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Yuri Antonov: Three wives and favorite pets of the first Soviet millionaire from show business
Yuri Antonov: Three wives and favorite pets of the first Soviet millionaire from show business
Yuri Antonov

The popularity of Yuri Antonov in Soviet times was at such a level that no one could surpass him. From the outside, it seemed that Yuri Antonov was a real darling of fate: he officially earned about 15 thousand a month with an average salary in the country barely exceeding 100 rubles. He diligently avoids answering questions about his personal life, abruptly interrupts journalists trying to find out why the singer, who was married three times and has two children, prefers to live surrounded by his pets.

The blue-eyed and fair-haired handsome Yuri Antonov has always been popular with girls, even at a time when his name was not yet known. Each of his three wives contributed to the composer's loneliness.

First wife Anastasia

Yuri Antonov in his youth

At 23, Yuri Antonov moved from Minsk to Leningrad to work in the popular VIA "Singing Guitars". Soon after moving, he meets a girl. She was Jewish by nationality and dreamed only of how she would go to America to live.

Yuri fell in love and completely shared her aspirations. They got married and began to prepare travel documents. They are inspired by their love and have plans for their future life overseas. Surprisingly, permission to leave Yuri Antonov and his wife was given quickly enough. Everything was already ready, plane tickets were bought, but at the last moment the composer began to doubt.

Yuri Antonov

Something prevented him from just leaving his country. And the parents tried to persuade their son to stay. As a result, Anastasia flew to America alone.

Irina Bezladnova

Irina Bezladnova

The performer was sad alone for a very short time. Soon he met the Leningrad poet Irina Bezladnova. The blonde beauty with huge eyes captivated Antonov. They were not married, but the girl played a very important role in the composer's life.

True, the singer did not have money for beautiful courtship at that time, but they walked a lot together, sometimes going to inexpensive cafes. At the same time, Yuri Antonov always hummed or whistled some melodies. They just poured out of him. One of them interested the poetess, she decided to ask what kind of music it was. It turned out to be a tune that had just been born in his head. Irina offered to write poetry for him.

Irina Bezladnova today

She sat over the text all night, and the next day she brought Antonov two verses of the song "You are no more beautiful for me." In the original text, Yuri changed only one word, and later, on the train, Mikhail Belyakov added the third verse. It was this song that became the first hit of Yuri Antonov.

Their romance somehow quickly ended, the girl got married, left with her husband abroad. The composer, it seems, does not even remember his relationship with Irina.

Yuri Antonov

He became popular very quickly, every song he wrote became a hit. His official fees brought him a very good income. His savings book received royalties from 13 to 15 thousand rubles a month. Yuri Antonov later became the first Soviet millionaire from show business.

Second wife Miroslav Bobanovich

Yuri Antonov

In 1980, Yuri Antonov fell in love again, with the young Yugoslavian Miroslava Bobanovich. They were introduced by a mutual friend during Mira's short stay in the Soviet Union.She lived in Zagreb and won the heart of a successful composer by that time literally at first sight.

This time he firmly decided to leave the country with the bride. He was persuaded to refuse marriage with a foreign woman, he was summoned to the top management, but Yuri was implacable.

Yuri Antonov

On the way to the embassy, ​​a truck crashed into the car with the bride and groom. But the perseverance of the star can only be envied. After receiving injuries, with many fractures, on crutches, he went to the registry office. The bride received multiple bruises, but the lovers signed, in spite of all the injuries. And they left for Yugoslavia.

Their honeymoon lasted all summer, and after that Yuri Antonov got bored. And he went back to the USSR. For several more years he flew to Yugoslavia to see his Miroslava. But she refused to move to the Union. Living together at a distance was just an illusion of the family, Yuri and Miroslava divorced.

Third wife Anna and children

Yuri Antonov with his daughter Lyudmila

Nothing is known about the singer's third wife, except that she lives in Paris. Antonov categorically refuses to talk about her and about their joint daughter Lyudmila, who lives with her mother.

Likewise, the composer does not answer questions about his illegitimate son Mikhail. He simply interrupts journalists trying to develop the topic of his relationship with children.

Cats, fish, dogs

Yuri Antonov

In a huge house built by the composer near Moscow, his sister Zhanna and nephew Yuri live with Yuri Antonov.

And there are many more animals for which just ideal conditions have been created. Cats, dogs, fish, birds - they all have a place in his estate and in his heart. Yuri Mikhailovich believes that cats are very similar in their behavior to women. They also rub all the time and ask: "Give!"

Yuri Antonov

In the lower part of the house there is a luxurious studio equipped with the best instruments. But the one with whom he could be close, as in the song "Twenty Years Later", Yuri Antonov never met. He knows: there is true love in the world, but he was not lucky enough to meet her.

Yuri Antonov's colleague, the composer, was much more fortunate in life: he met his love in his youth.

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