Young artisans from Makhachkala showed stone and wood products
Young artisans from Makhachkala showed stone and wood products
Young artisans from Makhachkala showed stone and wood products

On August 29, the Second Republican Forum of Young Craftsmen opened in Makhachkala. At this event, a large number of silver and stone vases are presented, as well as products made of natural wood, the creators of which are craftsmen living in the territory of Dagestan.

The venue for the exhibition was an alley located in the central part of Makhachkala. This forum brought together artisans who arrived from almost all corners of Dagestan. It was decided to hold the exhibition in the open air. The craftsmen demonstrated to the visitors their products, for the creation of which they used wood, stone, silver. Among the exhibits of this exhibition were jewelry, jugs, chess, vases, daggers, all kinds of utensils.

The opening of this event was attended by Anatoly Karibov, who holds the post of Deputy Prime Minister of Dagestan. During his speech, he drew attention to the fact that this forum shows the best in Dagestan. Visitors to this exhibition can see Untsukul and Kubachi products, carpets. During the exhibition, it is planned to hold master classes. This event should contribute to improving the skills of young artisans, gaining additional experience.

Young artisans, whose works this time will be recognized as the best, will go to the exhibition called "Ladya". By decision of the management of the exhibition association, this exhibition will be held in Makhachkala next 2020. Anatoly Karibov also spoke about this during his speech.

It was decided to invite to the forum compatriots who currently live in other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, the USA, Syria, Latvia, the CIS countries, etc., in total there are more than seventy countries. This is done so that those who left Dagestan do not forget about their traditions and roots, and have the opportunity to engage in craft in the traditions of their region. It should also help build relationships that can develop into joint projects. The forum is trying to show Dagestan in terms of a good and profitable option for investment.

Only young artisans can participate in this forum. These are persons aged 18 and under 35 years old. According to preliminary estimates, this event, which is being held in Dagestan for the second time, should gather a large number of guests, including foreign ones, who will arrive from 15-20 other countries.

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