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10 most sought-after and highly paid musicians who have turned the audience on for years
10 most sought-after and highly paid musicians who have turned the audience on for years

The world of show business is replete with a variety of performers who replenish the lines of various charts almost every day, disrupting dozens of various awards and prizes. Someone is touring uncontrollably, roaming the mundane expanses, and someone is releasing new tracks and clips that break all records within a few hours, collecting millions of views and likes per day. And there are those who still enjoy incredibly huge popularity, being considered one of the most prestigious and highly paid musicians, whose fee is calculated by a decent number of zeros.

1.U2 ($ 118 million)

Explosive U2. \ Photo:

The immortal Irish rockers Joshua Tree Tour, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the album of the same name, has grossed the artists $ 316 million, and about 2.7 million fans made it the most profitable performance of the past year. U2 also released their fourteenth studio album, "Songs of Experience", last December. And it’s not surprising that these guys are at the top of the Forbes ranking of the highest paid performers in the world.

2. Coldplay ($ 115.5 million)

Atmospheric Coldplay. \ Photo:

The second place is occupied by the legendary group Coldplay, which, led by Chris Martin and the company "A Head Full Of Dreams Tour", have collected more than half a billion dollars during their two years of touring on five continents. Agree that such a figure says something, because the group, which to this day is very popular among music lovers, is truly worth being called one of the most prestigious and highly paid.

3. Ed Sheeran ($ 110 million)

Ed Sheeran in the TV series Game of Thrones. \ Photo:

Twenty-seven-year-old Ed Sheeran, who ranks third in the ranking, is considered one of the highest paid solo musicians, whose performances gathered in stadiums, did not go unnoticed. The performer also boasts that he played the role of a Lannister soldier in the seventh season of the cult TV series Game of Thrones. In addition to all this, the young musician played Lisa's lover in The Simpsons, where he sang one of his songs.

4. Bruno Mars ($ 100 million)

Bruno Mars won 60th Grammy Awards. \ Photo:

In fourth place was star singer Bruno Mars, who received six Grammys, including three main categories, which multiplied his previous fee, making him the proud owner of one hundred million dollars. It is also worth noting the fact that during the entire period of the 24K Magic World Tour, he managed to collect a quarter of a billion dollars, thereby ensuring himself a solid rating among the highest paid music artists.

5. Katy Perry ($ 83 million)

Stunning Katy Perry. \ Photo:

Katy Perry can truly be called one of the most hardworking stars, who managed to raise more than one million dollars in just one night of her performance. On top of that, she found time to sit as a judge at ABC's prestigious American Idol competition, receiving nearly twenty million for her participation in the show. And it is not surprising that this adorable singer, who sang in a church choir as a child, became one of the most successful women in show business, whose albums are sold in millions of copies to this day. In addition to all this, Katie can bravely boast of her records, which are included in the Guinness Book and with her head held high, take the fifth line in the ranking of the most successful and highly paid musicians, whose fee is eighty-three million dollars.

6. Taylor Swift ($ 80 million)

Seductive Taylor Swift. \ Photo:

The charming Taylor Swift ranks sixth in this rating. Needless to say, she is considered one of the most successful and sought-after singers of our time, and her new album "Reputation" has spread around the world in a million copies in just a week after its release. In the arsenal of the dazzling blonde, you can find an Emmy award, seven Grammy awards, twenty-two Billboard awards and many other awards, as well as a tidy sum of eighty million dollars.

7. Jay-Z ($ 76.5 million)

Creative duet. \ Photo:

In seventh place was Jay Z and he definitely has something to brag about. In addition to a decent fee, the amount of which is almost seventy-seven million dollars and a joint album with his beloved wife Beyonce, he once again became the happy father of two adorable twins who were born in 2017.

8. Guns N 'Roses ($ 71 million)

Legendary Guns N 'Roses. \ Photo:

The legendary old Guns N 'Roses did not stand aside either. Their income for the last world tour was seventy-one million dollars. And despite the fact that the group is as old as the world, it still enjoys tremendous popularity among a large audience, which with great enthusiasm they sing along familiar lines at concerts, enjoying the drive created by the musicians.

9. Roger Waters ($ 68 million)

Roger Waters is the former bass player of the legendary Pink Floyd. \ Photo:

In ninth place was Roger Waters, the former bass player of the legendary band Pink Floyd, who continues to successfully tour the world, leading the audience with his extraordinary performances. And it’s not surprising that he was able to add sixty-eight million dollars to his fee, because no newcomer can compare with the fuse like that of seventy-year-old Roger.

10. Puff Daddy ($ 64 million)

Rapper Puff Daddy

And at the bottom of the list is the famous rapper Puff Daddy (Sean John Combs), in whose "pocket", in addition to dozens of awards, a good income in the amount of sixty-four million dollars, several roles in films, his own clothing line, a couple of coolest restaurants and a film production company.

Continuing the theme - that still shine on TV screens, conquering the hearts of millions.

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