The creators of the animated series "Masha and the Bear" talked about the release of new episodes
The creators of the animated series "Masha and the Bear" talked about the release of new episodes
The creators of the animated series "Masha and the Bear" talked about the release of new episodes

By 2024, the creators of the animated series Masha and the Bear will delight its fans with the release of four thematic animated mini-films, which will be based on the original animation show. And by 2025, they promise the release of a full-length one-named cartoon. This was announced to the media by a representative of the press service of the creative studio Animaccord.

The authors of the series did not disclose the storyline, but said that expanded formats of new episodes would be used, and this expands the possibilities for integrating new characters, locations and plot development. A representative of the studio noted that the company will continue to focus on a family audience, but at the same time it is planned to expand the age range for children and attract teenagers who at one time grew up on cartoons about Masha and the Bear. It is especially emphasized that in the new episodes of the animated series, family values ​​will continue to be broadcast - after all, this was originally laid down by the author and creator of the project, Oleg Kuzovkov.

The studio plans to release the first thematic mini-film by 2025, which will be called "Masha and the Bear: Lord of the Ice" and lasts 22 minutes. It is planned to release it on screens during the New Year holidays 2021-2022. In total, the studio intends to release 4 such films, and each of them will be devoted to the most pressing social problems.

Let us remind you that in 2020 the Russian animated series Masha and the Bear was included in the top five of the most beloved entertainment brands in the world. A survey by Kidz Global showed that the Russian animation show was in the top five most popular cartoons for girls under 6 and for preschoolers in Latin America and Europe.

The history of the appearance of the animated series about Masha is very entertaining. In 1996, a young animator Oleg Kuzovkov went to rest in the Crimea with his friends. They had a little daughter who, with her activity, terrorized the entire beach. In an interview with journalists, Kuzovok recalled this story with irony: The child is just the leader of the Redskins. Someone, for example, eats chicken - she came up, also ate without asking. Two days later, people on the beach swam from her behind the buoys, buried themselves in the pebbles, pretended to be dead. But she raised the dead, dug up those who were buried from the pebbles, and from behind the buoys they themselves sailed."

An aspiring animator saw a great idea for a cartoon in this beach story: the little one prevailed over the big ones. A comic story immediately appeared on the beach, the main characters of which were a little girl and a big bear. While on vacation, he made sketches and wrote rough drafts of scripts - about 100. True, only one was included in the final project. But a start was made.

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