A traveler takes photographs of the interiors of famous temples in the world, similar to a kaleidoscope
A traveler takes photographs of the interiors of famous temples in the world, similar to a kaleidoscope
Detail of a vertical panoramic photograph taken in the Church of St. Monica

The most famous temples in the world, as a rule, amaze with their architecture, and their photos can be viewed endlessly. However, even the most perfect things, someone will undertake to improve. For example, there was a daredevil photographer who invited the society to look at the masterpieces of architecture from a different angle. Richard Silver is a photographer with a unique style of capturing famous buildings: he captures temples from the inside in such a way that something incredible looks like kaleidoscope patterns.

An impressive view of the entire internal structure of the building can be accommodated in one photo. Each image is constructed using 6 to 10 photographic slices, which Richard combines to create a vertical panorama that allows you to appreciate both the design and the interior of the temple.

Church of St. Stephen and Church of St. Paul the Apostle

Richard was born and raised in New York. Until 2011, he worked in the field of computer science and real estate, after which he became seriously interested in photography. A born traveler, during his life he visited 93 countries and more than 350 cities. Richard's love of travel has provided him with the ability to film a wide variety of cities and cultures. He loves iconic architecture - both ancient and modern, and is always in a hurry to capture beautiful temples and churches in every new city he visits.

As a photographer, Silver managed to visit many churches in the world, but until recently he could not figure out how to capture all the beauty of their interior in one image. Finally, he managed to come up with a suitable method. “You have to find the perfect spot in the center aisle of the temple, and then shoot vertically from the pew to the back of the church, which gives a perspective that only this style of architecture can depict,” says Silver.

Temple of St. Andreas in Dusseldorf

In the Vertical Churches project, the photographer captured the "insides" of many famous temples, such as the Serbian Cathedral of St. Sava, the churches of St. Vincent Ferrer and St. Francis Xavier in New York, the temples of St. Matthias in Budapest and St. Andreas in Düsseldorf.

Temple of St. Francis Xavier in New York

In addition to the vertical panorama, Richard loves to use techniques such as shear and tilt and time slice (slit photography), which allows us to present our everyday world in a changed visual context.

Stunning photos of temples that make your head spin

Richard's work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, including the Skyscraper Museum and the Krause Gallery in New York, the Design Museum in Zurich. His photographs were published by National Geographic Traveler, TimeOut NY, Cartier and other authoritative publications.

Church of St. Vincent Ferrer Ceiling of a cathedral in Mumbai. Fragment of a vertical panoramic photograph Works by a New York photographer at a festival in Italy

This fall, Richard Silver's "church photographs" were presented at the PhEST 2019 photo festival in Italy. “I became one of 13 photographers in the world to receive this honor,” he said.

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