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Inspirational colorful fabrics and color trends for 2021
Inspirational colorful fabrics and color trends for 2021
Inspirational colorful fabrics and color trends for 2021

Fashion is changing rapidly. Every year, leading fashion designers present their collections, which include vibrant hues of colors and bold texture combinations. In this article, we'll explore how certain colors look on different fabrics. Also, here are some useful tips on how to combine different textures and colors, and get acquainted with fashion trends in color palettes of fabrics in 2021.

Fashionable fabrics in 2021

  1. Luxurious flowing silk

Silk is the perfect choice for those looking for a fabric with a luxurious and mysterious look. Deep colors fit beautifully on silk fabrics, but there are many options with vibrant colors as well. How to play with an evening dress or a strict office dress code? Silk is worth considering. Luxurious fabric also looks great on bedding in the bedroom. Especially if you give preference to dark shades, such as dark purple or blue.

  1. Pastel shades

Pastel colors are increasingly used not only in clothing, but also for interior decoration. Clothes in bed shades give a fresh and especially spectacular look in summer. They work best with white linen fabric.

  1. Cotton

Cotton is the most popular fabric because of its versatility. Cotton is equally good in any color. Cotton with various prints looks especially fashionable. The fabric has a neutral feel, so prints and wild color combinations look great. Cotton is not only versatile, but also affordable, and, importantly, many people enjoy wearing it.

  1. Polyester

The color on polyester stays beautiful for a long time, and this is a good reason to choose this particular fabric. In addition, it is a type of fabric that, due to its elasticity, is ideal for sportswear and modern designs.

Trendy colors in 2021

So, the type of fabric strongly influences the effect of the color. And it largely depends on which fabric to choose.

Besides the type of fabric, the choice of color naturally determines the fashion.

Nature will be an important source of inspiration for fashion designers in 2021. Let's highlight four main directions in colors:

  1. Soothing neutrals.
    • Ocean colors.

  2. Urban greenery.
    • Shades of sunset.

    Below we will take a closer look at each of them.

    Soothing neutrals

    Neutral colors like ecru and cream are becoming extremely popular for Spring / Summer 2021. These colors combine with minimalist silhouettes and natural materials such as linen, jute and organic cotton. Clothes that may seem simple take on a unique style because of the interesting fabrics.

    Colors of the ocean

    The colors of the ocean are visible throughout the catwalk. From light shades of blue, green and turquoise to deep navy blue like the sea of ​​the night. Water is also a source of inspiration for prints and silhouettes, especially in fashion collections featuring pleats, flowing dresses and nautical prints.

    Urban green

    2021 is the year of natural colors and of course green is not to be missed. Dark green and lemon yellow are mainly used in functional clothing: cargo pants, jackets and T-shirts with functional pockets in lightweight technical fabrics.

    Shades of sunset

    Finally, the setting sun is an important source of inspiration for many fashion designers.The combination of reds, fuchsia, magenta and orange creates a colorful palette that can lead to beautiful designs in both the fashion and interior design industries.

    Inspiration for colorful fabrics

    Thus, knowing which fabrics and colors work best together can create incredibly stylish looks. The color combination is really important when it comes to first impressions as it adds personality. With the help of colors, we can tell more about ourselves, because most people process color interpretation faster than other aspects of the entire image. However, the choice should always depend on personal judgment and how the person looks at colors. Taylor Fabrics online store offers a wide range of original fabrics at attractive prices, where everyone can find something to their liking.

    So, for example, we can and should use trending colors for every garment we wear, be it casual wear, work wear, or formal wear. Some combinations are suitable for more formal wear, and some are suitable for casual or sportswear. Usually, darker colors are perceived as formal, and bright color combinations are perceived as sporty.

    Among other things, it is necessary to talk about black and white colors. Black and white are “neutral” colors along with beige, gray, etc. Some stylists recommend wearing only neutral colors. Also, brown can be attributed to neutral colors. Brown belts, shoes, jackets also go with everything. As for accessories, the combination of silver and gold is in vogue in 2021.

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