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14 couples who have lived together for 70 years or more, proving that love really exists
14 couples who have lived together for 70 years or more, proving that love really exists

Many people believe that love defies explanation and definition. This is not entirely true. You can give a lot of definitions of what true love is impossible without. It can be so sad and tiring, or it can inspire and give freedom. There have probably never been as many single people as there are today in the digital age of online dating. Many people need a powerful reminder that true love does exist and that everyone deserves it. Such a reminder will be 14 unique couples who have proven this in their lives.

The paradox of our time is that with so many dating apps, there are so many single people. With that, your love interest is just a click away. Today, more than ever, it is important to note couples who not only once fell in love with each other, but carried this magical feeling throughout their lives. At the same time, not just preserving, but increasing love.

1. Mary and Jake, married for over 70 years

Nobody and nothing could separate them

Mary's family abandoned her after she married Jake, her true love, in 1948. Seven decades have passed, and they are still insanely happy together.

Mary's father told her: "If you marry this man, you will never cross the threshold of this house again." Soon Mary found out that most of her friends and acquaintances think the same way. The first years of their married life in Birmingham were hell - no one spoke to them, they could not find a place to live. Nobody wanted to rent a room to a black man, and they had no money to buy. But they didn't give up.

Life gradually became easier. Mary got a job as a teacher. As a result, she became deputy director. Jake worked in a factory and then got a job at the post office. Making friends was difficult. Mary told her acquaintances: "Before I invite you to my house, I must warn you: my husband is black." Some never spoke to her again after that.

Last year, the couple celebrated their 70th birthday. They still love each other very much and do not regret anything a bit.

2. Love is not just romance

All for the sake of the beloved

The husband spent two years of his life planting thousands of fragrant flowers. All in order for his blind wife to hear their wonderful scent and get out of depression.

3. This Vietnamese couple has been married for 70 years

They radiate happiness

Liz Deguire, a clinical psychologist and author of many books on the topic, explains what many different couples have in common between healthy lifelong relationships and what many can learn from them.

“Maintaining healthy and loving relationships throughout life takes time, effort and patience. Most relationships begin in a kind of romantic love, in which their partner is great, perfect, and never does anything wrong. But romantic love is just the first phase. It passes over time. It usually takes 6 months to 3 years of marriage."

4. The old man takes pictures of his wife until she sees

Looks too cute!

The psychologist explained that once the romantic love wears off, the real work begins for the two. People need to learn to be good friends, to be able to listen and hear each other, to empathize.Be able to moderate your own emotional activity and maintain respect even during quarrels.

“All this requires a lot of work. In truth, most people just don't know how to be a good communicator. In fact, so many couples would benefit from seeing a certified marriage therapist who can provide guidance, help and support,”said Liz.

5. Howard Foster and Myra Clark

True love transcends time and space

Howard and Myra met when they were young and fell in love. Racism and the opposition of their families divided the lovers. Through the decades, the couple carried tender feelings for each other. They could not forget their love, so they reunited and got married more than 45 years after the breakup. Now they value each other so much that every night they hold hands, falling asleep.

6. Quarantine does not prevent the husband from supporting his wife during her chemotherapy

When they are not allowed to visit their beloved

Visitors are not allowed to enter the chemotherapy ward due to the coronavirus, but that hasn't stopped Albert L. Conner! The poster reads: “I cannot be there with you, but I am still there. I love you".

7. "60 years have passed, and my grandfather still looks at my grandmother with such love."

When time has no power over feelings

Answering the question about the concept of "true love", which is so widely popularized on television and in the media, the psychologist replied that the whole concept is actually nothing more than "a relic of the romantic phase of love, which was mentioned above."

8. Utterly adorable Arab couple

A wonderful picture

“There are undoubtedly people who are great partners for us. They fully share our values, make us laugh, cause boundless sympathy. But there is probably not more than one person in the entire world with whom you can be happy. Romantic love is a time of bliss, but it's really just the beginning of a lifelong commitment,”concluded clinical psychologist and award-winning book author Liz Deguire.

9. The coolest couple in the world

They look like they haven't aged at all

They have been together for almost half a century. He was in law school, so he needed someone to help him read the textbooks. The university provides them for the visually impaired. She began to read to him. Then they became good friends, and then …

10. This is true love

It's sad when everything is like that

The story behind this photograph is heartbreaking. The couple have been married for over 60 years. The woman suffers from senile dementia and recently suffered a stroke. But as soon as her husband entered her room, she said, "This is my boyfriend Willis." He lay down on her bed.

11.40 years old guys, 40 years old

It looks like one was a Flock of Seagulls fan and the other was a Sex Pistols fan

The couple still looks as perky as they did many years ago. The punk didn't die, but he lost his hair …

12. Woodstock album cover couple

When love was immortalized on vinyl

They once lived through Woodstock together. Half a century has passed, and they are still together and still happy and in love.

13. 1967-2018

They all look as great as they did many years ago

The same bike, the same pair.

14. Another couple from Woodstock

Woodstock has united many

They met at the most iconic rock festival of the century. In the photo they are only 48 hours after they met and 50 years later.

You can argue endlessly about what true love is. But one thing is true - this is a feeling that does not stand still. In which direction it will move - depends only on yourself. Love can degrade or die, or vice versa - develop, blossom and deepen. If you carelessly rest on your laurels, thinking that you have caught eternity by the tail, or carelessly throw words and deeds, testing it for strength, then there is a high probability of losing this heavenly gift. It is given to everyone and everyone, but not everyone is able to appreciate and preserve this gift.

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