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After 70, an active life is just beginning: Yoga, skydiving and other pleasures of 98-year-old Phyllis
After 70, an active life is just beginning: Yoga, skydiving and other pleasures of 98-year-old Phyllis

She lives in a beautiful house, does yoga and tango, loves to dress exquisitely and posts photos on her pages on social networks. Nothing, it would seem, special - if you forget that Phyllis Seuss is 98 years old. And it is really easy to forget about it, looking at images of a well-groomed slender woman. Phyllis Seuss does not deny that she is constantly struggling with age, and continues to share her successful experience with fans.

The Past Century and Past Life Stages of Phyllis Seuss

Phyllis Gehrig was born on April 4, 1923 in New York. At fourteen she first came to a ballet lesson - and has danced and danced ever since. The war began; Phyllis toured for the American military and later played on a Broadway show. A separate chapter in her life was performances in a duet with dancer Donald Weissmuller.

The Phyllis started dancing before World War II

At thirty, Phyllis got married, her chosen one was the actor, comedian Alan Seuss, known for his roles in television series. The couple joined forces in joint projects, performed together at venues and participated in shows in New York and Los Angeles. The couple broke up a few years later, but Phyllis kept her husband's last name and maintained good relations with him until his death in 2011. The second marriage - with Norman Pinkus, a producer, lasted two decades. Phyllis, already at a fairly respectable age - at fifty - opened her own business, launching a line of women's sportswear.

Phyllis and Alan Seuss

But it's not just the points in the biography. The most remarkable feature of Phyllis Seuss' life was her talent for not being held hostage by time, not letting age and old age dictate its terms. At seventy-five, Phyllis discovered trapeze flying - not the most popular pastime among older ladies.

Passion for flying on a trapezoid laid the foundation for interesting experiments

Is tango for the young? Nothing like this! This infatuation took over Phyllis's life when she was eighty-three. At eighty-five she was dancing milonga with might and main - a kindred tango dance, only more impetuous. According to Phyllis herself, meeting her teacher, Felix Chavez, opened a new chapter in her life and gave her new meaning. But three weekly South American dance classes Phyllis Seuss was not enough, after a couple of years she took up yoga.

Phyllis has been doing yoga all the time since she was 85

Secrets of youth and beauty from Phyllis Seuss

Yoga subsequently became an indispensable part of the Phyllis' daily routine. But at first (in those eighty-five) she set herself almost sports tasks, for example, to learn handstand, which, generally speaking, presents a certain difficulty even for young athletes. It succeeded - and even though now Phyllis is no longer able to repeat those achievements, yoga has not remained in the past.

It turns out that a woman over 80 is quite capable of mastering even complex exercises

This slender woman has started every morning with meditation and exercise for many years. In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, an hour of yoga a day has become not only a way to keep fit, but also an excellent remedy for depression during self-isolation. Phyllis, by the way, told her subscribers on social networks about this: she does not feel any fear of mastering new technologies and encourages others to be open to continuous learning.

Phyllis Seuss's book on what helped her stay in such great shape in her tenth decade

At the request of subscribers and fans, Phyllis Seuss took up the book at some point.So at the age of 96, this actress and dancer also became an author who conscientiously fulfills all her writing duties, including participating in advertising for the book, meeting with readers, and speaking on talk shows.

Reader meetings were part of the Phyllis' life shortly before the pandemic

The book includes Phyllis's advice to those who also want to stay in good physical shape for as long as possible, to establish a connection between their mind and body, to enjoy life from life despite the passing of unforgiving time. There is nothing revolutionary in this publication - as well as on the pages on social networks, Seuss calls to be active, not to let yourself get bogged down in a sedentary lifestyle. "Dance, walk, just move!" Without insisting on any special diet, Phyllis admits that all her life she ate a variety of foods, but in small quantities - so she never weighed much.

Physical activity is the key to longevity

As the types of physical activity, 96-year-old (at that time) Phyllis named not only her favorite yoga and dancing, but also exercises on simulators, jumping rope, climbing stairs at least ten times a day. The Phyllis exercise bike was nicknamed "Jose" and was also an important part of her day.

Life goes on

Phyllis Seuss is now ninety-eight. She does not hide the fact that age has a serious impact on health. Chronic ailments include meniscus problems, joint and muscle diseases, and hearing impairment. Phyllis is constantly monitored by doctors and calls her desire to be in good shape a tough battle. Nevertheless, she starts every morning with gratitude. “Every day I wake up in this amazing universe and say how lucky I am to have been given this incredibly beautiful life.”

Niko's Black Poodle - Another Joy in Phyllis Life

Seventy years ago, Phyllis Seuss flew in an airplane for the first time. At the age of 90, she made a parachute jump. Surprisingly, she did not set a record: both among paratroopers and among paratroopers of the planet by that time there were already older brave souls. By the way, Phyllis has an older sister who has already celebrated her 100th birthday. Her mother, who lived for 94 years, was also a long-liver.

Staying active, being open, and not being afraid to learn new things is the key to longevity, according to Phyllis Seuss

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