A Soviet play based on "The Lord of the Rings" was posted on YouTube, which was considered lost
A Soviet play based on "The Lord of the Rings" was posted on YouTube, which was considered lost
A Soviet play based on "The Lord of the Rings" was posted on YouTube, which was considered lost

A television show based on the first part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy by JRR Tolkien appeared on the YouTube channel. This film was shot in 1991 based on the book "Keepers" translated by Andrey Kistyakovsky and Vladimir Muravyov in two parts. But on the air it was shown only once, after which this production was considered lost.

The performance is remarkable, first of all, for its cast. Gandalf in this production was played by Viktor Kostetsky ("Star of Captivating Happiness", "Truffaldino from Bergamo", "Treasure Island"), Frodo - Valery Dyachenko ("National Security Agent"), Gollum - Victor Smirnov ("Liquidation"), Galadriel - Elena Nightingale ("Slave of Love", "You Never Dreamed of").

The author of the music for the play is Andrey "Dyusha" Romanov, ex-flutist of the "golden" line-up of the popular "Aquarium" group. He also became the storyteller. Later, the music he wrote for this production became the basis for the creation of a mini-album of his group "Trefoil". The play was directed by Natalya Serebryakova.

“Then suddenly this work of Tolkien appeared and Natalya Serebryakova invited artists who very often starred in the program“Tale after Tale.”Both Vadim Nikitin and Kostetsky. And we met with Georgy Shtil at work, and with Elena Solovey. her last works ", - said in an interview the performer of the role of Frodo Valery Dyachenko. Interestingly, shortly after filming this program, Nightingale emigrated to the United States.

According to Dyachenko, the entire film crew and actors enjoyed these shootings, although the conditions were, to put it mildly, “poor”. “For example, horsemen. There were only 4 horses, but 8 were needed. Therefore, they appeared in the frame twice. But on the other hand, everyone worked with enthusiasm,”said a participant in the production.

In conclusion, Dyachenko noted that although the technical capabilities are certainly outdated, the main thing is that the live eyes of the actors are visible, their joy from the performance in which they work. He expressed the hope that this performance corresponds to the spirit of Tolkien, and this is priceless for the audience.

An interesting fact: in the "dashing 90s" "The Hobbit" was planned to be reshomed again. We were preparing the release of a full-length large-scale cartoon entitled "Treasures under the Mountain" It was assumed that the project would combine puppetry and hand-drawn animation. Gandalf was supposed to be voiced by Nikolai Karachentsev, and Torin by actor Lev Borisov. But due to the collapse of the USSR, this project never took place. All that is left of it is the introduction, a 6-minute clip.

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