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The 10 most extravagant roles of Johnny Depp - one of the highest paid actors in the world
The 10 most extravagant roles of Johnny Depp - one of the highest paid actors in the world
Johnny Depp is one of the highest paid actors in the world

Johnny Depp is one of the highest paid actors in the world. The fees for his films are fabulous, reaching $ 50 million for shooting. Each role is unique, eccentric and engraved in the memory of the viewer for a long time. For decades, Depp has remained a popular and popular starring actor.

Johnny Depp's career began non-trivially: the unknown actor, who starred in episodic roles, was noticed by a young, talented director Tim Burton. It was he who invited Johnny to play the main role in his new film. From that moment, Depp's incredible fame began.

1. "Edward Scissorhands"

Still from the movie "Edward Scissorhands"

director: Tim Burton / 1990Yes, it was this film that made Johnny Depp a favorite of moviegoers. Having played an unfortunate cyborg, devoid of arms, and therefore a full life, Johnny became insanely popular. The film still excites the feelings of numerous fans who revisit it every Christmas. By the way, the favorite movie of the children of Depp, Lily and Jack.

2. "Cocaine"

A still from the film "Cocaine"

director: Ted Demme / 2001A drama biography of George Jung, a drug dealer who got the whole district addicted to cocaine and got incredibly rich on it. The film became a model that revealed Depp's incredible dramatic talent. The complete opposite of unhappy Edward, active fellow, loving risk and adrenaline Jung - the fruit of Johnny's great acting, encouraging the audience's empathy throughout the viewing.

3. "Pirates of the Caribbean" (1-4 seasons)

A scene from the film “Pirates of the Caribbean. Curse of the Black Pearl. "

directors: Gore Verbinski, Rob Marshall / 2003-2011The sequel, in which seeing Johnny Depp was completely unexpected. It seemed that by this time Depp, an established dramatic actor, appeared in the film in a completely different role. Again, overwhelming success. For his role in the first part of the film, Johnny was nominated for an Oscar. And unsurprisingly, Captain Jack Sparrow is an energetic and very charismatic character.

4. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

Still from the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

director: Tim Burton / 2005Johnny Depp is also good in the image of a fabulous pastry chef, a wizard who rewards kindness and decency. The character turned out to be quite bright and memorable. That is just his delightful Hollywood smile, presented as a child by his father-dentist Willie Wonka. Both adults and children will find a lesson and moral in this film.

5. "Chocolate"

A still from the film "Chocolate"

director: Lasse Hallström / 2000Johnny Depp appears as a lady's heartthrob. It is he who gives the film "chocolate sweetness" and simply dooms it to success. The film without Depp would not have been the very "Chocolate" that millions of viewers fell in love with. Looking at the actor in this role, you clearly understand that somewhere there is the same person, a complete copy and reflection of your essence, with whom you can get a real "chocolate" love.

6. "Fairyland"

A still from the film "Fairyland"

director: Mark Forster / 2004A biography-drama about the writer James Barry, played by Johnny Depp. Another reincarnation, an eccentric, but very kind person who created the Magic Land and Peter Pan. As always, the game is a superstar who knows how to find inspiration and creative energy in any role. The cry of the soul of a man who is very fond of children, very similar to a child and eternal love for a woman who was suddenly taken away by death.

7. "Once Upon a Time in Mexico"

Still from the film "Once Upon a Time in Mexico"

director: Robert Rodriguez / 2003The role of Sands, an intelligence agent, is played brilliantly, with intrigue and dark humor.It is noticeable that Depp plays for fun. Although, how could it be otherwise, he passes any role through himself. Throughout the film, attention is focused on him, despite the role of the second plan.

8. "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"

A still from the movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

director: Lasse Hallström / 1993A film with Johnny Depp, released between Edward Scissorhands and Cocaine. Johnny is young and handsome, but the potential of the future star is clearly visible. Even the young Leonardo DiCaprio could not outshine him in his role. Personal, psychologically intense acting in a film that is not easy to watch.

9. "Alice in Wonderland"

A still from the movie "Alice in Wonderland"

director: Tim Burton / 2010The presence of a world-famous star in the form of the Mad Hatter leaves no doubt that the film will be a success. There is no doubt that he is actually insane from the first minutes of the actor's appearance in the frame. The union of two old friends, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, will help to see an old fairy tale in a new guise.

10. "Tourist"

A still from the film "Tourist"

director: Florian Henkel von Donnersmark / 2010My favorite movie that I want to watch over and over again. He was not as shocking, if not for the actors who played the main roles. The clumsy nerd-teacher in the end turns into a superman, who has been unsuccessfully sought after by Interpol in many countries for many years. This is Johnny Depp, the master of disguise!

A wizard who revives the frame, completely unobstructed against the background of another star, Angelina Jolie's dream woman. This union is magnificent and beautiful, delights and keeps the viewer in suspense, expectation of something new throughout the entire viewing.

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