American film critics named the best film of 2018
American film critics named the best film of 2018
American film critics named the best film of 2018

In the first days of the new 2019, the National Society of Film Critics from the United States of America announced a list of films, as well as works of authorship that were considered the best in the past 2018. The National Society of Film Critics includes several dozen film experts. This time, they decided to name the work of director Chloe Zhao from China as the best film. The film, awarded the title of the best, is called "The Rider". This was reported in The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

It should be noted that for the first time the film "The Rider" was shown in the last spring month in 2017. The premiere screening of this film was held as part of the Cannes Film Festival. But this film was not immediately released for hire. On the big screens in America, this picture got only a year later, and therefore attributed it to the films of 2018. “The Rider” is the life story of a horse trainer and a cowboy who has to give up building a successful career in the chosen direction due to a head injury.

The second in the list of the best films of the year ended 2018 was "Roma". This is a film directed by Alfonso Cuaron. The main feature of the film is that it was shot in black and white. It refers to dramas and tells about a simple family living in Mexico in the 70s of the last century. This drama won the main prize at the 2018 Venice Film Festival. Third place went to a film entitled "Burning," directed by Lee Chang-dong from South Korea. This story was first shown in 2018 in Cannes.

American film critics have decided that the best actor of the past year is Ethan Hawke. This actor played in the movie "The Shepherd's Diary" directed by Paul Schroeder. They also named the best actress of the last year. She was Olivia Colman, an actress from Britain who played in the movie "The Favorite".

Cuarón was awarded the title of best director for his work on the film "Roma". The experts in the field of cinematography noted that during the shooting this Mexican director controlled the camera for the first time.

The film "Roma" was chosen as the best foreign film of the year. He managed to bypass rather strong competitors, which were the film "Burning", the movie "Shop of Thieves" from the director Hirokazu Koreeda from Japan and the movie "Cold War" from the director Pavel Pavlikovsky from Poland.

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