Classic men's suit: selection rules
Classic men's suit: selection rules
Classic men's suit: selection rules

In the wardrobe of the stronger sex, clothes of different styles must be present. So, a men's suit in a classic style is one of its varieties. Having dressed in such attire, you can attend a business event, wedding. Besides, classic men's suit well suited in any cases when you need to look respectable.

But in order for the "suit to fit well", you need to choose it correctly, otherwise you can look ridiculous.

Selection rules

Before buying this wardrobe item, you need to make sure that you have chosen the right model. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the following points:

  1. Completion of the model. Basically, the suits consist of trousers and a jacket. If the model is more solid, then there may still be a jacket in the package. In the case of a non-standard shape, it is better to select the elements separately. Well-known brands produce clothes in whole collections, for this reason, it will not be difficult to choose a jacket and trousers of the same color and from the same fabric.
    • The form. Classic trousers have a straight cut, but they can be more or less tight-fitting. At the same time, the main rule that must be observed: this element of the wardrobe should not hamper movement, it should be comfortable not only to walk, but also to sit in it. The length depends on the shoes that the man most often wears. The jacket can be either single-breasted or double-breasted. Modern style involves wearing both options.

  2. Colour. Previously, there was an unspoken rule that dark tones in suit fabrics are appropriate for the cold season, and light ones for the warm one. But today, few people adhere to it, and in the fashion industry there are no strict restrictions - it all depends on the taste of a man and the appropriateness of a particular color at an event.
    • Textile. It is important that the finished product retains its aesthetics for a long time, does not crumple, deform, or wear out at the bend of the elbow. Quality products are made from wool and cashmere. For budget clothing, textiles are used in combination with synthetics. Polyester, viscose, etc. are used for lining.

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