How to give jewelry with natural stones correctly
How to give jewelry with natural stones correctly
How to give jewelry with natural stones correctly

It is not always appropriate to give jewelry with semiprecious and precious stones, but there are events in a person's life when such gifts are welcome. For example, you can give them for a wedding anniversary, for christening, for a wedding celebration, for an anniversary, for an engagement.

You should choose jewelry with inserts in the form of semiprecious and precious stones only if it is intended for a loved one. Such gifts can be given by the groom to the bride, children to their parents, spouses to each other, parents to children. For people who are not close enough, such gifts are binding. It turns out that such a gift does not bring pleasure, but creates an additional problem for the person.

Having decided to give such a piece of jewelry, you should pay attention to the option with inserts from inexpensive gems. If a young man meets a girl, but their relationship is still developing, jewelry with precious stones, for example, emeralds, diamonds and sapphires, should not be given at this stage. The best option would be gifts with semiprecious inserts, for example, with citrine, alexandrite, topaz, aquamarine.

When thinking about purchasing jewelry with inserts as a gift, you should take into account the age of the person to whom this gift will be presented. For young girls, jewelry is most suitable, in which there are inserts of citrines, pearls, topaz, turquoise, cubic zirconia or moonstone. Married and middle-aged women should choose jewelry with emeralds, rubies, diamonds and sapphires. It is customary for middle-aged men to give a tie clip or cufflinks, but if a man is already on a well-deserved rest, then it is better for him to choose a ring or chain as a gift.

Before buying jewelry as a gift, you should find out what kind of jewelry a person loves, someone loves rings more, others prefer earrings. Having looked through the collection of a person's jewelry, one can easily determine which stone inserts he likes the most.

Along with the decoration, it would be good to immediately purchase a special box, which is traditionally covered with velvet. When presenting jewelry to a woman, it should be supplemented with a bouquet of flowers. You can give such gifts in front of everyone in a solemn atmosphere, or you can also in private. If the jewelry was bought as a gift to a child, it is customary to give it to the parents of this child.

You can go shopping in search of the right gift, or you can, without leaving your home, look into the Mineral Market store, which offers a huge selection of stone products. In addition to jewelry, jewelry cosmetics, collectible minerals and accessories are also offered. In addition, having made a purchase in this store, you do not have to worry about the original packaging - the seller will take care of everything. It is important that the store provides a guarantee that all offered stones are natural.

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