Shocking new: technology that allows parents to extend care for deceased babies
Shocking new: technology that allows parents to extend care for deceased babies

The death of children is a tragedy. Psychologists suggested a solution that seems repulsive and strange. But the heartbreaking confessions of parents who have experienced adversity speak of the humanity of the new technology.

Continue caring to make peace

A special electric cooling system built into the crib is offered to parents of deceased newborns in 92% of hospitals and hospices in the UK. Parents can rock the dead baby, swaddle and take for walks, can take home and continue caring until they are ready to let him go.

Mark and Lincy, Bereavement Family

If earlier doctors took dead children from their parents' eyes, believing that it would be better for them not to see them like that, today psychologists refute the correctness of such a decision: the opportunity to say goodbye relieves loss and pain. Some parents can stay with their children for a month. The technology does not provide for strict deadlines for burial, since there is no threat of infections.

Little Ron, son of Lincy and Mark Lingsey's last child care

Lingsey spent 15 days with her deceased child before she could say goodbye forever. When her son Ron died, she and her husband Mark took care of him, changed diapers, bathed, read stories for 18 days. Linsey convinces that this is not a game with dead babies and not a life in a fantasy world, and that the parents understand very well that the children are no longer here. But this is a chance to get closer, to touch one more time before parting forever

Farewell with family

Psychologist Deborah Davis says that parents express their love in a physical way by bathing, changing clothes. If the parent does this, it can significantly minimize the trauma.

All parents have to wake up at night from crying babies. But after the death of their five-month-old baby, Jody and Matthew could not endure the night hours in silence. Parents believe that the fact that they were able to take home a lifeless body in a special cooling cot helped them come to terms with the loss. Jody admits that while sitting at night near the baby, she never stopped thinking that her eyes were about to open. She was in great pain, but she is glad that her daughter was able to stay at home.

Portrait of mother and child Portrait of Josie and Baby Billy Rose

Josie, 45, lost her daughter at the age of six months. Billy Rose died in her mother's arms from pneumonia. But the woman did not give up the idea of ​​giving her daughter the first Christmas, decorating the room and opening the gift. Without parting for a little more time, Josie was able to realize and accept the fact that Billy Rose had died. Now she recalls the last moments spent with the child with joy.

Technology brings relief and assistance to parents, <a href = ""/> give the right to life.

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