of hermitage.

15. Fernhill Hotel, Ooty

Fernhill Hotel, Ooty

Once the guests heard a noise over their room. They complained to the administrator, but it turned out that no one lived upstairs. Subsequently, similar complaints about strange noises came so often that the hotel was forced to close.

India is a wonderful country where wonderful nature coexists with mystical riddles and secrets. It is definitely worth enjoying the splendor of its sights and immersing yourself in its incredibly ancient history.

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