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14 weirdest and ugliest outfits for very big women that inspired the popular tick-tocker
14 weirdest and ugliest outfits for very big women that inspired the popular tick-tocker

Overweight women want and can look stylish and fashionable. There are many companies that produce plus-size clothing for ladies. Different brands understand beauty and fashion in their own way. Sometimes their collections look strange, to put it mildly. Hannah recently came across a clothing line on TikToker that she found so ridiculous that she released some funny videos on the topic. The woman criticized the ugly and inappropriate outfits for the fat ones to smithereens. This funny series has attracted about a million viewers from all over the world.

“Do you know all those videos where I make fun of completely ugly, inappropriate things for big people? Well, now is the time to add another brand to the blacklist. One should be held accountable for this."

Tiktokersha Hanna

1. Fashionable jeans?

When your feet need lampshades

“These pants are a crime against humanity, you can't say otherwise! Fu,”says Hannah.

2. Little black dress

The gentle embrace of two sailboats will take you into the nightlife…

"If you are a young mom taking her child to a club, this might be a great option for you." Commentators also did not lag behind in their ratings. Many wrote that they do not understand how money can buy it and that designers need to be forced to wear what they come up with.

3. When it's hot

For what?

"If you want to pay $ 35 for a pair of shorts that look like they've gone through a wood shredder, Fashion Nova will help you …"

On her page, Hannah covers many different topics, including self-love. She publishes motivational videos on the topic of getting rid of an eating disorder and eliminating the negative prejudices that are often associated with obesity. Her humor and positive outlook on life attract many users to her page.

4. Strange suit

It's hard to say what is the worst here

"If you want to look like you went through knee-deep mud to get to the shop, this bad is for you!"

5. Jumpsuit in the form of a credit card

Missing date and CVC code

"I can't even guess on what occasion you can put on such an outfit?"

Hannah says she still can't believe her TikTok account was suddenly so successful. “I made these videos when I was looking at Fashion Nova's marketing email one day. Things amazed me so much with their ridiculous appearance that I began to show them to my boyfriend. In doing so, I described how strange and ugly some of the garments were. He said that my comments were pretty funny and suggested that I upload the videos to TikTok."

6. Queen, but not unambiguous

The dress is nothing, but the inscription …

“I know it must be the word Queen, but you can't make me not read it like Queez. What is it? Who am I?"

Hannah tried to figure out the reasons for her Internet fame. She said that she was tired of watching many stores display such terrible collections for the full, but did not expect her cry from the heart to attract so much attention.

7. Bold dress

“As for me, this model is something between a sack of potatoes and a fishing net. Besides, how can you wear it so that it doesn't suddenly come apart and reveal everything?"

8. Controversial beauty

“If you've ever wanted to wear an inverted license plate mesh bodysuit … I have great news for you! Here it is!"

nine.Another jumpsuit

It looks like a superhero costume. He doesn't do anything, he just wants to look pretty

"If you can't even make this thing look good on a model, then I have no chance at all."

As a plus size woman, Hannah is often disappointed in her clothing choices. “Although my video was only about the Fashion Nova brand, I am disappointed with the current fashion. Especially the one that is presented in large sizes,”she said.

“Of course, I fully admit that I am not an authority on fashion, and my comments were based solely on my personal taste. The goal was to point out the odd design solutions for fat products offered by the brand. For example, inverted prints, highly weird color schemes and exorbitant prices for things that are just a scrap of fabric."

10. Pharaohs

Lots of photoshop and pharaohs

“As a large person and a Jewess, I feel that I can say with confidence: 'Let my people go.'

11. Universal outfit

Someone stole the curtains

“This thing is for large and normal sizes. I could only find a normal size model, but … anyway, most of all, in my opinion, it looks like a bedspread."

Hannah, of course, understands that the pandemic has caused serious damage to the plus-size clothing industry and beyond. Many companies went bankrupt, shops closed. In general, if you take a broader look at the fashion market, you can see that the higher costs of producing large size clothing discourage potential investors.

12. Is this second hand?

Even the model doesn't look happy

Hannah believes that investors are in vain. Market research by NPD found that sales of plus-size clothing in the United States alone are growing at nearly double the rate of growth for the overall apparel market. Economic publications note billions of dollars in profits in this area. The popularity of such products and the demand for them is only growing.

NPD estimates that 70 percent of women in the US are oversized. The UK has a similar rate. However, less than 20 percent of the garments are produced in these sizes. Consumers with large sizes are often faced with not only not very attractive designs, but also extremely poor quality of such garments. Therefore, whether the Fashion Nova brand is part of this problem or its solution is up to you to decide.

13. Wetsuit?

When the jailer's overalls met the cyclist's overalls. Jumpsuit = fashion

"I really think this outfit could be quite okay, but this font is just awful."

“Plus size women are constantly out of fashion, and shopping instead of pleasure becomes a real torment,” said Hannah. She says she often overpays huge amounts of money. After all, the choice of clothing in large sizes is very limited. The only available places in this regard are fashion boutiques or, on the contrary, stores with low-quality and even harmful goods.

14. Splendid

I'm a barbie girl in a barbie world

“If it were advertised as indoor clothing, it would be one thing. But with a trendy handbag to match and high heels? Where are you going to wear it, baby?"

Many greener options are extremely expensive. Very often, moreover, they look arrogant and very unflattering. Not to mention, many brands don't even bother to hire plus size models to showcase their clothes on their websites. Therefore, the search for beautiful clothes, or at least just a pleasant comfortable thing, sometimes turns into an unreasonably disappointing and demoralizing action.

Hannah emphasized that the ability to express yourself through your personal style is important for everyone - it builds confidence and self-esteem. “We all deserve to be able to find clothes in our size, our style, and our price range. Putting fat people in the position of beggars is unfair,”she said.

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