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20 funny and soulful wedding thoughts of ordinary people who have a successful or not so successful marriage
20 funny and soulful wedding thoughts of ordinary people who have a successful or not so successful marriage

The belief that a wedding day is the best day in life is still alive today. The best proof of this is the endless stories of how people want everything to be perfect and spoil everything with the same. There are couples who have spent their entire lives together. There are those who believe that they made a mistake in choosing a partner and survived a divorce. But what happens between the sacramental yes and the day it ends? Married life is full of all kinds of customs and strange things that are said to be "the way it should be." Further, the "deep" thoughts of people who have experienced both a successful and not very successful marriage.

Online users are very active in sharing their opinions on issues such as weddings, marriage and relationships. How often does a wedding overshadow everything and it seems that what will happen next is not so important? “The happiest day of your life” may actually be, but does that mean that a truly happy life will follow?

Often people are even ready to go into debt, just to celebrate this day properly

1. Is the wedding the main thing?

People are so focused on their wedding that they forget that there will be a real marriage later.

“Life is full of surprises and disappointments. Only the naive can expect only joy and pleasure from marriage. They are the ones who will not be able to withstand the sudden onslaught of life's trials."

Bauyrzhan Momyshuly

2. Shopping pleasure can be mutual

The one who came up with the tradition of not seeing the bride in a wedding dress saved countless husbands everywhere from the torture of choosing a dress for hours. He will forever remain a hero in the grateful hearts of all men in the world.

It's a good tradition

3. Interesting legal proposal

The marriage certificate must have an expiration date like a driver's license. So people just might not want to renew their relationship instead of going through a long and tedious divorce process.

Fresh thought

4. Is marriage a utopia?

The fact that the first person they suspect after the murder is a spouse … That's all, according to some, what you need to know about marriage.

5. Less experience - more useful

Marriage is one of the few things in which people consider someone an expert if they have done it successfully only once.

Marriage is the only activity in life in which people are actively looking for a partner without experience.

6. Why buy wedding dresses and rent tuxedos?

It's really strange. A tuxedo can be worn at a variety of special occasions. Wedding dress just once. The usefulness of each is such that it should be the other way around. Where is the logic?

In fact, dresses are also rented. But less often

7. Best friend

Being happily married is like spending the night with your best friend every night for the rest of your days.

It's fun

8. A way to be taken by surprise?

Marriage proposals are a weird thing. The proposer has had ample time to ponder whether he wants to spend the rest of his life with someone. The candidate is forced to make a fateful decision in a split second.

Although, in most cases, the answer is known in advance

9. And again the thought that the wedding is not the main thing

Given the divorce rate, it would be better if people spent less money on weddings and more money on marriage counseling.

Good idea

10. Discrimination

Marriage is positioned as the beginning of a woman's life, but the end of a man's life.

11. A funeral is better than a wedding

Attending a wedding is worse than a funeral. At least at a funeral you don't have to pretend you're happy to be there.

This is especially true if you are a bride or groom

12. Tests are fuel for relationships

Marriage is like the wind blowing on fire. If the relationship is weak, built only on love and passion, they will go out like a candle from the slightest breath. If the relationship is strong, like a fire, the air will give oxygen to the fire, and it will only burn more strongly.

The main thing is not to burn out in this flame

13. "And only death will part us" …

A successful marriage ends with the death of another person.

If your spouse dies, your marriage is considered successful.

14. Truth in life

Airports and train stations have seen more heartfelt kisses than wedding halls.

15. The weather doesn't matter, but still …

Rain is not scary

Whoever said that rain on your wedding day was good luck was just trying to calm the worried bride.

16. Interesting thought

Saying yes on your wedding day means saying no to 7.53 billion people.

17. Good comparison

An unhappy marriage is as if you were visited by a person who is endlessly bored, but does not leave anywhere.

That's putting it mildly

18. There are things that are more permanent

We say marriage is forever, but divorce is definitely forever.

19. Is it bad to live for a long time?

Marriage was more attractive when life expectancy was only 35 years.

Quite a controversial statement in fact

20. Bitter irony or a ray of hope

A marriage proposal is just one knee away from begging.

In fact, not everyone kneels

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