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How the star of the sitcom "Daddy's Daughters" survived depression and why she divorced her husband: Revelations of Daria Melnikova
How the star of the sitcom "Daddy's Daughters" survived depression and why she divorced her husband: Revelations of Daria Melnikova

The novel, and even more so the wedding, of these wonderful actors came as a big surprise to fans of Daria Melnikova - the stars of the sitcom "Daddy's Daughters" and Artur Smolyaninov, who became famous for his work in the film "Ninth Company". The family seemed perfect and happy. But the other day, the public was shocked by the news that the star couple are no longer together, and they even managed to divorce. Daria announced this in her first large and frank interview with the popular instagram blogger Laura Jugelia on her YouTube channel.

How the love story of a star couple began

Fans of these actors at first could not believe that they were really together. There were no prerequisites for this novel. Such a calm girl from a religious family and her opposite is a brutal man who is nine years older than her. But, incompatible at first glance, Daria and Arthur looked so harmoniously together that it seemed that they were literally made for each other.

Arthur's youth was intense. He met for about three years with actress Yekaterina Direktorenko, they say that it was already going to the wedding, but the lovers fled. Then he was credited with novels with Alexandra Shevchenko, the ex-wife of Dmitry Dibrov, and then with actress Maria Shalaeva.

Unlike Arthur, Daria did not have time to walk up. She was credited with several novels, but it soon turned out that these were just speculations of journalists and fans. Since the girl grew up in a religious family, she understood that her first boyfriend would become her future husband. And so it happened.

The actors hid their romance from the public for a while

In August 2013, it became known that Daria and Arthur had tied the knot. This was a big surprise for the fans, since the couple did not advertise their relationship. So most of them found out about the wedding right away, without even knowing about their romance. It turned out that the couple had met a long time ago, but a spark ran between them only on the set of the military series "Major Sokolov's Heterosexuals."

The celebration was quiet and modest, with no media coverage. Everyone learned about the wedding after the publication of a photo of wedding rings and a bridal bouquet on the official page of Daria Melnikova's group. As the actress herself says, they did not make any secret, they simply did not inform the media about the celebration. They just fell in love, met a little and decided to get married. The bride did not have a white dress and a fancy banquet. The young people came to the painting in jeans and jackets, in general they celebrated this day the way they wanted, without showing a family event. Daria does not really talk about her personal life at all. Even photos with her husband are very rare on her instagram profile.

With the help of this photo, the actress informed fans about her new marital status

Daria Melnikova's postpartum depression

In October 2015, the couple had their first child. Moreover, the baby was born on Arthur's birthday, they decided to name the boy in honor of his father. By the way, Daria gave birth not in an elite perinatal center, but at home. Next to her was a midwife and her husband, who was next to her from the first attempts until the birth of their son. Looking ahead, at the birth of their second child, the couple were also together within the walls of their home.

At the time of birth, Daria was only twenty-three years old, although she herself never wanted to have children at such a young age. But since the spouse was already over thirty, he wanted to have heirs. And Daria went to meet her husband, although she considers herself an opponent of early motherhood.

According to her, she took this step, since her career began at an early age, and by the time of pregnancy she was already a self-sufficient person. In general, Melnikova believes that in our time, before thirty years of age, there is no need to give birth to children. You need to devote these years to self-realization and your desires, because then it is very difficult to do this with children.

Despite the fact that the actress is against early motherhood, she is happy that she has become a mother twice and wants to have more children in the future

In an interview, Daria said that in the case of her first child, she had postpartum depression. The actress, as it turned out, was not yet ready for children. Melnikova told how, standing at the window, she watched people getting into cars and leaving on business, for a walk or just for a ride, and the young mother just cried that she could not do the same. It became easier when his son Arthur was two and a half years old, as the couple decided to entrust the child to a nanny. After the first birth, Daria thought that she would no longer want to have children, but two years later, the couple thought about the child again. And in December 2018, another son appeared, who was named Mark.

