Funny photos of rodents that confirm that "nothing human is alien to them"
Funny photos of rodents that confirm that "nothing human is alien to them"

Julian Red from Austria has been photographing wildlife for many years. Some of his funny pictures of hamsters, squirrels and other forest and meadow animals became known all over the world and you probably met on the Internet. Looking at them, I just want to exclaim: "Mi-mi-mi!" or something like that. After all, Julian manages to capture the animals in such touching and funny situations that it seems as if they are not animals at all, but little people. The heroes of his photographs laugh, worry, love, take offense, rejoice - at least that is how we see them in photographs.

By the way, five years ago, Julian Red received an award at the famous Comedy Wildlife Photography Award, where funny photographs of wildlife dwellers taken in different parts of the world were evaluated. Julian received a high award for a snapshot of a running hamster. The Austrian named his photograph "Rush Hour".

A photo of a hurrying hamster won a prestigious competition

We are all concerned about politics, coronavirus, financial situation and family problems, forgetting that on the same planet with us, in the wild, our smaller brothers live, whose peace is no less important. And it is very useful to once again forget about your problems and look at the daily life of these small and touching creatures. A gopher who likes to sniff a flower, a “laughing” fox or a hamster who worries about his companion trying to get a berry - each Julian's photo is a separate story, full of vivid emotions and strong emotions. One can only guess how many hours he had to and he has to sit "in ambush" to catch a good shot.

Let's take a look at some funny footage and get some fantasy! For example, this squirrel is a direct living embodiment of the Ice Age hero Scrat, who is ready to rush for a coveted acorn anywhere. Or maybe, on the contrary, the cartoon character was written with such a red-haired beauty trying to get a nut?

Chasing a nut

In another photo, the animal is clearly guessing on a flower: "Loves, does not love." The rodent is so focused that it seems to not notice anything around. Even the fact that it is being filmed.

Fortune telling on a flower

As for the squirrel and the snowman, everything is clear here: the fluffy beauty was nothing but blinded to her comrade. Only now it is not clear how she could allow a delicious carrot to serve as his nose? However, the squirrel has already doubted the success of this idea …

Difficult relationship with a snowman

And this animal is so surprised and amazed at something incredible that it seems as if the greatest idea that will turn the whole world has just dawned on him.


Another winter photo is incredibly effective. A beautiful fox and flakes of the first snow flying from the sky - what could be nicer? It's a ready-made Christmas card!

This is an incredibly cute photo

Julian also has the most romantic shot. Have you ever seen a rodent in nature with a bouquet of wildflowers? A photographer from Austria gave us this opportunity. Of course, this is not really a bouquet, but a sprig of daisies, but only a person devoid of imagination can say that. You can even fantasize who this touching gift is intended for.

Romantic bouquet

Well, this wild fox is clearly laughing at some very funny joke, understandable only to her alone. Perhaps she would have shared it with us if she knew how to speak and know that the all-seeing eye of Julian's lens is watching her.However, her smile is so infectious that we can already laugh at the sight of her alone.

Adorable fox

Among the shots of Judian Red there is even a frame that captures the moment of a duel between two rodents. It seems that each of them has been studying martial arts for more than one year. I wonder why they decided to fight and who will win?

Kung Fu Rodents?

The hamster and the dandelion are another story. Something very intimate. Does the animal make a wish or is it just blowing on the flower and admiring the flying parachutes? The viewer can put forward their own version.

Hamster and dandelion

Everyone knows that in the wild, animals have mutual assistance. But sometimes you can support a friend and morally. This is demonstrated by a funny shot of a couple of rodents who decided to feast on a blackberry.

Getting berries is not easy. Sometimes you need to jump very high

Yes, no matter how much some scientists say that the sense of humor is not available to animals, and if you look at some of our smaller brothers, it seems that they deliberately arrange a clowning. Take at least a dog who spoils group photos of his family.… This tailed guy is clearly not without a sense of humor.

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