Grandparents who have been married for 52 years dress the same every day
Grandparents who have been married for 52 years dress the same every day
Ed and Fran Gargyula became famous for the way they dress

Fran and Ed Gargyul can be called the embodiment of the ideal idea of ​​what a married couple should be like in old age. They not only lived in peace and love for 52 years together, but now they have been trying for a year to even look similar to each other and wear such clothes that would clearly say "he / she is with me!"

The idea to dress similarly was born from attending dance lessons

The idea to dress like this was first born when both retirees came to dance lessons last year. They decided to stand out from other couples and dressed in similar clothes. Soon, people around began to wait for Fran and Ed Gargiula to show up to see how they would surprise them today, what new combination for their clothes they would choose for this day. And every time the Gargyul couple really came to class in clothes that were of the same color, or even completely the same, the rest of the dancers greeted them with almost applause. This is how the idea of ​​combining their clothes was born - and now Ed and Fran dress in this way, not only for dance lessons, but also every time they leave the house together.

Since then, Ed and Fran have tried to wear the same or similar clothes every day

However, this story, perhaps, would have remained famous at the local town level if caring grandparents had not sent their selfies to their beloved grandson. Anthony Gargiula, 17, is a musician, and the morning messages from his grandparents energize him all day. "I just woke up," Ed's grandfather writes in one such message. "Good morning! We hope your day will be wonderful!" - and along with the message, another photo of Ed and Fran in the same clothes.

Ed and Fran send each such photo to their 17-year-old grandson

According to Anthony, he himself most of all likes the "wasp suit", where the grandmother is dressed in a black blouse and yellow pants, and the grandfather flaunts in a yellow Swede and black pants. "This is the sweetest thing I've seen," Anthony assures. However, no one objects to him - as soon as Anthony posted a photo of his grandparents on Twitter, other users shared this photo almost instantly 38,000 times.

It was Anthony's grandson who posted the photos on the Internet

After this photo went online, Anthony even got a call from CNN. So the next time the guy talked to his grandparents on Skype, he had to say: "I don't even know how to tell you this … but you are now celebrities!" At first, Ed and Fran were taken aback, not knowing how to react to such news, but then they thought that, in fact, this does not really change much. So the next morning Anthony again received a text message on his phone as usual: "Good morning from your famous grandparents!"

I don't even know how to tell you this … but you are celebrities now!

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