The fictional past and the mysterious present of Zhanna Aguzarova: What is known today about the queen of outrageous
The fictional past and the mysterious present of Zhanna Aguzarova: What is known today about the queen of outrageous

Although she has not appeared on the stage for quite some time, attention to her person has not waned to this day - Zhanna Aguzarova remains one of the most mysterious, interesting and shocking figures in domestic show business today. Almost no one knows what she really looks like and what she is doing now - the singer appears in public every time in a new image, does not give interviews and does not let anyone into her life. For a long time, nothing was known about her at all, but in recent years her relatives have shed light on some details of her biography, which had not been discussed before.

Singer in her youth

There are very few reliable facts about her, if only because she invented many events of her biography herself. It is difficult to find even true information about where she was born - either in the Tyumen region, or in the Novosibirsk region. She herself called different cities, and her mother claimed that she was born in Kazakhstan, and grew up in the Novosibirsk region. Her artistic abilities were manifested in her childhood, about which her mother told: "".

Singer in her youth

At the beginning of her career, she introduced herself as Ivanna Anders, the daughter of a foreign diplomat. As it turned out later, the singer lived on a fake passport: it contained the name Ivan, which she corrected to "Ivanna". When, during a police raid at a rock concert, which often happened then, Zhanna was arrested and found on her fake passport, sent first to Butyrka prison, and then to a psychiatrist for examination. After she was recognized as sane, the singer was sent to forced labor for logging near Tyumen. According to other information, she just spent some time with her mother.

Zhanna Aguzarova and the Bravo group Zhanna Aguzarova and the Bravo group

Zhanna Aguzarova became the first soloist of the Bravo group and made a splash on the stage from the very first performances. Her extraordinary vocals and manner of performance amazed even the musicians on the spot. The drummer of the group Pavel Kuzin recalled his first impression of her performance: "".

Zhanna Aguzarova and the Bravo group

In the 1980s. her hits thundered all over the country: "Yellow Shoes", "Wonderful Country", "I Believe", "Old Hotel", "Black Cat". It was simply impossible to present these songs in any other performance. The extravagant singer amazed the audience not only with her sonorous voice, but also with her shocking appearance - each of her new images was a real work of art. In those days, Zhanna Aguzarova was so successful that she was even called the third most popular Soviet singer after Alla Pugacheva and Sofia Rotaru.

Extravagant singer Zhanna Aguzarova One of the most extraordinary domestic singers

At the same time, she married oceanologist Ilya Kabatchenko, but their marriage soon fell apart - the outrageous singer was not accepted in the intelligent family of the young scientist. According to other sources, this marriage was fictitious and helped the artist stay in Moscow. Soon after that, Zhanna Aguzarova began an affair with her administrator and director Nick Poltoranin. He convinced her that it was time for her to pursue a solo career, and she left the Bravo group. After that, Aguzarova released a solo album and worked for some time at the Alla Pugacheva Theater.

Alla Pugacheva and Zhanna Aguzarova Zhanna Aguzarova and Nick Poltoranin

And in the early 1990s. Zhanna Aguzarova suddenly disappeared, which gave rise to a lot of rumors. Reporters in the press practiced wit, stating that the singer decided to return to her Mars.Someone suggested that she had to leave the stage after the conflict with the prima donna, someone claimed that she left the country. As it became known later, only the latter turned out to be true.

Zhanna Aguzarova

In the early 1990s. Nick Poltoranin and Zhanna Aguzarova went to conquer America. Very little is known about this period of her life. In the United States, she sang in restaurants, worked as a DJ, tried to record her music, but achieved popularity only in very narrow circles. Poltoranin acted in episodic roles and intended to stay in the United States forever, and Zhanna wanted to return to her homeland.

Zhanna Aguzarova

Recently, in an interview, Nick said: "". When the singer decided to return to her homeland, they parted.

Extravagant singer Zhanna Aguzarova Singer on stage

In the early 2000s. interest in her person has not weakened, and she herself willingly fueled him with statements that she communicates with the Martians via internal communication, and that Lady Gaga is her friend. The soloist of "Bravo" Valery Syutkin called her "a girl with a cannon wound in the head" and talked about how she once disrupted the group's concert, referring to a press conference on Mars.

One of the most extraordinary domestic singers One of the most extraordinary domestic singers

In recent years, she rarely appears in public and leads a very private lifestyle, although from time to time she performs at corporate parties and participates in various shows and concert programs. In 2015, she appeared in the program "Evening Urgant", in 2019 she took part in a concert dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Stas Namin's group "Flowers". In early 2020, she appeared in Maxim Galkin's show "Musicality". On the air, Aguzarova announced that she continues to write songs, however, her new albums have not appeared since 2003. According to journalists, the singer, who recently celebrated her 58th birthday, now lives in Moscow, but often visits Los Angeles, where she also has a place to live. She often goes on yoga tours in Bali, Tibet and Africa.

Zhanna Aguzarova in 2015 Singer in the show Evening Urgant, 2015

Her hits do not lose popularity today: "In my city" - the song of the most eccentric singer of the USSR Zhanna Aguzarova.

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