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8 Russian stars who took and raised adopted children
8 Russian stars who took and raised adopted children

Now everyone knows about surrogacy and IVF, and twenty years ago one could only dream of such technical advances in medicine. Even with a well-known name and money, childless celebrities had to apply for adoption. Now the good deed has borne fruit - the adopted children have grown up and become a joy for their new parents. Let's remember the Russian stars who took the time between concerts and filming to bring up the kids, and gave them love and care.

Tatiana Ovsienko

Tatiana Ovsienko with her son Igor

Popular singer Tatyana Ovsienko has always been partial to children, but she could not give birth to her own children. Once in an orphanage, she saw a two-year-old baby who was enthusiastically examining a book. The boy had a complex heart defect and soon he could die, so there were no people willing to adopt him. Tatiana sponsored the operation, and this helped little Igor to survive and restore his health in the future. In 1999, Ovsienko, together with her husband Vladimir Dubovitsky, formalized guardianship. Even after her divorce from her husband, Tatyana did not abandon the child and was able to raise and educate him on her own. Igor Dubovitsky now lives in the United States. He became a grown man and gave his foster mother a grandson, Alexander. As Tatyana says, Igor and Sasha are the most important people in her life.

Sergey Zverev

Sergey Zverev with his son

Despite the fact that Sergei Sergeevich Zverev is incredibly similar to his father, nevertheless, he is an adopted child. In 1996, the stylist and world champion in hairdressing adopted a three-year-old baby, whom he found in the Irkutsk boarding school. As he later recalled, there he was simply horrified by the living conditions of practically useless children: wooden beds were bitten, but not by animals, but by children, since they were practically not fed. The shocked celebrity literally "grabbed this boy and ran out." He was able to give the child a luxurious home, love and care.

For a long time, Zverev Jr. did not know about his origin. For him, the legend was supported that he was born from the common-law wife of a star who died in a car accident. Growing up, Sergei was able to find old adoption documents. For many years, a warm relationship reigned in the Zverev family, but as he grew up, the son no longer accepted the lifestyle of the king of glamor. At the age of 20, Zverev Jr. left his home, got a regular job and got married. His father did not accept his choice.

Boris Galkin

Boris Galkin with his son

The honored artist and beloved by many actor married Elena Demidova, who had a 10-year-old son from a previous marriage. Boris Galkin adopted him, and now Vladislav Sukhachev has become Vladislav Galkin. The new father doted on the boy, raising him as his son. It was he who saw the talent of the child, and soon Vladislav played the role of Huckleberry Finn in the film adaptation of the work of the American writer Mark Twain. Subsequently, Boris Sergeevich did a lot to establish Vladislav's acting career. And when 38-year-old Galkin Jr. died under mysterious circumstances, it was he who organized an independent investigation into the death of his son. As the actor recalled, he "had an absolutely umbilical cord connection with Vlad."For a long time, the tragedy did not allow to live in peace, and only with the birth of his daughter, the elder Galkin's heart wound began to gradually heal.

Oleg Gazmanov

Oleg Gazmanov with his son Philip

In 1997, the famous singer, after 22 years of marriage, divorced his wife to marry Marina Muravyova. According to him, he simply did not want to cheat, as he seriously fell in love. His chosen one by that time was already married to the brother of the famous swindler Sergei Mavrodi. After the trial of the creators of the MMM pyramid, she divorced. However, the woman was already pregnant with a child from her former lover, and Oleg Gazmanov was already taking her from the hospital. The singer adopted little Philip and gave him not only his last name, but also his father's care.

Dmitry Malikov

Dmitry Malikov with his daughter Stephanie

Dmitry also fell in love. The 22-year-old singer met Elena Isakson, who was 7 years older than him. The woman has already acquired a little daughter. For some time, the lovers lived in a civil marriage, and only with the birth of their common daughter Stephanie, the couple decided to officially register the relationship. Dmitry did not make any distinctions in education between his own and adopted daughter. Both girls grew up smart and beautiful. In the summer of 2016, the matured Olga and her husband Jamal Khalilov had a daughter. However, soon the happy grandfather himself became a father again - in January 2018, thanks to the surrogate motherhood service, Dmitry and Elena Malikov became the parents of Mark's son.

Alexander Malinin

Alexander Malinin with his family

Alexander was married three times, having a son Nikita and a daughter Kira in his first two marriages. In his third marriage with Emma Zalukaeva, he had another son - Anton, who was already raised by a new wife. This time the marriage with Emma turned out to be successful, the spouses have been living together for more than 30 years and do not make a difference in children according to the principle of "friend or foe". Today Anton already has children of his own. And the happy grandfather enjoys playing with them, not forgetting to post joint photos on his page in social networks.

Nikolay Rybnikov

Nikolay Rybnikov with his daughters

The couple Nikolai Rybnikov and Alla Larionova were rightfully considered by the audience to be one of the most beautiful and devoted married couples in Soviet cinema. However, few people knew that the eldest of their daughters was not at all the artist's half-daughter. Even before marriage, Alla Larionova had a stormy romantic relationship with actor Ivan Pereverzev. At first everything was fine, but only after becoming pregnant, Alla learned about the infidelity of her lover. For some time Ivan rushed between two women, until Larionova herself left him. Nikolai Rybnikov knew everything about the connection, who also had feelings for the beauty. He offered Larionova his hand and heart and vowed that the child born would never know who the real father was. He adopted the girl Alena and became a real father to her. Only in adolescence did Rybnikov's eldest daughter find out who her biological father was.

Yana Rudkovskaya

Yana Rudkovskaya

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya is a mother of four. And if the youngest Arseny and "Gnome Gnomycha" are known to all fans of the Plushenko-Rudkovskaya couple, then information about the elders appears less often in the media. Andrei, 20, and Nikolai, 19, are the children of billionaire Viktor Baturin. At the end of December 2011, the TV presenter publicly admitted that the eldest of the children was not her own at all. His mother is the second wife of a businessman, Yulia Saltovets. However, this did not in the least affect the relationship between Andrei and Yana. The producer has always treated the older boys the same way, making no distinction between them. Even at Andrei's school graduation, she burst into tears - her heart was so attached to her adopted son.

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