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Are Adam and Eve Really the Forefathers of Humanity: Can a Biblical Myth Be Reality
Are Adam and Eve Really the Forefathers of Humanity: Can a Biblical Myth Be Reality

Scientists have long been haunted by the question - is it possible that one man and one woman were the first inhabitants of the Earth and the direct progenitors of all mankind. Disputes between theologians and scientists have been going on for centuries. And it is worth saying that modern geneticists have very strong arguments to believe that everything is not quite as described in the biblical myth.

As it is written in the Book of Genesis on the sixth day of creation, God created Adam and realized that, like light needs darkness, and noise needs silence, a man needs a woman. So the first man had a companion - Eve. And they lived in Eden until they broke the prohibition of God, ate the forbidden fruit and knew good and evil.

This myth is present in all monotheistic religions. This is how the human race supposedly originated - from the first man and woman, whose sons Cain and Abel were born. This story has always completely contradicted the evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin, which claims that humans evolved from other species and became Homo sapiens. But for centuries, representatives of various religions and scientists have argued about how man actually appeared. And the scientists give quite strong arguments in favor of the fact that everything was not quite as described in the Bible.

1. Two people could not populate the entire planet

So can two people inhabit the entire planet?

About 60,000 years ago, humans left Africa to migrate to Europe and from there to the rest of the world. The team found that this migration, which continued to Asia and the Middle East, required at least 2,250 adults at the same time. In Africa, about 10 thousand had to stay in order to continue the settlement of this territory. The genetic variation and population indices currently observed would not have been possible if the population had been the result of the fact that originally one man and one woman were the only inhabitants of the Earth.

2. The need for genetic diversity

We are so different…

If the only genetic line of the world population were the line of Adam and Eve, significant deviations and genetic disorders would inevitably appear. In order to be able to evolve to its current state, and also to avoid the appearance of mental abnormalities or physical abnormalities due to incest, the genes of several populations were needed, not just one.

3. People are attracted to partners with a different genetic makeup

ePeople are attracted to partners with a different genetic makeup

Science has confirmed that a person is always attracted to those who have a diametrically opposite genetic load. This is a natural reaction, because the successful survival of humanity has been largely based on the mixing of genes from different walks of life. This is the only way to guarantee the emergence of stronger creatures with a greater ability to survive. If very similar genes were constantly mixed, mental and physical disabilities or hereditary diseases would be permanent, which would doom humanity to extinction.

Therefore, the story of the "parents" of humanity should be perceived as a story that seeks to reveal moral dilemmas, and is not a real explanation of human origins. The Bible is an excellent spiritual guide, except that many of the facts and events described in it are very far from reasonable explanations and scientific justification.

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