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20 mystical places in Russia, covered with legends and mysteries
20 mystical places in Russia, covered with legends and mysteries
Mystical places of Russia

It is always pleasant to be in the lap of nature, admire a beautiful panorama from a mountain peak, or settle down in a cozy forest clearing. But there are also places where a person is trapped by something that not everyone is ready to face. In our review there are 20 mystical places in Russia that attract travelers with their otherworldly power.

1. Patriarch's Ponds, Moscow

Legends about the appearance of the devil to people arose when the place was still called "Three ponds"

2. Besov Nose, Karelia

It is famous for its petroglyphs, which date back to about the 3rd millennium BC. e., the most famous of them - 2, 3-meter "Bes", which gave the name to the cape

3. Sami labyrinths, Karelia

Labyrinths were erected on burial grounds so that the soul of the deceased could not leave its resting place

4. Whale Alley, Chukotka

for the construction of the Whale Alley, the bones of 50 bowhead whales were used, which were dug in opposite each other, the height of each was about 5 meters

5. Kashkulak cave, Khakassia

Used by local shamans as a ritual hall, the walls of the Temple grotto are still covered in soot from numerous sacrifices

6. Teletskoye lake, Altai

Even in winter it does not freeze to the end, there is a legend about the "forest of the dead" at the bottom of the lake

7. Vasyugan swamps, Western Siberia

Locals willingly tell legends that these swamps were created by a devil who tried to hide the Earth from God

8. Mount Holatchakhl, Ural

The mountain gained fame because of a terrible incident in 1959, when a group of ski tourists died on an unnamed pass, the circumstances of their death are still unknown

9. Menhirs, Khakassia

The Khakass giants are located in anomalous terrain, directly above the tectonic faults of the earth's crust

10. Cape Ryty, Eastern Siberia

There is a legend that because of the strife of the three tribes in this place, an angry spirit lowered a mudflow on them

11. Pleshcheyevo lake, Pereyaslavl-Zalessky

Here is the Blue Stone - a ritual pagan object, it is recorded that the stone moved from place to place several times

12. Lake Svetloyar, Nizhny Novgorod region

They say that from under the water you can hear bell chimes and sounds similar to the chirping of birds and the barking of dogs

13. Mount Vottovaara, Karelia

At the top of Vottovaara there are about 1600 seid stones, laid in a certain mysterious order, on which the Sami laid offerings to local spirits

14. Dancing forest, Kaliningrad region

The famous "drunk" or "dancing" pine forest is located in the Curonian Spit National Park in the Kaliningrad region

15. Lake Shaitan, Kirov region

Allegedly, a demon lives here at the bottom, and what happens to the lake is the result of the anger of an otherworldly creature

16. Dolmens, Western Caucasus

Many people experience mood swings when they are near dolmens, the causes of these anomalies are also unknown

17. Arkaim, Chelyabinsk region

Arkaim is one of the fortified settlements of the Southern Urals - the "country of cities"

18. Ukok Plateau, Altai Territory

Local residents still consider the Ukok plateau a sacred place, only ritual activities are allowed on the plateau

19. Nevyanskaya tower, Nevyansk

The tower is surrounded by many historical secrets

20. Molebsky Triangle, Perm Territory

A change in the course of time is very often observed here, objects can hover above the ground, and then fall again, people hear different sounds

Look no less mysterious fantastic landscapes of ghost villagesdemonstrating the domination of nature over man.

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