Closer than family: Famous mothers who raised adopted children
Closer than family: Famous mothers who raised adopted children
Tatyana Ovsienko and Natalya Belokhvostikova with adopted sons

Today, just like all other children, they prepare gifts for their mothers on March 8, and no one realizes that they did not have such an opportunity before. These children grew up in stellar families, but they know nothing about their real parents. Not every woman will take such a serious step, especially an artist whose life is spent traveling, filming and touring. However, among the stars there are mothers who have become closer to their adopted children than their relatives.

Tatiana Ovsienko and the Mirage group Singer with adopted son Igor

Singer Tatyana Ovsienko did not plan to adopt children until she heard from doctors that she could not become a mother. In 1999, she was on tour in Penza, and there she was invited to take part in a charity event at the Baby House. Tatiana's attention was attracted by a little boy who was sitting on the sidelines and was not having fun with other children. It turned out that he had a severe heart disease. His own mother abandoned him at birth. According to the doctors' forecasts, the boy had several weeks to live.

On the left is a singer with her son. Right - Ovsienko with his son, daughter-in-law and grandson Left - Tatiana Ovsienko with her grandson. On the right is the singer's adopted son and her grandson

The decision had to be made with lightning speed. Ovsienko found doctors who agreed to perform a complex operation on the boy, and after being discharged from the hospital, she could no longer part with him. The singer just called her husband and announced: "". At that time, the boy was 3 years old. At first, Tatyana was absolutely happy, but when her son reached a transitional age, problems began. For help, she turned to Vladimir Dubovitsky, with whom at that time she was already divorced. He lived in the United States and offered to take Igor there to study. Since then, he has lived in America, but regularly visits his mother in Russia.

Ekaterina Gradova in the film Seventeen Moments of Spring Actress Ekaterina Gradova with her daughter Maria Mironova, grandson and adopted son Alexei (top right)

The actress Ekaterina Gradova, known for her role as radio operator Kat in the film "Seventeen Moments of Spring", had an adult daughter - actress Maria Mironova, but at the age of 47 she decided to become a mother for the second time, this time for an adopted child. She was involved in charity work and often visited orphanages. Once Catherine saw a 2-year-old boy there, whom she decided to adopt. She was very worried about how her husband would react to such a decision, but he supported the idea of ​​his wife. It is interesting that they took the child from the same orphanage, from where in the 1970s. took children to the shooting of "Seventeen Moments of Spring". The adopted son of Gradova is the same age as her grandson Andrei.

Singer Margarita Sukhankina with adopted children Singer Margarita Sukhankina with adopted children

Ex-soloist popular in the 1980s. of the Mirage group Margarita Sukhankina reproached herself all her life for having missed her chance to become a mother in her youth. At the insistence of her husband, she had an abortion for a long time and repented of this act all her life. Several times she managed to get pregnant, but the singer could not bear the child. When the doctors left her no hope of having her children, she decided to adopt foster children. Once in the program "While everyone is at home" Sukhankina saw two orphans - a 4-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl, and realized that she had to become their mother. She went for Serezha and Leroy to another city and took them to her in Moscow. So Margarita Sukhankina became a mother at the age of 48. She does not get tired of repeating that she has finally found a sense of the fullness of life. The singer admits: "".

Actress Natalia Belokhvostikova with her family Actress with adopted son Kirill

Actress Natalya Belokhvostikova and her husband, director Vladimir Naumov, did not plan to adopt children - they already had an adult daughter. But in 2007 g.During a performance at a creative evening in an orphanage, the actress drew attention to a little boy who asked for a cross. Natalya told her husband about him, and the next time they came to this orphanage together. Unexpectedly for themselves, the 80-year-old spouse and his 65-year-old wife became adoptive parents of 3-year-old Kirill. Many condemned their decision to adopt a child at such a mature age, but they never regretted their choice. The actress admits: "".

Natalia Belokhvostikova with her adopted son and husband Actress Natalia Belokhvostikova with her family

Actress Irina Alferova raised four children: in addition to her own daughter Xenia, she became a mother for two children of her third husband, and after the death of her sister, for her nephew Alexander. Alferova said: "".

Irina Alferova with her husband, actor Sergei Martynov, and his children Anastasia and Sergei Actress Irina Alferova with her own daughter Ksenia

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