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Three marriages and one personal happiness of joker Mikhail Kokshenov
Three marriages and one personal happiness of joker Mikhail Kokshenov

Despite his completely ordinary appearance, Mikhail Kokshenov has never been deprived of female attention. Wherever he appeared, all doors opened in front of him. He was adored by waitresses, strict hotel administrators, shop assistants, and the popular actor took this secret to charm the weaker sex with him. Although, perhaps, he himself did not know how he succeeds … Mikhail Kokshenov was married three times. Each time I went to the registry office for love. But it was the last marriage that turned out to be the strongest and happiest.

First two marriages

For the first time, the actor married a flight attendant. From the outside it looks very romantic: she conquers heights, he conquers the audience with his talent. However, the marriage did not last long. The actor's wife, Nina Vokrosh, was twenty years younger than him (I must say, she did not immediately reciprocate his courtship). But it was not the age difference that played a role, but the dissimilarity of views on life, and, of course, the discrepancy between the schedules - after marriage, he continued to fly, and he kept leaving to shoot in different parts of the country.

About a year after the wedding, a child was born, but this did not seal family ties, but rather the opposite. Divorce was prompted by disagreements related to the upbringing of the baby and with who will look after her during the absence of dad and mom. In addition, Nina did not want to name her daughter Galina, as her husband asked (in honor of his mother) - she insisted on the name Alevtina. Yes, besides, Nina Vokrosh gave the girl her last name. Alas, the couple divorced shortly after the birth of their daughter.

The secret of the actor's charm has not been solved / Film frame, photo:

While the daughter was little, her father hardly appeared in her life, but later they established communication. Not even a year after the divorce, the popular actor married again. And again - on a young girl. He met 19-year-old student Elena Kokshenov in the store - in the line for bananas. They got into a conversation, and it turned out that the girl was working as an assistant at Mosfilm. Later, Kokshenov appointed her director of films, which he shot himself.

Mikhail Kokshenov with Elena

At first, Mikhail and his second darling lived in perfect harmony. The only thing was that the young wife was jealous of the actor for his daughter from his first marriage and was not very happy with their communication. By the way, he and Elena had no children.

Alas, in the end, this marriage also cracked. And all because Mikhail met his main love.

Meeting on the plane

It happened in heaven or, as Natalia's current wife (and now the widow) of the actor later recalled, “in heaven”. They both flew to Moscow from Varna, the plane was overcrowded, and both of them were put in empty seats. Mikhail and Natalya flew side by side. This determined the further fate of Mikhail Kokshenov.

- Everything, she was doomed. Or I'm doomed. Two hours was enough for me to stay with her forever, - the actor later said.

It was destiny

After talking, the passengers discovered that they had a lot in common, and even according to the sign of the zodiac, they are both Virgo (both Mikhail and Natalia were born in September). The popular actor, as they say, “sat down on the ears” of a new acquaintance, and the time flew by during an interesting conversation.

Saying goodbye, he and she exchanged phones. Mikhail promised to call. Then he did not even suspect that a very difficult woman was flying next to him …

Immediately after arrival, the actor dialed the number of his new acquaintance and heard a stern voice in the receiver: "Natalya Vasilievna is now at a meeting." After a while I called again. And again - the official answer: "She is busy, she cannot come up."

And the whole point was that Natalya Lepekhina was a major entrepreneur. She graduated from the Institute of Oil and Gas Business, since 2008 she has been managing ZAO Elekton, an enterprise founded by her ex-husband, a talented scientist, entrepreneur and philanthropist Vladislav Lepekhin. CJSC "Electon" is engaged in the production of electrical distribution and control equipment for the oil and gas industry and the profit of the enterprise is estimated in billions of rubles.

Mikhail Kokshenov and Natalya were happy

When Natalya found out that Mikhail had repeatedly tried to call her, she dialed him herself - at half past eleven at night. And she offered to meet …

So Mikhail Kokshenov broke up with his second wife and entered his new family. And, I must say, the family turned out to be rather big: Natalya, her two adult daughters, two cats and a dog. And here again the actor's charm played a role: the children of the businesswoman immediately accepted him.

As the actor later recalled, seeing him for the first time, Natalya's youngest daughter approached him and, pointing to her mother, said ironically: "Please, take care of her."

The spouses realized that they are two halves of one whole / Mikhail Kokshenov with his wife

Mikhail Kokshenov affectionately called Natalia "Tusya". And he fell in love with her not at all for her money (the actor was not a poor man) and not for real estate near Barcelona, ​​in Varna and Burgas, where they regularly began to go on vacation. He just felt that she was his soul mate. He also adored his "adopted" grandchildren - Eliza and Vladislav.

We must pay tribute to the good-natured disposition and charm of Mikhail Kokshenov - having married for the third time, he managed to remain on good terms with his first wife, and with the second - in friendly relations. She even bought Elena an apartment in Gelendzhik when she decided to go to the sea …

As for Mikhail Mikhailovich's own daughter, she immediately fell in love with his new wife.

“When I came to visit Natalia, she immediately made me very welcome. I look at my dad: he is in love, his eyes are burning, which means he is young,”Alevtina repeated to reporters more than once when she was asked about her attitude to her father’s marriage.

Daughter of the actor Alevtin

In 2017, when the actor had a stroke, he was supported not only by Natalia, but also by his ex-wife Elena. Because it was impossible not to love him.

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