The idyll collapsed after 8 years of marriage

Arthur admitted in one of his interviews that he considers the bright, kind and clever Alice from the film "Guest from the Future" and Juliet, who so faithfully and selflessly loved her Romeo, to be the ideal girl for himself. Coincidence or not, but his wife has repeatedly played Juliet on the stage, and was also approved for the role of Alisa Selezneva, but the project for the remake of this film was frozen, so the shooting is now in question.

Arthur also coincided with Daria's ideas about the ideal husband. Especially her mother could not get enough of such a son-in-law, a real man, kind, caring, reliable, with a great sense of humor. He reminded his mother-in-law of her husband, who had passed away a year before his daughter's wedding.

The family idyll lasted only eight years

And everything seemed to be perfect. But just a couple of days ago, Daria surprised not only her fans, but also Laura Jugelian, who interviewed the actress, with stunning news - she and Arthur divorced after eight years of marriage. According to Daria, they came to this difficult decision together with their spouse, and the divorce proceedings have already been completed. When exactly this happened, she does not specify, but says that recently.

Although some fans and acquaintances of the couples even that summer began to guess about the quarrels between the spouses. But, as usual, Daria decided not to flaunt the relationship, dispelling all the rumors. She did not say that their marriage was on the verge of breaking up. The only thing, she confirmed that she really has conflicts with her husband, but nothing significant, they happen in every family.

During an interview with Laura Jugelia, Daria spoke of Arthur with warmth and respect

Only now, when the divorce proceedings are over, the actress spoke about their separation and slightly opened the curtain of her personal and professional life. Even after the divorce, the actress speaks about Arthur with warmth, telling what a wonderful person he is, a family man, a good husband and partner. According to her, Smolyaninov's career has always been in second place, but the family has always been the main thing in his life.

But, if the husband is such a wonderful, and they had a strong union, "adhesive", as Daria calls him, then why did they break up? The actress has not yet given a direct answer, as she adheres to her opinion that the personal should remain personal. The only thing she can tell fans is that their relationship as wife and husband is over. And neither she nor Arthur are going to talk about what happened inside the family.

After the divorce, the spouses maintained friendly relations

She only evasively repeats that this was the case, arguing that there were no special reasons for divorce, everything happened with the consent of both parties and without claims to each other. The couple parted amicably, maintaining good relations.They remained partners, friends and parents of their sons, five-year-old Arthur and two-year-old Mark.

Possible reasons for the divorce of actors

Journalists are already beginning to guess that this may be due to the fact that Arthur had problems with alcohol. Even that summer, at Kinotavr, Arthur appeared without Daria, and after drinking strong drinks he was seen flirting with other women. He also began to appear without a wife at the premieres of films. Even then, rumors spread that the actors did not live together. But on New Year's Eve, Arthur returned home, asking for forgiveness from Daria, who decided to give him another chance, but with the condition of refusing alcohol. And it seems that there were no more problems with this, but the public does not know everything, so it is difficult to assert this fact.

Another possible reason for the divorce appeared after Daria's confession in an interview that she had been in love with actor Alexander Golovin for ten years. It started a long time ago, on the set of their debut film Cinderella 4x4. It all starts with desires. " Then life brought them together again in other joint projects and performances, where they played lovers more than once. Still still young, Daria was literally dying of love, with an open mouth she looked at her first love, and Alexander was moved and called her "sister".

Daria Melnikova was unrequitedly in love with actor Alexander Golovin for ten years

The audience could not fail to notice this love, so for several years there were rumors that they were a couple in love not only on stage, but also in life. Even in her interview, Laura Dzhugelia decided to ask Daria if they still had an affair. But the actress laughed, saying that she had tried for ten years, but Sasha firmly said no. Perhaps, over time, something changed and a spark ran between the actors, which was the reason for Daria's divorce. But to find out whether this is so or not, it will be possible only after a while.

The actress does not exclude the possibility that she and her husband may come together in the future

Moreover, the actress does not exclude the possibility that they will someday meet with Arthur again. This is confirmed by her kind words about her husband. She says that she does not know who, how she would not entrust herself and the children to him. She also said in an interview that she does not know how her life will turn out further, but there are times when people disperse in order to get back together again. Perhaps it will happen with them. In any case, the main thing is that each of the former spouses is happy, and together or separately, time will tell.

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