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How to make a fountain or cascade in a suburban area
How to make a fountain or cascade in a suburban area
How to build a fountain or cascade in a suburban area

Today, many country house owners dream of a fountain and waterfall on their site. But there are fears that such a structure is very expensive, complex and will take up the entire space of the garden. But in reality, the fountain should not at all be something monumental, as in Peterhof, and the waterfall - Niagara. The structure can be built on its own on a very small area. And for this it is enough to come up with a design style and buy a submersible pump at The rest is a matter of technology.

Features of the fountain and waterfall on the site

A waterfall is a tiered structure through which water cascades down. Water does not go up, as in the case of a fountain, to turn into small jets, it flows with a stream. The appearance of the waterfall and the speed of the water flow will depend on the shape, height and number of tiers, as well as on the materials that will be used in the decoration.

The fundamental difference between the fountain is that its main feature is the shape and number of jets, which depends on the nozzles, as well as their height, which is determined by the pressure force in the system.

How to choose a place for water decor

The choice of a place for a waterfall or fountain on the site will be determined by several factors at once. First, you need to consider from what point the water will be monitored. The fountain does not have to be in the center of the site, and the waterfall does not have to be adjacent to the barbecue area or terrace. It is important to choose a location that maintains perspective. For example, a waterfall at the far corner of the pond, which separates the surface of the water from the viewpoint, will look great and fit into the landscape.

Another good idea is to place the waterfall near the gazebo. A well-thought-out composition will become not only a decoration of the site, but also a wonderful sound background.

It is necessary to take into account the visibility of the water structure. You can place a water structure against a fence and a wall. Or in such a part of the site so that the cascade or waterfall can be walked around in a circle.

For country houses, constructions with rapids and a source, as in the mountains or a forest, and with streams of water flowing down from all sides, are good. Of course, imitating a natural waterfall, it will be possible to recreate only its fragment. But on the other hand, you can supplement the structure with an array of shrubs in the background, which will not only become an excellent decor, but also create the illusion of naturalness.

Style selection

You need to decide on the style of a waterfall or fountain at the stage of its design. Not only the composition will depend on this, but also the choice of materials. There are several popular styles, but this is far from the limit.

Natural style is about natural materials and shapes. As a rule, preference is given to tiers that allow you to create an imitation of a natural waterfall. If the site is rocky, boulders will be an excellent choice - for this, it is enough to dig a bowl, supply water, collect stones from the site in one place and artistically decompose them, forming ledges.

If there are no stones on the site, you can bring them in from outside. Cobblestones of sandstone or limestone look great, granite is also suitable. But in any case, it is simply necessary to supplement the stones with greens.

The Mediterranean style involves a fountain made of bowls that are placed one above the other. As soon as the top bowl is full, water flows into the bottom one. Such fonts can be both volumetric and wall-mounted.Various types of ceramics are most often used as materials.

This design is a great opportunity to recreate a corner of Italy, Greece, Maghreb or Italy on your own site.

A laconic geometric style is, first of all, tiers, but at the same time, the severity of form and lines is mandatory. The material and texture of the stones should be such that the water emphasizes their perfection. You can use concrete, stone and even wood.

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