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How the fashion for different breeds of dogs changed in Russia
How the fashion for different breeds of dogs changed in Russia

At all times, people have pets. Although there are more cat lovers than dog lovers, according to numerous surveys, four-legged loyal friends have long been an invariable part of our lives. Unfortunately, it is fashion that influences the choice of the owner. Making a pet for themselves, future owners are practically not interested in the characteristics of the breed, the vulnerability of immunity or the ability to train.

Royal Russia

Johann Schwabe, "Favorite of the Imperial Family"

The fashion for hunting in pre-revolutionary Russia also gave rise to the fashion for hunting dogs. For them, the aristocrats built separate kennels, fed them on schedule and trained them to perform their direct duties: hunting. Therefore, hounds, greyhounds, cops and spaniels were common at that time. There was even an imperial Society for the breeding of hunting and game animals and correct hunting, founded in 1872 by the leader of the nobility, Vasily Sheremetyev.

Valentin Serov, "Portrait of Prince Felix Yusupov"

In addition to hunting dogs, at the beginning of the 20th century, aristocrats began to import French bulldogs from Europe to Russia from Europe, which very quickly began to symbolize luxury and the special status of the owner. The most famous representative of the breed was considered the Clown, which belonged to Felix Yusupov, and Fyodor Chaliapin and Vladimir Mayakovsky also had cute Frenchmen. At the same time, at the beginning of the last century, there was a fashion for Spitz. By the way, it was the Spitz who became the favorite of the heroine of the work of Alexander Kuprin "The Lady with the Dog". But the writer himself owned Medelyan. This breed is irretrievably lost today, and in Russia it was bred, for the most part, for baiting bears.

In a young state

Legendary Dzhulbars, mine detector dog

After the revolution, the number of dog owners decreased significantly. Keeping them in communal apartments was extremely uncomfortable, and the previously existing kennels had already sunk into oblivion.

But a fashion for service dogs began to form - a trend of the times, since in the Soviet Union they made a certain stake on service cynology. Then the German Shepherds and Dobermans became very popular. During the Great Patriotic War, dogs served on the fronts and played the role of sappers and signalmen, watchmen, saboteurs and orderlies. By the way, not only purebred dogs were attracted to the service, but also ordinary mongrels, who showed certain talents during training.

Cinematography dictated its fashion

A still from the film "Come to me, Mukhtar!"

In the post-war period, city dwellers began to have large breeds of dogs - German Shepherds, Airedale Terriers, Great Danes, Setters and Boxers. And their popularity was influenced, first of all, by the cinema. After the release of the film "Come to me, Mukhtar!" people began to acquire German shepherds, and after the touching film "White Bim Black Ear" with the charming English setter Steve in the title role, more and more townspeople walked with setters.

Still from the TV series "Lassie", 1956

The film "Operation Y" and Shurik's Other Adventures "gave birth to a fashion for German boxers, and the series" The Adventures of Lassie "gave impetus to the mass breeding of collie dogs. This breed experienced a second boom in the late 1990s after the appearance of the Lassie remake. At the same time, there was a fashion for a "smaller" version of the Collie - Sheltie.

A still from the film "The Adventures of Electronics"

In the early 1980s, Airedale was in vogue. Many Soviet children dreamed of acquiring the same loyal friend as Electronik from the film "The Adventures of Electronics".

Afghan hound

But the short-term fashion for Afghan greyhounds has not been supported by any films or TV series.This noble-looking dog, incredibly graceful and unusual, has won many hearts. True, for many owners the need for daily tedious combing was a surprise, and soon the fashion for them passed.

At the same time, interest in small breeds began to arise - lapdogs, poodles, French bulldogs and schnauzers.

Dashing 1990s


In difficult times, there was a need for protection and they began to massively start serious dogs: Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, Bull Terriers. Unfortunately, at that time, few people cared about the correct upbringing of dogs, so many breeds today cannot say goodbye to the label “dangerous”. Although, for example, the same Rottweilers, with proper training and care, are the kindest creatures.

The late 1990s spawned a fashion for companion dogs. New movie idols appeared - St. Bernard Beethoven, Shepherd Rex, the same collie Lassie.

Dogs of heads of state and Hollywood stars

Vladimir Putin and Connie Paulgrave

In the 21st century, film actor dogs again come to the fore. The painting "Marley and Me" contributed to the emergence of fashion for Labradors. By the way, even Vladimir Putin became a victim of it, he had a Labrador Connie Polgrave. After the release of "The Mask", people massively acquired Jack Russell Terriers, Chihuahuas after "Legally Blonde", Dalmatians while watching "101 Dalmatians". "Hachiko" contributed to the spread of the Akita Inu.

The presence of dogs in heads of state also influences fashion. For example, the spread of the corgi began with Queen Elizabeth II, French President Jacques Chirac contributed a lot to updating the fashion for Maltese lapdogs.

Queen Elizabeth II with her corgi

The popularity of social networks has allowed everyone to watch the life of the stars. Many began to have Chihuahuas, like Paris Hilton, Spitz, like Sylvester Stallone and Mickey Rourke. Videos with cute dogs from different countries are gaining millions of views, and ordinary people immediately want to get a dog "from the Internet", be it corgi, husky, terriers or Cane Corso.

It would be nice if, at the same time, potential owners got acquainted with the peculiarities of the breed and the problems of raising four-legged friends.

And as the stars of show business, people are extremely busy, and pets require a lot of attention, many singers, musicians and actors have four-legged friends. Someone gets a dog or a cat and someone is an exotic animal. But the master's love does not depend at all on this.

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